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Episode #: 10173
Directed by: Deveney Kelly
Tape Date: 9/22/05

Summary: Austin, Sami and Nicole all use their own manipulation techniques; Hope worries about Chelsea's materialistic needs and how she's supporting them; Jack is upset when Billie doesn't want to help him kill himself and Lucas and Maggie chat over coffee on his first day of work.

Lucas tells Austin his new business is doomed and he’ll be down the hall laughing as the two women destroy him. Sami and Nicole start bickering and Austin questions his wisdom of hiring them, wondering if Lucas might be right. Sami says she can work for anyone and Nicole happily reminds her she won’t be working WITH her, but FOR her, reminding Sami she doesn’t even have her high school diploma. Sami complains, but Austin backs Nicole up that she has more executive experience. The women start ranting at each other again and he stops them (with a loud whistle) and says he hired them because they both are go-getters and never give up. If they work together, not apart, they can be rich. Both gals eyes glow at that prospect as we see them at a spa getting pampered. Nicole drops a bottle of something into a bottle near Sami’s wash sink and when Sami removes her towel, her hair is lime green and she lets out a healthy scream. LOL. Sami has her own daydream…also at a spa, as she drops something red in a bowl, stirs it up (Nicole is in a chair with limes on her eyes) as the facial lady takes the goop and puts it on Nicole’s face. Nicole wakes up and the mask has hardened on her face. She also screams. Mickey calls Austin, who leaves the room after telling them to play nice together. Sami tells Nicole she lives with Austin and will have his ear 24/7. She enjoys reminding Nicole how Eric left town because of her and how Kate had to pay her five million to marry Lucas and then her history with Victor, and finally Brady. Nicole whines she loved Brady and Sami was suppose to help her get him. She tells Nicole she’ll be an old maid at 60, having Nicole even looking worried about that, when Austin returns. Sami tells Austin she and Nicole had a chat while he was on the phone and she’s agreed she can be a little more humble and can work with anyone. That’s music to Austin’s ears and Nicole agrees they’ll work for the common good and not sabotage each other. He warns them they won’t get much pay at first. Sami’s cool with that being they live together, but Nicole tells him she’s been living at the Y and needs apartment money and Victor’s making sure she doesn’t get any settlement. Austin has a crazy idea and suggests she move in with him and Sami. Sami spits out her soda at that suggestion. Nicole goes on about how much they can accomplish living together and have an edge on the competition. Sami reminds them it’s her apartment and although Austin apologizes for not consulting her about his idea first, knows how to manipulate her into agreeing by asking if she wasn’t sincere about being a team player. Nicole says she really does need a place to live. Austin hugs them both as they both stare at each other with determination in their eyes.

AT JAVA CAFÉ we find Lucas arriving in a suit and tie to meet his Aunt Maggie at for coffee before his first day at Titan. He tells her she’s his favorite lady and the only women he’s known who hasn’t ruined a single moment of his life..hey, what about Gran?) She knows there’s a special woman out there for him. Maggie gives him a present to commemorate his new job. It’s a silver sign saying BELIEVE IN YOURSELF and she wants him to put it on his desk. She knows Victor wouldn’t have hired him if he hadn’t thought he could do the job. She gives him the pep talk he needs and he’s on to her, especially being his AA sponsor. She urges him to call her if he has any thoughts of taking a drink and a little shocked when he says it would be a little easier with a glass of Scotch in his hand. Maggie orders her latte and he orders a grande cappuccino. She asks how things are with him, Sami and Will. Lucas says Sami is out of his life. Maggie asks him if there isn’t a part of him that still loves Sami? Later he tells her no. Maggie knows better. He says Will hates his mother and he’s the one who wanted his family together. She finally gets him to admit he still does love Sami, but vows he’d start drinking before getting together with her again as it would be a more pleasurable way of killing himself. Outside Lucas thanks Maggie for starting his day out so great and jokes she’s hired as his motivational consultant. (great scenes)

AT THE SPA….A replay of Hope watching Chelsea arriving and buying one of their most expensive treatment plans. She tells Jennifer what she saw and admitting being concerned where the cash came from and not liking her new stepdaughter very much from what she’s seeing of her. She knows how much that package cost and knows she had just spent more than that recently on clothes she needed. Hope knows it didn’t come from Bo (uh oh) as he agrees with her that. Jennifer wonders if Chelsea knew how the rest of the world lived it might have an impact on her. Hope said she doesn’t think Chelsea would give a damn. She wishes Chelsea were more like Abby, not as concerned about material things. She remembered how just last week Abby was collecting money for Light the Night Walk. Jen proudly tells Hope how Abby’s saved change in a jar for Africa and will send it to Jen’s dad (Bill) for Christmas for medicine. Hope knows Chelsea will play Billie and Bo against each other. Jen just wishes this was over for Hope’s sake and Hope smiles, saying…from your mouth to God’s ears.

As Chelsea enjoys having her custom color pedicure and facial, she remembers how easy it was to get $250 from Bo and tells herself she’ll never run out of money (if Bo doesn’t work someday, it might be) Later she’s getting her nails done (Hope and Jen are still gabbing in the lobby) and asks if she can buy a tube of the mask she used for her facial. The therapist said it’s $50 a tube, but Chelsea just smiles and says she’ll take one. Later she wants the same color as Misha (?) is wearing and doesn’t ask, but orders the therapist to go look it up in a magazine.

Chelsea tips the therapists generously and they both invite her to come back. Jen wants to return home to Jack, but Hope says she’s going to wait and talk with Chelsea before leaving. Jennifer warns her not to make it hard for Bo to be in the middle and Hope agrees she won’t.

Jack tells Billie he’s taking control of when and where he dies. Billie tries to convince him how wrong that is and he’s robbing his family of hope. Billie’s disappointed that her best pal would turn out to be such a coward. He resents that and still figures it would be best for his wife and children. Billie’s ISA experience can help him as he can’t do it on his own. He tells her it’s HIS life and decision. She tells him it’s HER life and decision and she refuses to help him kill himself. He continues his sales pitch as she listens with tears in her eyes. She urges him to hang in there as a cure might be found. He tries to focus on positive things like not paying for his daughter’s wedding, dying before his children do, and that Jennifer can remarry. He loves her and wants her to be happy. He vows to kill himself, with or without her help. Billie says without her as she refuses to do something she doesn’t want to do. Jack says there’s only one person who can talk him out of doing this and Billie grabs the idea to call that person. Jack takes the phone out of her hand, warning her not to tell Jennifer about his plan. He reminds her she promised not to say anything and she said that was before she knew what he had planned and will break her word for his and Jennifer’s own good as the screen freezes on their determined faces.


Bo tells Max: “because if anyone hurts my daughter, they’ll have to deal with me”.

Chelsea to Hope: “as long as my mother Billie’s around, you better watch your back.”

Jack to Billie: “if you won’t help me, I won’t have any choice but to disappear.”

Jennifer looks up at Jack and says: “oh my gosh, have you lost your mind?”

As the credits roll…

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