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Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Episode No: 10,178
Directed by: Phil Sogard
Tape Date: 9/28/05

SUMMARY: It must be late as no trick or treaters ring the doorbells of either loft or the Deveraux’s today. Shawn and Mimi return home and come to Philip’s rescue; Lexie makes a house call and John and Alex argue once again at Alice’s.

(Happy Birthday to Deidre Hall (Marlena) whose birthday is on Halloween)

Philip tries to calm a crying Claire as Belle stares out their bedroom window upstairs. Philip is amazed that Belle doesn’t hear the baby and is sleeping through it.

Shawn and Mimi return home and hear baby Claire crying her lungs out across the hall. He remembers how JT use to cry like that and they found out he was sick. He decides to share that wisdom with Philip..who opens the door looking totally stressed out and glad they’re there. Philip gives the baby to Mimi and goes up to check on Belle. Mimi asks Shawn to take Claire and he does. Philip is surprised (but only a little) that Belle is awake and she acknowledges she heard the baby, but knew he’d take care of it. He tells her she’s not right (apparently right enough to fix her hair and make up though, LOL) and she agrees with him, crying she might never be right again. She gets argumentative when he tries to tell her she will be. Everything makes her anxious and she can’t focus. He asks if she’s taking the medication (good grief, he expects HER to remember to take it?). She tells him no and he gives her one. Claire has stopped crying and when he points it out, she freaks out that he left the baby alone. He tells her Shawn and Mimi are down there with her. He notices how upset she gets when he mentions their name together and figures it’s because she’s afraid of losing Shawn. They talk about how strained Belle and Mimi’s friendship is. He doesn’t feel threatened by Shawn as he knows he has Belle’s heart.

Downstairs Mimi remembers Bonnie putting her to sleep listening to Willie Nelson and Shawn admits using rock to put JT to sleep. They put Claire down and turn on the tv to music videos and lo and behold….guess what’s playing….LOL…the new Rolling Stones STREETS OF LOVE video. Shawn’s concerned if Mimi would get upset thinking about Rex again, but she assures him she’s okay. We join them later when the tv’s off again and Claire’s asleep. Philip comes down and tells them that Belle’s resting and he didn’t want to wake her. Philip admits the post partum thing is harder than he thought. He doesn’t mind getting up in the middle of the night with Claire, but she’s fussier than she should be. Mimi feels for Philip, but he admits being obsessed with his situation and loves his wife and daughter so much. Shawn suggests he and Mimi take Claire home with them for the night and let Philip get some sleep and focus on Belle. He didn’t have to ask twice as Philip hands Claire to Shawn and the bottle to Mimi, thanking them profusely. You can see Mimi’s not excited about the idea, but Shawn assures Philip they’re her Godparents and happy to do it.

Walking across the hall he gives Claire to Mimi and the baby starts crying. He apologizes, realizing he forgot to ask if it was okay with her. Mimi says she’s a big girl and just to open the door so she can give the baby back to him, LOL. Philip walks in and hears Belle trying to rationalize she should be happy now with a loving husband and healthy beautiful daughter.

A replay of Marlena remembering dancing with the man she loved as Alex finds the charm on the floor. Jack picks up and twirls Jennifer and collapses to the floor. Jennifer calls for help and John runs to the rescue. Jack claims to have just tripped on his cape as Frankie urges him to go to the hospital. Jack refuses and only asks for water and John rushes to get it, leaving Alex the opportunity to check on Marlena. She’s frustrated as she knows she’s a doctor and should be able to help too. He lifts the necklace to his side, tells her to take a deep breath and do everything he says. He wants her to tell John she wants to go home and never see him again. He tries to tell her that he knows what’s best for her and when she questions if that’s true.. he says, it’s true. He tells her he’s the only one who cares about her and he’s the only one who loves her.

Jack refuses to go to the hospital, but tells Jen if she doesn’t mind going home with a crumbled caped crusader, he’ll go there. Frankie tells them his car is outside and he’ll drive them home and he and Jack leave. Jen waits and asks John to call Lexie and ask her to meet them at their home. She knows what he went through with Isabella and now having problem with Marlena too and wishes someone in Salem could be happy (I second that girl!!) She joins the guys and John calls Lexie.

