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Episode #10,159, Tape date 9/2, Director – Phil Sogard

A new day in Salem has John delving into Alex’s background, as Alex’s plans for Marlena intensify, while others begin their morning with huge quarrels.

AT THE PENTHOUSE, Alex gets a call on his cell (he is in his room) and tells someone not to worry. He is sure John Black has put Dr. Carver up to doing that, but they will not find anything in his medical history. Meanwhile, John is at his computer, and as Marlena comes into the room, tells her to looks at what he found on the good doctor. Marlena is not happy, and won’t look. They argue, & she finally looks. Seems Dr. North has not had a practice in over 10 years. And then to suddenly take on Marlena as a patient. They argue some more, with John telling her Dr. North is NOT helping her to get better, she has remembered nothing at all, not a thing from her past. Marlena claims he makes her feel comfortable in the present. Alex comes out, saying to just ask him if they want to know anything. He goes to John’s laptop, taps a few keys, saying this is a secure website, and claims he spent several years doing research in the Antarctic for NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) on the effects of isolation and lack of sunlight. He then goes to another site, claiming to have spent nearly 4 years on the effects of deep tissue trauma on victims, especially of severe traffic accidents. (My, someone spent some time looking up medical jargon, lolol). Marlena says she has an appt. and leaves, with John stopping Alex, saying he is her husband, he will take her. John leaves.

Alex tells himself he has to separate John & Marlena, that John is trying to ruin all he has worked so hard to accomplish. He says he has to build a wall between them so impenetrable, John will be helpless. He sighs that he almost feels sorry for John, because once he has Marlena under his control, she shall be lost to John forever, and “there is not a damn thing John can do to stop Marlena from being mine”.

AT THE JAVA CAFÉ, Kate is ordering a double expresso, when Roman arrives, ordering a large coffee – black. She mentions Lucas asked her to join him there, but Roman tells her not to get her hopes up, as he will never forgive Kate for what she did. He goes to a table, starts to read the paper, mumbling to himself that no one is going to be able to help Sami now. (Amazing how all the Salemites talk out loud to themselves, and no one nearby is surprised, lol). Kate joins him, telling him how she HAD to expose Sami. He agrees that she did right by turning Sami in (but NOT in that manner, Kate!) and then tells her it was all her fault. She drove Sami to do what she did. Kate talks of Sami getting in bed with Tony, but Roman says Sami did not know who it was, that Kate put Sami in bed with Brandon, and Sami lost it all. He goes on and on, very quietly, really telling Kate off. He leaves. Lucas comes in, joining Kate. She tries to explain, but Lucas, too, will have none of it. He also tells her off, mentioning how she destroyed Will in addition to everything else. He tells her about Austin being at Sami's apt. in just a towel at Sami’s apt. (see below) causing Kate to become furious. Lucas tells her he if off the Sami roller coaster, and also off the Kate Roberts roller coaster. No more, and good-bye. He leaves.

OUTSIDE THE HAIR SALON, John parks the car (a sporty gray convertible) & talks to Marlena again about Alex. She asks if he is jealous, and he says yes, in a way, as she seems closer to Alex than any of her own family. Marlena says she will be about an hour, John is going to wait for her, and she goes in. As he waits, Roman stops by, and John fills him in about looking into Alex’s background. Alex, meanwhile has seen her datebook, learning where she is. Inside the salon, Marlena is all done (her hair had been in a ponytail, and is now down, looks lovely), and Glorianne notes how tense her neck is, give her a small massage, then goes to get some tea. Marlena’s cell rings, but no one replies when she says hello. Oh, we all know it is the evil doctor, lol. He finally says, “remember the music”, and plays some slow tempo song. Marlena does that slight brushing of her cheek towards her hair, and goes into that trance-like “I will do whatever you want me to” mode, grabs her purse and leaves. (Ummm, not even paying her bill, or leaving a tip, tsk, tsk.) She goes out the back door. At the front door, John is getting rather impatient, being that Marlena is taking much longer than the hour she had mentioned. (Sorry, John, and writers, but that would definitely take longer than a hour, with the length of Marlena’s hair.LOL) Glorianne comes out with a cup of tea, and is surprised to find Marlena gone.

AT SAMI’S APT, Austin wakes up on the sofa, to find Sami gone, having left a note. Out in the hall, we see Sami returning, arms full of overpacked bags of groceries, some of which drop out. As she tries to gather them up, Lucas appears to give a hand. He tells her he wants to talk to her, that Will wants to live with him permanently, & he told him he would talk to his mother about it. He wants to go into her apt., as Will is asleep in his. Cue Austin to open the door, clad only in a towel. Lucas flies off the handle, Austin assures him he just got out of the shower and explains trying to help Sami, she was such a mess, and that he slept on the sofa. Everyone is yelling and shouting in the hall. Lucas berates Austin for letting Sami get back in his life, and finally stalks off.

Later, inside the apt, Austin & Sami talk. He tries to comfort her, as she beats herself up. He tells her to learn from all this, and to tell herself that she, Sami Brady, has learned her lesson, and will never lie again to the people she loves. Sami is silent, & Austin notes she is not ready to say that, huh? She grabs a muffin, saying well, it can’t get any worse, right? And right on cue, Knock, Knock. She goes to the door, and it is Roman. He tells her he is there on official police business, and on behalf of the F.B.I. who have agents on the way. And Roman says “Samantha Jean Brady, you are under arrest for treason”. Camera freeze on Sami’s shocked face. And the previews show…..

Shawn to Mimi: Want to talk about it…about the kiss and how good it felt

Roman to Sami: What you did was to commit treason, and it could carry the death penalty

Austin to Kate: She is going to get off, and it’s all thanks to you

John, smiling: What is it? Marlena: I want a divorce.


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