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Tuesday, October 11th, 2005

Episode: 10163
Directed by: Herb Stein
Tape Date: 9/9/05

Philip and Belle bring Claire home to the loft; Mimi's dinner goes up in flames; Jennifer refuses to accept Jack's going to die; and John finds a new place to watch the penthouse.

Philip and Belle bring baby Claire home to the loft. Although she says she had to wear her maternity clothes home, Belle’s as slim as before she was pregnant (which was a couple of months ago, haha). She lays Claire in the bassinet as Philip hurriedly tells her what supplies he’s gotten for the baby and figures her friends and family will no doubt be giving her a shower soon. Unsure, Belle listens to all of this, mentioning her mom might not be up to that and Mimi agreed to be the baby’s Godmother, but other than that…as she stares at Claire and breaks into tears. Belle claims they’re happy tears because she loves Claire so much. Philip goes to order Chinese food as Belle mentions no spicy food or broccoli as she read those are bad for the baby. Philip vows to take care of her and Claire, it's his turn being Belle took such good care of him. Later Philip lugs in a few bags of Chinese food and mentions smelling something good from Shawn and Mimi’s loft. Belle laughs knowing neither Mimi or Shawn can cook.

Mimi is caught off guard as Shawn kisses her
and then gives her a bottle of wine that Aunt Maggie gave him for a special occasion. Mimi puts the mac and cheese casserole in the oven to brown for the last 10 minutes when her mother calls to get an update. Caught up on her call with Bonnie, Mimi forgets to watch the oven and it starts smoking and the smoke alarm goes off. Mimi tells her mom thanks a lot and goes to get the casserole out. Philip and Belle hear the alarm and she goes to grab Claire. Philip rushes across the hall to check on what’s happening. Shawn rushes in with a fire extinguisher and puts out the casserole. Philip arrives amidst the smoke and invites them to dinner. Shawn accepts and Mimi tells him to go alone after Philip leaves. Shawn talks her into going and they bring the special wine. Belle is surprised when Philip returns and tells her that he invited them over, but tells him he did the right thing. Belle mentions how it’ll never be just her and him again and Philip says it’ll only be better with their baby now. Shawn and Mimi fawn over Claire and Mimi admits she’s glad she came. Seeing Mimi and Shawn happy together makes Belle even more blue as she smiles with tears in her eyes. At the table all but Belle has wine in their glass as Philip makes a toast to good friends, long lives, loving relationships and beautiful, healthy children. Mimi and Belle both are taken back after that toast.

Marlena tells Alex how sorry she feels for John. He assures Marlena she’s much better off without him. She talks about how everyone tells her she and John love each other so much, maybe they’re right. He asks why she slept with her ex husband then, keeping that doubt in her brain before the grand slam of asking why John was so fast to take up with her best friend, Kate Roberts, when he thought she was dead? Marlena tells Alex he’s the only person she can trust not to lie to her. He promises to do anything in his power to ensure her happiness. She asks if she’ll ever get her memory back. He knows she’s a strong person and will survive, even if she doesn’t. Not many people have the chance to start fresh with a clean slate.

Kate takes John back to her hotel room. He wants to get his own room, claiming he’d be bad company, but she insists he come in. She turns the pity party to her own woes which puts him on the offensive as he comes in to assure her she’s not alone. John decides positive subjects are best and glad Austin’s back in town. He mentions Chelsea being her newfound granddaughter and their own new granddaughter Claire. Kate mentions how such a short time ago they thought Roman and Marlena dead. He knows Marlena and Roman saw his engagement ring on her finger and things changed more. Kate said her and Roman’s marriage was doomed from the start. John figures Marlena and Roman wouldn’t have slept together if Tony hadn’t shown them the footage of them together in bed. John rationalizes the penthouse was Marlena’s first and will let her stay there. Kate suggests he move into her hotel room and they’ll team up. He promises to think long and hard about it and gazes out the window. He didn’t realize she could see the penthouse from her room. Kate said she can now that they took down the old Madison Hotel and when he spots Alex and Marlena on the balcony, she goes to get her binoculars. He watches the penthouse from the binoculars, not believing it as he watches Marlena and Alex dancing as she snuggles up to Alex’s shoulder, saying how safe she feels. Kate states that being John isn’t there and with Marlena in such a vulnerable position, Alex can get whatever he wants. (how long before John plants an ISA bug in the penthouse so he can hear what's going on too?)

Frankie and Lexie talk about Jack and Jen. She is surprised to learn he knew about Jack’s illness and didn’t tell Jennifer. He tells her about Jack’s request for him to take over after he died. He explains his reactions to Jack’s request, but Lexie can tell how much Frankie still loves Jennifer. Frankie admits being terrified to put his heart on the line again as he knows how much Jen and Jack love each other. Jen’s the best friend he ever had and he’s glad she knows the truth now.
He doesn’t know what will happen, but it shouldn’t start with a lie. He’ll support them however he can.

Outside Jack tells Jennifer he is going to die and for her to accept it. When she refuses to, he claims that’s why he didn’t tell her. She tells him how she thought him dead twice and he came back to her. Yes, she does believe in miracles. He’s had cancer and a kidney transplant, he doesn’t give up that easily. Jack reminds her everyone’s got to go some day and his time is just much sooner than they thought. He jokes how much they’ve traveled and thanks to Dimera islands no one has else been on. He says he just wants to enjoy what time he’s got left with her without thinking of his upcoming death. She figures she can do that, but in her heart she knows it can’t be true…
as the previews roll....

Two girls watch as Chelsea kisses someone, they wonder how much she had to pay for that….

Jen to Jack…”you are not going to die…I won’t let you Jack!”

Kate and Victor are hanging at Alice’s (yeah, right) and see Lucas working as a bartender. Victor: “How long has Lucas been working at Alice’s?”

Kate’s reply: “Damn Sami, I won’t let you drive Lucas back to the bottle.” (I think Kate’s interference has helped that a little too!)

Sami rushes Nicole out of her apartment and asks Nicole what she wants. Nicole’s answer with a smile…”Austin”.

As the credits roll…

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