Lexie’s at the door waiting and Jack jokes it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s JACK MAN as he opens the door. Jack tells Lexie to go back to the hospital (how about home to Abe for a change) and dole out some meds there. Jen says she’ll go make some tea and Jack says she remembers him more and more of her grandmother. Frankie tells him to take it easy..but Jack replies that’s a compliment as he admires Alice. She makes a mean cup of tea and a hell of a donut. Frankie offers to help Jennifer, telling Jack he wants to get her away from him. In the kitchen Frankie knows Jennifer’s scared as she tries to stay strong. She admits feeling it’s the beginning of the end and she’s so scared as she.walks into his open arms and cries. She starts to make tea and Frankie knows how hard this is on Jennifer as she had to mourn after thinking she lost Jack twice before. Jen breaks down again, feeling bad that Abby will lose her funny daddy.

Lexie tells Jack (when asked) that he’s getting weaker and she’s so sorry. He gives her time to think as he goes to change into regular clothes, but he wants it straight as to how much time he has left. He returns back in regular clothes and she tells him he will lose muscle control as his illness progresses. She offers to get him a private nurse when he refuses to have his wife and daughter help him. He knows Jen would be there for him and says one person in the house in diapers is enough. She tells him at the end he’ll need 24 hr. care. Jack tells her he’s going to commit suicide..or Jackaside as he refers to it. She refuses to give him medication to help him kill himself and Jen agrees as she walks in the door. She only heard the medicine could be addictive, but he reminds her that won’t be a problem. She goes back to finish the tea and Jack tells Lexie that’s what he’s talking about…how Jennifer will be affected. Jack tells Lexie that no one will know when he leaves this planet and can grieve without going through the misery. Lexie tells him the ritual of saying goodbye is necessary and helpful. Lexie refuses to help him in his quest, her ethics won’t allow it. He tells her that her ethics also make her keep their conversation private too. Later Lexie tells Jennifer what to expect as Frankie and Jack watch. Jack admits to Frankie that it hurts to know that Frankie loves Jen, but having him there for Jennifer is his gift to her. He hugs Frankie after he confirms he’ll be there for her.

John walks back to Marlena (and Alex) (about time, we just saw Jack talking to Lexie, so they’re home already and John’s just walking up to them??) and Alex tells him that he and Marlena are in love. (notice how quiet it is at Alice’s…between the music and other people talking you usually need to talk loudly to hear anything in a place like that, LOL) John calls Alex on being a fake and isolating Marlena from the people who love her to make her think she loves him. He’s not taking his wife of 20 years away from him like this. Alex talks calmly, assuring John that he and Marlena are in love and he’s not a quack. He tells Alex that Marlena was about to tell him she loved him when Jack fell and he knows it, warning Alex he can pack his bags. Marlena asks Alex to take her home as John turns her around and tries to tell her what Alex is doing to her. Alex insists he loves Marlena and John’s the reason she lost her memory by fighting with Roman. He filed a restraining order and John gets irate, raising his voice (which only frightens Marlena more) saying nothing will keep him from his wife and for Alex to stay away from her. He grabs Alex’s arm and Alex in turn threatens to have John arrested for assault if he refuses to let Marlena leave with him. He turns to tell John that although John feels he’s trying to convince Marlena she doesn’t love him, it’s obvious that his and Marlena’s love is stronger. (If you watch Marlena’s reaction to that, you get the feeling she’s listening and taking this all in.) They walk out and freeze frame of John’s face.


Mimi’s freaking and point at Claire, saying she doesn’t know what to do. Shawn rushes in and goes to the baby.

Belle: “what’s wrong with me” and grabs the bottle of meds (okay Philip, why do you think she can administer them to herself?) and pours the whole bottle in her hand as Philip rushes in saying, “Belle…No….”

Austin to Nicole: “It’s not easy giving up on someone you love.”
Nicole: The reason you’re not telling me this woman’s name is because I already know her, it’s me.”

Sami shouts at Lucas: “you love me as much as I love you.”
Lucas shouts back: That’s right, I love you but I can’t do this” as Sami grabs his face and pulls him in for a big kiss….

As the credits roll..

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