Thursday, November 17, 2005


Friday, November 18th

AT THE LOFTS….Mimi gets home and lights some candles for her and Shawn’s romantic evening together. She gets a taste of married life, LOL, as Shawn comes home and tells her about his busy day at the garage and when she leans forward for a kiss, doesn’t want to get her nice coat dirty and heads to the shower. She blows out a couple candles. Later she drinks some wine, toasting their romantic night as he peeks out through the door asking for a clean towel from the kitchen. She decides to deliver it herself. He pulls her into the shower saying it’s the best place to be on a cold night. She doesn’t know, but he says he does and pulls her in, clothes and all, and they start kissing. Turns out she’s just fantasizing that, but Shawn does open the door asking for a towel.

Across the hall, Philip’s making Risoto (pasta dish Belle loved at Chez Rouge) for dinner and Belle laughs (nice to hear) and offers to help him. He gets a painful cramp in his leg. She learns it’s normal and he’s been having them on and off over the past weeks and not telling her. She feels bad and says he deserves so much more as they hug. He shows her a bottle of sparkling cider to have (mindful she can’t have alcohol) and wants some for himself instead of wine. She finds a picture of her and Shawn in the glass cupboard (real good hiding place, LOL!) as Philip pours the cider and toasts to them and their future. Later they laugh as he made too much and says the seafood will go bad if they can’t eat it all now. He suggests inviting Shawn and Mimi to dinner and she agrees. Across the hall, Mimi hands Shawn his towel and he heads back into the bathroom (alone). She goes into her room and he hears a knock on the door. With the towel wrapped around his lower half, he answers it and it’s Belle to invite them for dinner. Mimi comes out of her room with her glass of wine and Belle invites them. He thinks it’s a good idea with the ice storm approaching and she (not so agreeable) goes along with it. Alone she asks God to help her get through this. On their way across the hallway, Shawn apologizes to Mimi and promises to make it up to her. They kiss and accidentally ring the doorbell while kissing. Philip opens it and finds them kissing and gives Belle the thumbs up signal.

AT THE PENTHOUSE, Marlena tells John she’s still Alex’s wife and her marriages to Roman and him are invalid. John asks Alex why he didn’t return to Marlena after his special ops mission years ago. Alex repeats how she had moved on and why he focused on specializing in her type of problem. He admits using hypnosis and other methods simply to get her to retrieve her memory of them and sequenced properly so she can have her whole life back, not in bits and pieces over the years. He also wanted to make sure this information wouldn’t cause her more harm than good. John smirks saying he’s full of it. When John asks, Alex says he doesn’t know the DiMeras and only knows Lexie as she referred him to John per his request for help. All he does know is his love for Marlena and feels deep down in her subconscious she does know it. Marlena tears up as Alex takes her hand and reminds her about her earlier flashes of her earlier life with all three of them. She says it was confusing. He warns her the time is coming where she’ll have to decide which of them she will want to stay with. Marlena asks John for some time alone with Alex. He’s not crazy about the idea, but she insists. Kate takes John out on the terrace. John holds Kate’s shoulders, saying Alex has manipulated Marlena and filled her head with lies. Kate is more realistic and warns John it may be true. She stops him from going in, saying he might do more damage than good to his own cause.

Marlena admits her doubts to Alex and he knows something that will help convince he leans down and kisses her. She likes it and catches herself as she leans in for more…then panics a little. He embraces her and says he’s her husband and there for her. He knows that’s why she returned the kiss with such passion. She admits how natural it did feel. He begs for her to give him the chance to prove he’s the only man she’s ever loved. Marlena asks to speak with John alone when he and Kate return. Privately Kate asks Alex if that was the truth and he says yes. She feels for him, saying he waited too long to come back as those in between years may hurt him. He suggests John might be available for her. Marlena tells John she wants him to leave as she owes Alex the chance to help her and when asks why she owes Alex anything, she says that he’s her husband.

AT THE DEVERAUX’S….Billie finds Frankie outside wondering what he’s doing sitting out when an ice storm is coming. She’s worried about Chelsea who’s not home nor answering her cellphone. She asks to hang out with Frankie while waiting. She sits down and comments on how cold it is, so he pours her something hot to help. She knows he’s thinking about Jack and Jennifer. She admits Jack told her a long time ago about his fatal illness and his plan to have Frankie in the wings to help Jen after he’s gone. Billie figures Jack’s focus on Jennifer helps divert his thoughts about what’s happening to him. Frankie respects Jen too much to force himself on her, it’ll be her decision. Frankie says Jennifer is not Jack’s property, she’s his wife and it’s up to her what she’ll do afterward. He’ll be there, but he will not take advantage of her vulnerability.

Inside Jen’s asleep and Jack’s sitting up in bed watching her. He puts the pills down and accidentally awakens her. She asks him to hold her and rolls over for him to spoon with her. He does so and starts gasping for breath. They roll over and she lies her head on his chest saying he’s not going anywhere. She admits trying to stay strong for the kids, but breaks down fearing she can’t help but worry if this would be their last conversation, etc. He tells her how he loves her and starts kissing her. Later Jen’s asleep again and Jack reaches for the bottle of pills. She wakes up as he starts to open the bottle, asking what he’s doing. He says just taking his medication and she asks if he’s in pain. He tells her not when he’s with her. She urges him to be optimistic and to hang on for a cure. She heads down to get cranberry juice for him to take with the pills as the book said it balances out the pH. . Holding the palmful of pills, he says he’s doing this for her

Jen finds Billie and Frankie out front and pulls them in. Jen hears about Chelsea and calls Abby, worried about her too. She leaves a message on Abby’s phone to call her. They all fight as to who should go find the girls and Jack finally relents to stay home and asks Billie to stay with him while Frankie and Jen go look for the girls. Jack asks Billie to take Jennifer out to lunch once a week so she won’t hide out in the house after he’s gone. Jack tells Frankie how Jen loves flowers, especially hydrangeas. She also loves Halloween and candy. Jen walks in hearing him talking about next year and rushes into his arms glad that he’s thinking optimistically. He stops her from leaving and kisses her, saying he loves her. She says the same and for him to go back to bed, she’ll be right back and heads out. Jack gasps a little, saying he didn’t get to say goodbye to Abigail. He gasps more saying he said goodbye to his son, Vern and Jo, but asks her not to let Abigail feel guilty for not being home tonight. He collapses after telling Billie he took all his pills. Billie cries out to him to come back, please come back and rocks him as his eyes roll back into his head…..


Jennifer (sniffing) to Frankie (in the car): “I can’t believe I’m talking about my husband like he’s already gone..”

Nicole to Austin: “I’m going for the gold ring.”
Austin: “You mean BRASS ring, unless you’re talking about a wedding gown.”

Lucas to Sami: “You have no business touching that.” (a paper)
Sami looks at the paper, that stares at him.

Marlena to John while looking at Alex: “I remember the deep feeling of love for him.”

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