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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Episode #10,169
Tape date – 9/16
Director – Phil Sogard

Lucas & Sophie go out after work, Shawn & Belle have a serious discussion on the roof, while John attempts to get Marlena away from Dr. North’s influence.

UP ON THE ROOF, Belle is looking at the CDs, when Shawn comes out. He is surprised to see her there, then realizes she is very upset. He tries to leave to go get Philip, but she stops him, saying she doesn’t want Philip, she wants him. She cries most of the time, as Shawn gives her a pep talk, but it doesn’t help. He tries to make her realize this is all just the post partum depression and that it will end. Belle says her life is so complicated now, and she wishes it was simpler like it was when she & Shawn were together. He talks about how they have both moved on, and she pressures him to talk about Mimi, but he avoids that pitfall. They talk a bit about the past but both have different lives now. Shawn holds a crying Belle.

AFTER CLOSING AT ALICE’S, Lucas chats it up with a very flirtatious Sophie. She asks him out to celebrate his new job at Titan, suggesting Cheatin’ Heart or the bar at Chez Rouge. He declines those spots, mentioning he is a recovering alcoholic, and the bartending tonight was hard enough. He suggests going for coffee at Java Café and perhaps a walk down to the pier. Later, they are at the pier, laughing at how they practically felt like senior citizens at the Java Café. Sophie says it evidently is quite the teen scene at night. (what the heck, it used to be dot.com…lol) They chat a bit, and the next time we see them, is in the hallway to Lucas’s apt. It seems Sophie’s landlady called her to say there was a pipe break up on the 6th floor, and water damage all the way down to her 3rd floor apt., so Lucas invited her to crash at his place. Seems Will is spending the night at a friend’s house. (oh, how convenient, huh?) They go in, and it doesn’t take long before she says she is now going to keep her promise, and make him forget all about Sami!

AT THE PENTHOUSE, John faces off with Alex, accusing him of climbing in through Marlena’s window. Alex, who is in his P.J.s (the man changes clothes quickly, huh?) emphatically denies this, going on and on while Marlena stands there just watching them both Alex insists that John leave, causing John to try and take a swing at him. Austin & Roman stop him. John says he saw Alex creeping along the ledge and going into Marlena's room. Alex denies, but John says he saw him through his field glasses, causing Alex to have a fit about John spying on them. Roman now says he wants to hear what Marlena has to say. Alex & John argue some more, with Alex mentioning divorce. Sami immediately perks up at that bit of news, telling Marlena that is the right thing to do, and telling her dad to get rid of John & Alex, and he can then get Marlena’s memory back. Roman stops her, saying she is not helping and to be quiet, but Sami just blathers on, as usual. Roman tells Austin to take her home, causing Kate to offer to get her a cab. LOL. Austin hustles Sami out, Kate follows them, not wanting Austin to go with Sami, but she is too late as the elevator door closes on them. She tells herself she will not let Sami get her hooks into Austin again. (If ever anyone deserves the “Mommy Dearest” title, it is Kate, for sure)

AT HOME, Sami rants about John, and raves about her mom divorcing him. Austin is puzzled, and asks Sami if she did not notice that Dr. North was entirely too territorial with her mother. Sami replies, well, maybe, but if he helps her realize she should divorce John, then great. Enter Kate (these people just never shut their doors, do they, lol) who clues Sami in on the truth. Alex has an agenda, and is busy erasing the few memories that Marlena has, and when he gets done with her, she won’t want either John, or Sami or Sami’s father, Roman. Sami is disbelieving, and goes on a roll, taunting Kate, who then slaps her across the face. Sami turns to Austin, who tells her she went over board, and Sami rushes out, going to see her son, Will. While she is gone, Kate goes into her “stay away from Sami” mantra, she & Austin argue, but he firmly tells her to mind her own business. LOL

Sami pounds on Lucas’s door, as we hear the Stones “Streets of Love” playing. Lucas opens the door, no shirt on, comes out in the hall asking what she is doing there. She demands to see Will, Lucas says she can’t, that Will is upset with her and it is better for him if she stays away. She insists, and he finally tells her that Will is not there, is sleeping over at Arthur’s place. Sami asks why he did not just say so, then asks why Lucas is acting so weird, and finally the light bulb goes on, and she says, oh, my gosh, you have a woman in there. Lucas backs into his apt, saying good night, Sami, and we hear Sophie call his name. Sami gets a glimpse of her as Lucas shuts the door, and as she bursts into tears, Austin comes out to console her.

Back inside the penthouse, Alex threatens to get a restraining order on John, finally accusing him of having been an abusive husband, and that is why Marlena does not want to remember him. John then talks to Marlena, reminding her of their vows, of their love, of all they have meant to each other. How she helped him when he first came to Salem, and had no memory of his life. As he talks, she has all these flashes of them together, kissing, in a shower, getting married, etc. Her face changes as she admits that what he says is true, she believes him. This, of course, causes Alex to get between them, flashing that necklace he has hidden in his hand at Marlena. She does that slight brushing of cheek towards her hair gesture, which means she is back in the trance again. Alex once more goes on and on about his patient, and insists they leave. John wants to talk to Marlena in private, but Marlena refuses. Roman convinces John they should leave, and he reluctantly does so. Alex now dangles the necklace in front of Marlena, saying, “That was a close call. For a moment there, I was afraid I’d lost you. That’s why it’s important we destroy the few memories you have of John Black. This time, for good". And the previews roll….

Bo: That doesn’t sound like Abby
Hope: Why is she so upset

Jack: Something I said
Hope: what did you say
Jack: that I was dying

Kate to John: That doesn’t leave you very many options now, does it?
John: I could kidnap her.

Patrick to Billie: That & the fact that you are smart, beautiful & extremely sexy

Alex to Marlena: Not only were we lovers, but you swore I was the only man you would ever love


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