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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Summary: Today’s show is all about money troubles and new jobs (finally, something realistic!); except for Jack and Jen, who’s troubles are a bit more serious.

Mimi is trying to balance her money at the loft, and finds out she doesn’t have enough to pay her tuition. Rex used to help her, but now that she is doing it herself, she messed up. She tries to smash the calculator and freaks, which prompts Shawn to offer some options. Financial aid is out, as she missed the deadline. Her mom spends more than she makes, and now that Mickey isn’t paying her bills, she is in debt up to her eyeballs. Shawn offers to help her. Mimi tries to turn him down – he doesn’t make enough from Alice’s to pay parking, let alone tuition. He offers to break into his trust fund for her, but she doesn’t want him to. He admires that she wants to pick herself up and do it on her own. She is very grateful for all his help. They end kissing, but she leaves. She is off to find her second job. There is a knock, and Shawn, thinking that Mimi forgot her keys, finds a set and opens the door to Bo. Bo tells Shawn about the job offer he got him at his Uncle Max’s garage (see below). They discuss whether or not Shawn is going to return to school while working this job. Bo wants him to, but Shawn is adamant that he is not returning. Bo offers to smooth things over with Hope, whom they both agree is going to hit the roof. Shawn hits Bo up for money until the end of the month.

Mimi ends up applying for a receptionist job at the day spa. Gloria is impressed with her resume, but wants to check her references. Billie walks up and vouches for Mimi, which is good enough for Gloria. It seems that Gloria is a Countess Wilhemina customer from way back, and she and Billie had become friends over it. Mimi is hired. Gloria and Billie discuss the product line and some changes that Billie wants to make, which impress Gloria. Hope comes out to find Billie standing there and assumes she is there for Chelsea, which stuns Billie. She didn’t know Chelsea was there and doesn’t know where she got the money – it wasn’t from her, and she made her mother promise not to give her any. They talk about their joint strategy to teach Chelsea the value of money and agree that it is tough being the bad guy, but she needs guidance. Billie goes to find Chelsea, thinking about their conversation over Billie’s past. Hope runs into Mimi, who tells her about her second job and how she has to leave school for a semester in order to earn the money to pay for it. She is determined to go back to school, and Gloria, overhearing, says that her room-mate should do the same. This, of course, gets Hope attention, and she wants to know what is going on. Gloria runs away, commenting on her big mouth, and Mimi is stuck while Hope waits for an answer.

Max and Frankie are standing in a garage. Frankie is glad he invested his winnings, but did he make a wise choice? The garage is awful quiet. A motorcyclist pulls up and Max takes Frankie out to meet his first customer – Bo. Bo needed a tune-up, and Max offered. Bo is sure he won’t get the Brady rate – but he doesn’t mind Max making a profit. Frankie would like Max to have someone else for when he is out on circuit, so Bo offers Shawn’s services. Bo needs specialty parts, does he mind paying half up front, in cash? (Prompt Bo to flashback to giving the money to Chelsea.) He is flat broke, and the parts are expensive, which is why he hasn’t worked on it in a while. Max says its okay, he knows Bo is good for it, and where he lives. Frankie leaves to make a phone call in the office, and Bo tells Max they need to talk about Max’s relationship with Bo’s daughter. Apparently his reputation precedes him. Max says he already got the lecture from Frankie, but Bo doesn’t want to lecture – just warn. Max tells him that he understands, given his history (which he does touch on), and they have put the brakes on. Bo warns him not to hurt her. Frankie, however, has heard the conversation and is still worried. He knows that Max has good intentions, but he has a past history of letting things get out of control. Max loses his temper and tells Frankie that he does have control and to stop worrying about him.

Chelsea is chatting with the salon owner, who is giving her a facial. Chelsea brags about hitting the lotto, so to speak, and being able to afford pampering, whether she needs a beauty treatment or not. She gets tears in her eyes and tells Gloria about how she and her adoptive mother used to talk about going there together and having a mother-daughter day; except that her mother can’t come now. Gloria goes into full sales mode, telling Chelsea she has done the right thing – she picked herself up and is pampering herself. Everyone deserves to feel like Cinderella every now and again. Chelsea thinks Cinderella had it easy, after all, she only had one wicked stepmother type to deal with. Gloria leaves and Hope comes in. Hope tells her they didn’t get off to a good start, but would like to try again. Hope tells her that a couple years ago, they were in dire financial straits, but they only got through with prudent savings. It was the only way they could send Shawn to college. She tries to tell Chelsea to save some money, and blowing it at the spa probably won’t help her pay for college. Chelsea thinks now that Hope is saying that because she doesn’t want Chelsea’s dad to pay for her college. It’s okay for him to have a daughter, as long as he doesn’t spend Hope’s money on her, right? Hope says no, they will help if she needs it, but she needs to be careful. She brings up Abby’s pledge drive and Chelsea pledges ten dollars, but where is Hope’s donation? (She is going to write a check). Hope ends up inviting her for dinner. She says with a little effort, they can get along. Hope is just full of advice, huh? Here is some for her: just because she is married to her father, doesn’t make her safe. As long as Billie is around, she should be worried. Later, Chelsea is looking at a very expensive top that the saleslady is really trying to sell to her. Chelsea says she doesn’t have enough cash, and no credit cards. She asks if they will take a post-dated check, as she is sure her dad will cover it for her.

Jack is still trying to get Billie to promise not to tell Jen his plans. She can’t sit idly by and watch him do this to his family. He doesn’t want them to watch him die a slow, painful, withering death. They deserve better memories. He has it all worked out, and thinks he has no other choice. If she won’t help him, he will just have to disappear and do it himself. She refuses to help.

Hope is saying goodbye to Jen, reminding her to call later. Jen heads out, but stops to look at a locket with a picture of Abby and Jack inside. Hope comes outside with the scarf Jen forgot and finds her crying and tries to comfort her. Jen says she has done this before – twice – why does this have to happen to her family again? They agree to pray for a miracle and Jen vows to do a lot of research to find an answer. Jack isn’t the only one to suffer this disease, there has to be an answer. Hope goes to find Chelsea while Jen heads home.

Jen arrives home to find Billie and Jack talking and immediately gets worried that something is wrong and Jack is hiding something from her. She offers to let them talk, but Billie says she is on her way to work. It seems that busy Victor has offered her a consulting position for Countess Wilhemina. Jack walks her out and makes her promise not to tell Jen – it is a dying wish for a friend. She reluctantly agrees and leaves with tears in her eyes. Jack returns inside where Jen tells him that she stopped by the hospital to do some research and found some answers. Apparently there is some success on a special diet, complete with certain vitamins and herbs. He could see marked improvement in as little as 6-8 weeks. He is skeptical. She goes to show him on the computer, but turns to ask if he is crazy? It turns out he pulled the plug, and explains that he wanted her to listen to him first. The disease is irreversible. She wants to keep fighting, but he wants her to accept his death. She wants him to promise that he will let her be there when the time comes. They hug each other, as the previews show:

Alex: “I just need you to do what I tell you to. Could you do that?”
Marlena: “Yes.”

Frankie: “He beat us to the punch.”
John: “He sure has.”

Hope (to Bo): “I ran into Chelsea. You have your hands full with her.”

Chelsea: “Hope doesn’t know yet.”
Shawn: “She does not.”
Chelsea: “I wouldn’t want to be you when she does find out.”
(standing in Max’s garage, with Max looking on.)

and the credits roll.

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