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Tuesday, October 18th

EPISODE: 10168
DIRECTED BY: Roger Inman
TAPE DATE: 9/15/05

SUMMARY: Philip takes control of soothing Belle and Claire; Shawn and Mimi watch the new Rolling Stones video; Bonnie finds the way to Roman's heart (his stomach); and John rushes to the Penthouse.

Shawn and Mimi finish their sad movie and while flicking through the channels they see the Stones are on. She remembers Patrick taking her to their concert on her 16th birthday and it was the first concert she’d ever been to. Mimi raves how good the concert was and kids that Belle probably went to see the Backstreet Boys. The premiere video of the Rolling Stones singing STREETS OF LOVE is played in it’s entirety. (being a teen of the 60’s, I loved it..even if my true allegiance was to the Beatles..which I always argued to my parents were NOT an overnight group and would last a long time…guess who won ;-)…sorry I digress, ha!) The video is about a guy mourning the loss of his love and walking the streets. After the video is over, Mimi is crying and Shawn tells her she will be happy again one day and deserves to be. He tells her she’s a good person and she knows that’s the kiss of death…meaning she’s not “hot”. She asks if he ever looked at her at school and thought that of her, which he can’t admit thinking..but tells her they aren’t in school any more.

Across the hall Philip stops Belle in the middle of their heavy kissing, saying he can’t. He reminds her what the doctor said about making love and she breaks down feeling totally unsecure. He calmly reassures her as she cries how things will never be the same (good’s only her first night home, isn’t it?). Philip explains so many things have happened in her life lately. Claire starts crying and Philip picks her up and talks to her, calling her sweet pea (awww). He offers to feed Claire with some of the milk Belle expressed when Belle wants to feed her. He wants her to go upstairs and get some sleep and they’ll get a nanny the next day to help her. He says he’s got to go back to work soon and she’ll have plenty of time with the baby then (where’s he going to work? Is he still in the Marines?) Belle goes upstairs, feeling a little rejected I think as Philip coos and smiles with their baby. Later Philip feeds Claire, glad to have a moment alone with her. He tells her he loved her from the moment he saw her (aww) and how they’re the luckiest people on earth to have Belle as her mommy and his wife. Upstairs Belle dreams about kissing Shawn and wakes up in a sweat. She sits on the edge of the bed.

Shawn tells Mimi that it’s strange hearing a baby across the hall, especially knowing it’s Belle’s and Philip’s. It doesn’t matter how he feels about Belle, he realizes things have changed and he has to accept it. Mimi says that Rex was her first love and she has to keep an open mind that she’ll have a second one too. He kisses her cheek and hugs her in support. Later she falls asleep on his shoulder and he lies her on the couch and covers her with an afghan and tells her that maybe they’ll end up together one day. He heads up to the roof and finds Belle there in her robe. She looks at him with tears in her eyes, about to break down again (tiz your night for crying women Shawn).

Across the hall, Philip is walking Claire, singing Rock a Bye baby to her. He just realized what the words were and apologizes to her, saying he’ll always be there to catch her if she falls and kisses her forehead.

Bonnie and Roman are sucking down some bones and Roman raves over how good they are. Bonnie claims it’s probably the company he’s sharing them with that helps and compares the food to the fancy stuff Maggie served at Tuscany. Roman promises to come back for more and Bonnie tempts him with some shoo fly pie* for dessert. He refuses to keep his girlish figures and she flirts with him openly. She goes to get him something and looks back to see he’s watching her walk away and calls him on it, happily.

Sami yanks Nicole away from the pool table and threatens what she’ll do to her. Nicole’s not worried and returns to play pool with Austin. Just as Nicole’s about to pocket her winning ball, Sami coughs loudly and the ball misses the pocket. Sami enjoys Nicole’s defeat and tells Austin he’s coming home with her tonight then. Austin grins and says maybe not and goes off to get another beer. The two gals (who play off each other great, always enjoy their scenes) bicker as Nicole reminds Sami how she was just suppose to marry Lucas. Sami boasts she’s not a professional victim and bounces back. Nicole jokes about her being a bouncing clown and flops around like a punching bag mimicking her, LOL.

