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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Episode # 10175
Tape Date: 9/21/05
Air Date: 10/27/05
Director: Phil Sogard

Summary: Not a terribly exciting show here…Hope confronts Bo about Shawn quitting school, and also finds out he has given Chelsea more money…Max offers Shawn an opportunity…John meets with Frankie about stopping Alex…as Alex continues his spell over Marlena.

At the Brady House…After learning of Shawn quitting school from Mimi, Hope is trying to reach Shawn on the phone when Bo comes in. She jumps him about it and Bo confirms it. She is furious over the news and even madder when Bo defends his decision. She is determined to track him down and shake some sense into him. Bo snatches the phone from her and tells her that he tried to talk to Shawn but was informed that Shawn was an adult who could make his own decisions. But she says he isn’t mature enough to do that, and cites some of his recent dumb decisions. She is sure he will regret this decision for the rest of his life, she only wants what is best for him. Bo says he just doesn’t want to seem to be harping on him all the time, and reminds her that he is not a little boy any more. But Hope mutters that he will ALWAYS be HER little boy (awww). She is just sure he is making a mistake but Bo says he is an adult…it’s his life, reminding her that they are not perfect and have also made mistakes…they must have faith in him. He is sure that he will turn out okay. She tells him about running into Chelsea earlier and says he has his hands full with her. Bo wishes she weren’t so negative when it comes to Chelsea. Hope says she is trying and even invited her to dinner, but Chelsea was rude. Hope asks what happened to that job with Basic Black and asks where she got all that money. Bo tries to suggest Billie gave it to her, but Hope stops him, telling him she saw Billie there and knows she didn’t. She then sees it all over his face and realizes HE gave her money again. He admits to helping her out, but Hope is furious that she played him…AGAIN. She tells him that her daddy is just a push over. She says that Chelsea is a Paris Hilton in the making…without the hotels (LOL). But in the end, Hope does promise to try harder to get along with Chelsea…IF Bo promises to talk to Shawn again. She says together they will find a way to get him back in school (but Bo doesn’t seem so sure of that).

At the Garage…Chelsea shows up, NOT impressed with it. They are supposed to go on a date, but he says he must finish up Bo’s motorcycle first. Shawn shows up and VOILA tells Max what he needs to do to fix the bike. Max tells him he is looking for a partner who can run the place when he is gone and Shawn thinks it sounds like a dream job. Max asks about school and Shawn explains, but says that Bo knows and is okay with it. Chelsea pipes up, saying Hope will NOT be happy. She starts ragging on Hope, saying she doesn’t like her and how she had chewed her out earlier. But Shawn defends his mom and says it will all work out. Max tells Shawn that he and Chelsea have a date, so Shawn volunteers to work on his dad’s bike, giving Max a chance to examine his work. As they leave, Chelsea complains…Bo, Shawn and now Max…she is surrounded by grease monkeys. Later, they arrive at a church social type of thing (not really sure what it is). Chelsea is not impressed (she had her mind set on the Penthouse Grill). They are greeted by Amber (a former girlfriend of Max’s) and Chelsea is immediately jealous. He smoothes it over and tells Chelsea he wants to get to know her better. Amber tells everyone to select a partner and the music starts for salsa lessons. Chelsea isn’t very good and informs Max she isn’t having a good time and is going to leave. But he urges her to stay as he gives her pointers. They start again and before you know it, they are the center of attention with the spotlight on them (not bad for one lesson, lol). They finish as everyone applauds and she admits it was fun and they kiss.

Back at the garage, Shawn gets a call from Mimi as both are excited about their new jobs. She also informs him that his mom knows about him quitting school. She apologizes but Shawn doesn’t blame her, assuring her he will deal with it.

At Mickey’s Office…he tells Frankie that he has to be in court and that John is coming in and he wants Frankie to talk with him and fills him in on the case. John arrives, telling them that the divorce is not going to happen. After Mickey leaves, John and Frankie talk as John fills him in on the history of Marlena’s amnesia and how Alex North came into the picture (yawn). John voices his misgivings of hiring him and how it is a disaster, thinking Alex wants Marlena for himself. John says every time he feels they are about to break through, Alex steps in and reels her back in. He feels that Alex is behind the divorce and her asking John to move out. He also tells him that he is staying at Kate’s and is watching them. He recounts how he saw Alex sneaking into her room and says he needs help to get him away from her. Hoping to beat them to the punch, Frankie’s plan is to draft a letter to be sent to Marlena, requesting they meet with a counselor, to show that John is trying to save the marriage. That way they can have time alone. Sounds good to John and they proceed.

Meanwhile, at the Penthouse…Marlena is sitting on her bed as Alex hands her the photo album again. She begins to flip through it, asking him questions…as Alex wonders WHAT is going on. She looks at pictures, asking him WHEN they were together, she doesn’t remember…was it before Roman? He whips out the shiny gold necklace and waves it in her face, telling her something about a chalkboard from when she was a child and for her to imagine the teacher wiping it clean. He takes her out of her trance and tells her he needs her to do something that will change her future with John. Just do what he tells her and she smiles. He takes the album away and tells her she needs to focus on the future. He leads her over to the desk and tells her he has a document for her to sign which she does without question. He goes to fax it as she looks at the clock and has the flashback of John giving it to her again. She picks it up and holds it close to her chest.

Back at the office, the letter is ready as John signs it and the secretary is going to have it messengered to Marlena’s. But before she can have it done, a fax arrives from Alex (divorce papers). John is furious, saying he is not getting away with this. John and Frankie go rushing over to the penthouse. Later, Mickey returns as the secretary explains where they went. They arrive at the penthouse with John ranting in the hallway and Alex hears them. John begins pounding on the door and rushes in when Alex opens it. He is furious, saying this has to end now. They get into a huge argument just as Marlena descends the stairway to bear witness to it all. Freeze on Marlena’s face as we hear their angry voices…and the previews show…

Hope (to Bo): You have got to put your foot down before you create a monster…you know what?…maybe you already have…

Marlena (to John, with Alex standing nearby): When did you want to go out? (John): Right now. (Marlena): All right…

Sami (to Lucas): Don’t act like you care Lucas…I know you hate me. (Lucas): That’s not true…I still love you…

Jen (to Jack): Suicide?...what is going on with you Jack Deveraux?...

And the credits roll…

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