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Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Episode: 10158
Directed by: Jim Baffico
Tape Date: 9/1/05

SUMMARY: Jen gets help from Doug and Julie, Marlena visits Belle and Claire, Shawn and Mimi grow closer.

Jennifer called for Doug and Julie over for an emergency visit, which they did (aren’t they babysitting Zack?). She tells them she had an idea to throw a party for Jack as he just hasn’t been acting himself since his return of being held hostage. Julie lets Jen know that Doug almost hurt his leg jumping out of bed to rush over. Jen didn’t realize they’d go to bed so early and learns it wasn’t to “sleep” and Julie also explains that’s why they always look so happy all the time, LOL!!! Flustered, then smiling, Jen continues on about the party. Doug likes the idea, wishing more wives would get that idea and stage whispers to Julie that he’ll inspire her more when they get back to what they were doing. Jennifer is amazed, but Julie simply smiles and says use it or lose it before asking what kind of party Jen wants. Later Jen is a little insulted when Julie brings up how much Jen cared for Frankie years ago. Doug explains that Julie still cares for all her former beaus, but he’s the one that goes home with her every night and they smooch. Julie knows Jack is Jenn’s one and only, but remembers seeing her and Frankie on a cruise ship in the moonlight (while she herself was drinking champagne with someone else). They all laugh and Doug and Julie kiss as they laugh they could write a book with all their comedies and dramas they’ve had together. (As a matter of fact, they have…it’s called LIKE SANDS THROUGH THE HOURGLASS. I copied and pasted’s description below the spoiler for those interested.)

Meanwhile, in the living room, Frankie walks in the front door to find Jack typing madly on his computer. He’s shocked when he sees what Jack’s typing about unexplained absences, knowing it’s not for an article. Jack wants to protect his family from watching him suffer a painful death. Frankie calls him selfish because Jennifer would suffer the rest of her life wondering where he went and why because she’s so gentle, kind and loving. Jack loses it, saying Frankie has been playing him all along because he’s in love with Jennifer and wants her all to himself and tackles him. They stop wrestling and Frankie justifies how hard Jack’s worked to get him to stay in Salem and be with Jen. Jack apologizes, saying it’s hard to hear about Jen with another man and Frankie agrees it won’t come from him. Jack explains he needs someone to teach Jack Jr. how to throw a ball because Jennifer can’t..Alice can throw better than her, LOL. Frankie agrees with that. Jack rationalizes that Jen needs someone to love her as much as she loves them and it’s Frankie she needs. Frankie admits the old feelings came back being with her and encourages Jack to tell Jennifer the truth about his illness. Jack refuses and confirms he’s still able to think clearly. The two men exchange a quick hug as Jack apologizes to Frankie.


Mimi remembers giving baby Claire to Shawn when returning her to the nursery and how emotional she got holding the baby. Shawn joins her on the roof to see how she’s doing. He tries to convince her that she made a decision to have an abortion, which at the time she thought was right, and many women can’t have a baby and live normal lives. She can adopt. Mimi knows she only has herself to blame for being unable to have children and losing Rex. We join them later as Mimi cries, calling herself a loser. Shawn rubs her arm and understands, probably more than anyone he says. Mimi wonders why Belle gets everything, husband, baby, money and Shawn mooning over her. When will it be her turn? He reminds her how she won the Dating Game, but she reminds him how her mom stole all her winnings and bought losing lotto tickets. She continues her pity party saying she shouldn’t be on the roof as it’s a place for lovers where people carve their initials by the door. Shawn starts to moan about losing Belle and she won’t be out done, saying she thinks what happened was God’s way of telling her she doesn’t deserve a baby. He hugs her and later tells her how wonderful she is and is everything a man looks for…they kiss.

Belle hands Claire to Lexi when the phone rings. It’s John to ask his Izzy if she’s up to a visit by her mom and dad together. Belle’s thrilled and agrees, but after hanging up, Alex tells Marlena and John he’s against the idea. Even Marlena agrees with John that it wouldn’t do her any harm to see the baby. Alex gives his “permission”, but only if he can be with Marlena to monitor her reaction. John and Marlena arrive at the hospital and he sends her in to see Belle as he chats with Lexie. Alex gets off the elevator and he refers to him as their shadow to Lexie. Lexie (and John) both hope seeing the baby will bring Marlena’s memory back. Belle introduces Claire to her grandparents. Lexie calls to get information on all of Alex’s cases and is put on hold when he hangs up the call on her, saying he wouldn’t do that. He threatens to expose what she’s doing with Tek to Abe if she interferes with his treatments to Marlena. John arrives and knocks on Lexie’s door. Alex leaves, asking Dr. Carver to give his regards to her husband. John asks if she found any dirt on Alex and Lexie apologizes saying he can find out more with his connections than she could and rushes out to give a family some bad news supposedly.

Belle gives Marlena the baby to hold and John steps outside when they first arrive. Marlena has a flashback of holding Belle as a baby and she says “oh Isabella, you’re perfect in every way” as Belle stares at her mom, knowing she’s remembering. Marlena raves about Claire’s hair and says she looks just like her mom. Belle’s thrilled her mom is with her and her daughter and when asked, tells her that Shawn and Mimi are Claire’s future Godparents. Marlena remembers how Belle called out Shawn’s name while in labor. Belle figures it’s because they were together for so long, but she’s going to make her marriage work. Belle says Shawn should move on with his life too.

Marlena gives Claire back to Belle and shortly thereafter Alex comes to tell Marlena it’s time to go. She gets up, takes her purse and says goodbye to Belle and leaves (no kiss, hug, just like she’s visiting a patient) but does promise to come back again at least. They get on the elevator as John gets off it after his visit with Lexie, and Marlena tells him goodbye too. (so much for Alex monitoring her with Belle and the baby). He joins Belle and she tells him that she and mom were having a good time as she held the baby and gave her advice about the baby when Dr. North came and took her away. She tells him she’s sure Mom was remembering. She tells him how Marlena held the baby and remembered her as a baby. John sits on the bed and hugs Belle and promises to bring Marlena back, no matter what he has to do as the previews roll….

John rants to Marlena: “Here we’ve been busting ourselves up trying to get your memory back and don’t know a damn thing about his.”
Alex walks up saying “All you had to do was ask.”

Kate to Roman: “We can work our way through it, I know we can.”
Roman’s reply: “If it were only that easy Kate.”

Lucas to Sami and a shirtless: “You’re a damn fool for letting her back in your life.” Both of you.” He stalks off as Sami breaks into tears.

And the credits roll….

by Bill and Susan Hayes

Book Description
They were the first "super couple" of daytime drama. Millions watched as actors Susan Seaforth and Bill Hayes, playing Julie and Doug on Days of Our Lives, fell in love on camera and off-igniting the hottest love story on daytime television in the 1970s and early '80s. Now, this witty, entertaining autobiography tells their fascinating story-from television's Golden Age to hit Broadway shows and soap opera stardom.

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