The new waitress, Sophie, orders some drinks and calls Lucas on his watching his two ex’. He denies it and when she suggests he look at her instead, tells her he’s not interested in getting serious again. She taunts him to let him know she wasn’t talking getting serious and walks away. Later she compliments him and he sucks it up like a sponge, saying the previous women in his life only concentrated on themselves.

John’s not hungry and stares out the window, worried about Marlena. Kate reassures him that he made sure Marlena’s safely locked into her room for the night, but he’s not convinced.

We see Alex lurking outside Marlena’s bedroom window. John looks through his binoculars and sees someone outside Marlena’s bedroom balcony door. Kate looks and doesn’t see anyone (Alex has gone inside) and John questions whether he saw anyone or was it the fog? Alex tells himself that now that he’s inside, Marlena belongs to him. John speculates his eyes might have been playing tricks on him, but if Alex is in Marlena’s bedroom, he’s a dead man (our Salemites do like to say that, don’t they?)

Roman’s at the bar to get some coffee to go with his pie (which Lucas declares is the best pie he’s ever eaten) and gets a call on his cell. He steps away from the bar to take the call…it’s Kate. She asks him not to hang up and tells him John went over to the penthouse. He asks his usual “what the hell happened” and she gives him the heads up about John heading to the penthouse and threatening to kill Alex. He tells her he’s heading over to the penthouse and then returns to the bar. Bonnie gives Roman a forkful of the pie as he apologizes he has to leave and he promises to come back for the whole piece sometime and rushes out. Sami asks them where her dad went. Lucas tells Sami that Roman has his own life and doesn’t have to report to her. Sami quietly asks him not to lecture her and he reports that Roman went to the penthouse, something about John (I rewound the tape and Roman only said the “penthouse” out loud and that was when he was away from the bar talking to Kate, he never said John’s name, LOL) Sami rushes out the door saying John’s crazy, much to Nicole’s delight as now she has Austin to herself. Austin joins her and asks where Sami went. Lucas overhears and tells him she ran after her daddy (c’mon Lucas, you love Sami and must be a little concerned?), so Austin rushes out after Sami, bidding goodbye to Lucas and saying for him not to work too hard and telling Nicole to enjoy her dinner, but he can’t join her. Lucas smirks at Nicole, who tells him not to say what he’s dying to. The new waitress comments Nicole needs an anger management class and he smiles at her in response, agreeing.

Alex is softly giving Marlena her mantra…Alex is the only man you trust and should be with. She opens her eyes in a trance, saying she understands. Later he tells her she won’t remember he was there, just what he told her to say. She says she does remember both that he was there and what he said..and when John starts rattling the door, asks if someone is there to see her. Nervously Alex stares at the bedroom door. Outside John is about to kick the door in (lock’s changed?) when Roman arrives and Kate’s in his wake. Roman learns from John that Marlena kicked him out and threatens to arrest John if he breaks in. John tells Roman how Alex is brainwashing Marlena and they’ll lose her forever. Roman listens at the door, saying it’s quiet. John tells Roman to shoot him if he must. Marlena is awake now and when Alex asks if she remembers what he told her, replies that memory isn’t her long suit lately (good one) and excuses herself to answer the door. Meanwhile..Sami (and Austin) rush into the hall as Sami demands to know what’s going on. She knows Roman isn’t there as a cop as much as he still loves Marlena. Naturally Kate groans at that. No one is happy she’s there and when she learns Alex is in with her mom, explodes. John’s happy they agree on something. Kate asks Austin why he’s there and he hushes her. Roman finally agrees and they open the door and rush in calling her name. Marlena comes downstairs in her robe, confused as to why everyone is there. Moments later Alex comes down (now in his pajamas) asking what’s going on. John calls him a bastard, saying he’s not getting away with this and Roman stops him from going after Alex as just the credits roll….(no previews…a new format or did they forget??)


*Shoofly pie is a traditional Pennysylvania Dutch pie that is considered a delicacy in both that cuisine and in Southern Cooking. It is often referred to as "wet bottom" in its most common form because it comprises of a layer of sweet, gooey molasses beneath a crumb topping sometimes compared to that of a coffee cake. In contrast, a "dry bottom" shoofly pie is more thoroughly mixed into a cake-like consistency. The origin of the name is commonly thought to arise from the cooling of a fresh-made pie on a window sill during colonial times, where the scent would attract flies that would have to be "shooed" away.

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