Tuesday, October 11, 2005



Tape date 9/9/05
Director – Herb Stein

Kate asks Victor for a favor, Abby hosts a fund raiser, while Austin continues to try to make Sami change her ways, and Jennifer has to accept the bitter truth. The show today throws in a bit of back history

AT THE FALL MIXER, Max is busy autographing pictures for a bevy of pretty girls, as Abby comes over to congratulate him. He is happy to help out in her fundraising efforts for leukemia/lyphoma, but she says her signup is mostly girls, with few guys for the Light the Night Walk. He tells her it is wonderful for her to have taken this on, when just in her freshman year of college. (Hmmm, when did Abby graduate high school? Lol) Abby talks a bit about her own bout with aplastic anemia & needing the bone marrow transplant. Chelsea walks in, wearing one of those “gramma Kate” outfits, but leading a couple of guys she found to participate in the walk. Abby leaves, running into Josh, who asks her to dance. Chelsea plays up to Max as usual, then grabs him for a big kiss. The gals watching wonder how much that cost her. Chelsea takes out her lipstick, dropping a picture to the floor. She picks it up, looking sad, telling Max it is a picture of her parents and how much she misses them. He tries to tell her how lucky she is to still have parents who love her. He then talks of his own childhood, how he barely remembers his mom, (who died) and how his dad, Trent, beat him all the time. He talks of being in the foster home or orphanage, and meeting Frankie there, and how he was so traumatized at the time he could not talk, and Frankie was his voice. He says he considers Shawn & Caroline his parents, and no one else. He mentions that Trent came to town once, but left when he saw how happy and well cared for Max was with the Bradys. Chelsea wishes Billie would do the same, leave town and leave her alone. Josh comes up suggesting that they all go to the Java Café for Karaoke Night. Abby remarks that they raised $600, not counting the pledges for the Walk, and she can’t wait to tell her dad. He will be so proud of her.

AT ALICE’S, Nicole bellies up to the bar, ordering a vodka martini, and to make it a double, but not the expensive stuff, as she is on a tight budget. The bartender turns around, and she is startled to see Lucas, who seems to be filling in for Shawn. They bandy a few words back and forth…mostly in re: Lucas being an alcoholic, and Nicole being on the prowl again for a man, since Brady is gone.

Outside, Kate meets up with Victor, glad he could come, and needing a favor. They go inside, sit down, and are soon joined by Nicole. She pulls up a chair, moans about not having enough money to leave town, and then makes a crack about the bartender and leaves. The new waitress comes up, wondering if they are in the right place, as they appear to be the most sophisticated folks she has seen in there all day. She takes their order, leaves, and Kate asks Victor to try and check up on Dr. North. She is worried about John, explains about Dr. North sabotaging every effort John makes to have her remember, etc. and then Marlena making him leave, and asking for a divorce. Victor asks where John is staying now, and raises eyebrows when she tells him that he has moved into her suite, into the guest bedroom. (Yeah, the one unavailable for daughter Billie when she had no where to stay) Victor knows John is ISA and can do all the checking himself, but Kate thinks Victor would perhaps be more objective. Meanwhile, the new waitress (assume this is new character, Sophie) chats it up with Lucas, mentioning having this autographed picture of Max, and trying to sell it on E-Bay. Lucas tells her she better hold on to it for a bit, until he begins racing again. She questions him about Max’s last name being Brady, and wondering if any relationship to Shawn. Lucas explains. The waitress begins talking a bit about Bonnie being such a hoot, and how she hired her so quickly when she learned she had also applied at Chez Rouge. Lucas explains he is only there because Mimi started a fire or something at the apt. so Shawn could not come in. The waitress comments that Mimi must have learned cooking skills from her mother, and wonders why Bonnie would be owning a restaurant when she is such a terrible cook. Victor spots Lucas, tells Kate, and she mutters something about Sami, and goes storming over to the bar. Lucas tells her off once again, mentioning how propective employers usher him out the door during an interview, as soon as they hear he once worked for Tony DiMera. She offers him a job at Basic Black, but he more or less tells her to take the job and shove it. She leaves, and the waitress now mentions something to Lucas about “that woman” being Kate Roberts, head of Basic Black. When he tells her that is his mother, she is surprised then, that he needs a job. Kate returns to the table to hear Victor on the phone, talking about a company acquisition, and then about how they seem to be unable to find someone to replace Brady. (One can just see the wheel turning in Kate’s head as she very definitely has a lightbulb moment.)

AT SAMI’S APT., she is packing up the last of the wedding gifts she intends to return, except for the toaster oven, which she happens to need. Austin says no, she cannot keep it, but Sami says it doesn’t cost that much, and was from John, and he has plenty of money. Austin says that makes no difference, gives her a big pep talk about changing, growing up, accepting responsibility for herself. He tells her to stay away from his mother, give up the revenge, turn over a new leaf, etc. She’s resistant, he’s insistant, even saying he would pack his things and go. She claims she is going to try, just wishes he could be her guardian angel, sitting on her shoulder all the time to help her. They decide to go to Alice’s to eat, and he leaves to go get his wallet. Knock, Knock, and here is Nicole. Sami asks what she wants, she says ….Austin! Nicole barges her way inside as Austin comes out. She wants to take him for something to eat, Sami insists the two of them were going out, Austin says they all should go. Now both gals begin to argue over who will go with Austin, as he leaves. They realize he is not in the room, and funny scene as they go looking into other rooms, then realize he has left, and rush out the door, squeezing each other aside to be first…..and off they go, not even closing the door behind them. LOL

AT THE DEVERAUX HOUSE, Frankie talks to Lexie, wishing he could more for Jack and Jennifer. Lexie babbles on and on about the situation, hoping Frankie will stand by Jennifer to pick up the pieces. Outside, Jennifer tells Jack he isn’t going to die, she won’t let him. He tries to reason with her, but she insists there is no such things as an impossible miracle. She goes inside to talk to Lexie about his recovery. Lexie tries to make Jennifer realize that Jack’s illness is terminal. Outside, Jack again begs Frankie to stick around for Jen. Suddenly, Jennifer comes running out of the house, crying. Jack goes after her, but is unable to find her. Jennifer finds a bench, sits down, sobbing uncontrollably. She looks upward, and begins to rail at God, asking why he keeps doing this to her family. She cries, prays, but rants as well. She covers her face with her hands, as tears fall. Jack comes up, sits down, and holds her, as she sobs on his shoulder. And the previews show

Lucas to Austin: Sami’s already suckered you in…..Again! So don’t lecture me.

Abe to John: You think that’s what North’s intention all along? John replies, hell, yeah. He’s not trying to restore her memory. In fact he’s doing everything he can to wipe that slate clean.

Mimi to Shawn: I saw Belle realize she would never be with you again. That’s when she broke down.

Lexie to Phil: Belle is developing post partum depression.

Belle (who is alone and in a robe): I can’t breathe in here.


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