Thursday, November 10, 2005


Friday, November 10, 2005

Episode: 10,186
Directed by: Herb Stein
Tape Date: 10/11/05

Lucas meets his new assistant that Victor hired; Austin gets a business idea; Jen wants to throw Jack a party; and Marlena calls a meeting.

It’s a new day in Salem as Hope rushes over to Jennifer’s. Jennifer wants to throw Jack a party to celebrate him and his life. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Jack gets a pain and practically collapses. Frankie runs in and holds him up as Jack fears this is the beginning of the end for him. He tells Frankie not to tell Jennifer what’s happening and can’t bear to have her hurt watching him worsen. He says this is what Lexie warned him would happen.

Jack and Frankie join Hope and Jennifer. Jenn tells him he’s just in time for his green drink and Jack obliging chugs it down as Hope and Frankie grimace at the look of what it must taste like, LOL. Jack learns of the party and doesn’t want Jen stressed with it on top of everything else. Hope jumps in, offering to take care of the details and orders them to go have some fun together.

LUCAS is surprised to learn that Victor hired Eugenia as his new assistant. He tries to fire her and she threatens to sue him with a law suit if he tries. He asks what she’s talking about and she says it’s against the law to fire someone just because you don’t like them. She reminds him Victor wouldn’t hire her if she wasn’t qualified and asks him to give her a chance, extending her hand to shake on it.

Austin tells Sami and Nicole about a new invention to cover fine wrinkle lines being developed in Switzerland called Visage. If they can get the U.S. rights to it from it’s creator (Dr. Schnitzel), their company would skyrocket. Nicole gets angry when Sami laughs at the creator’s name, warning her to take it seriously or make coffee. Austin finds Dr. Schnitzel is visiting Salem and Nicole figures they should target mid 30s to mid 50’s women when Sami asks why not younger women. Nicole reminds her what the product is for and suggests Sami make coffee or order lunch, something she knows how to do. Sami realizes Austin’s blowing her off when he tells her to take a break as she’s been working real hard. She walks into the hall and peeks into Lucas apartment to see Eugenia in there with him. Lucas finds Sami lurking and they exchange words after she hears Eugenia is working for him now. Eugenia leans on Lucas as she taunts Sami. Sami insists she’s good at her job and their company will wipe Titan away. She has a fantasy that Austin is so impressed with her that he has her to not only be his new executive officer, but gets on his knee and proposes to her, much to Nicole’s dismay. Lucas walks in and tells Austin no, he loves her and was a fool to ever let her go and wants her back. Back to reality, Lucas makes snide comments about her, Nicole and Austin working together and Sami backlashes saying after their appointment with Dr. Schnitzel today, they’ll be on top. Lucas thanks her for that valuable information that Schnitzel is in town. Eugenia tells Sami that she’s her own worst enemy and will be Austin’s too when he learns what she did. Nicole walks in and realizes that Sami blew their secret op. Austin walks in and blows up at this news as Lucas and Eugenia enjoy watching the action. Nicole demands that Austin fire Sami right now so this won’t happen again. Sami apologizes. Austin reluctantly gives her one more chance and Sami is grateful. He tells her he gave her the day off and he and Nicole head back to the apartment to work alone. Eugenia enjoys giving Sami a hard time before she leaves.

AT THE SALEM INN…Alex, Kate and John are having breakfast in Kate’s suite. Roman arrives to give Kate her divorce papers and is surprised to see that John and Alex are there as well. (what, the inn run out of rooms?) John clues Roman in that he’s doing what it takes to keep that bastard away from Marlena. Left alone, Kate and Roman exchange words. Kate gets angry that men are always so protective of Marlena, saying it makes her sick to death. She thinks John deserves more and Roman accuses Kate of still having feelings for John just as she does of him and Marlena. John hounds Alex about the mysterious papers he gave Marlena. He warns Alex that it won’t change Marlena’s feelings for him. Alex feels confident it will.

With tears in her eyes, Marlena looks at the papers Alex gave her, saying she knows what she has to do now. She calls John saying she’d like to see him. He likes the sound of that, but she asks him to bring Alex and Roman and even Kate along. She feels they’re all interconnected and that they’re going to get to the bottom of this once and for all. Later everyone is gathered at the Penthouse, anxious to hear what Marlena has to say. She hasn’t gotten her memory back, but has had some perfect memories of her and John together. John asks what memories and she remembers a Christmas night they had together (brief flash of them kissing and making love). John kneels in front of her, sure she’s decided to come back to him. She explains she’s not done yet. She tells Roman she knows that their baby she lost was conceived in love. She’s confused how she could love one of them while loving the other and which one does she belong with?

JACK AND JEN are lying on the hood of their car watching planes taking off. She should have figured that’s where they’d go. He has another surprise for her as he opens his laptop to show her a video scrapbook of their life together. A slideshow of pictures begins. She remembers when she surprised him and told him she was pregnant. She loves the scrapbook and he admits working on it for a while as a remembrance of him, for her to have when he’s …. But she stops him before he finishes, crying that she can’t lose him. She wants to have memories of this day and he whips out his digital camera and takes pictures of them (some great, others we can relate to, haha).. He gets a pain and starts panting. He claims it was a cramp in his leg as they’ve been lying out there for so long. She rushes to get him another shake (seaweed and kiwi). He tells himself it won’t be long. She brings a thermos with the shake in it, explaining she’s glad they went back and got it (aha, they know how eagle eye fans would point out that they didn’t have it when they left, haha)…and Jack obligingly drinks some. Even Jen grimaces, asking if it’s really that bad. He claims to be getting use to it and starting to like it, haha. She has a healthy microbiotic dinner for him at home.

Now with a fire crackling, Hope and Frankie prepare for the party. She asks how long he’s staying. He says as long as Jennifer needs him. Hope realizes that Frankie still loves Jennifer and how much Jennifer cared for him too. Frankie confides to Hope about Jack’s request for him to be there for Jennifer after he’s gone. Hope tells him that’s one of the most selfless things she’s ever heard and Jen will need him more than ever after Jack’s gone. . Hope tells him how much Jennifer loves Jack, but Frankie was Jennifer’s first love and the only one who could help her after Jack’s gone..

BACK AT THE APARTMENTS, Sami has left and Lucas is happy he got an appointment with Schnitzel. Sami strolls the halls as Austin gets word from his contact that Titan has an appointment with Schnitzel already. Nicole has an idea.

MARLENA, with tears in her eyes, tells the others at the penthouse that she now knows who the person she’s meant to spend the rest of her life with is … the previews roll.

Lucas: "Billie, what the hell you doing here?"
Billie: "Trying to stop you from making a HUGE mistake."

Sami looks a little shocked and a woman asks if she’s okay. Sami replies that her “future is about to come true.”

Mimi to Belle: "I’m sorry Belle. Did you say that you made a mistake by marrying Philip and having his baby when you’re still in love with Shawn?”

Marlena to the group…"Alex is right."
John: "Oh, my God."

As the credits roll…

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