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Friday, November 4, 2005

Episode #: 10181
Directed by: Jim Baffico
Tape Date: 10/3/05

Nothing special tomorrow...John calls in the ISA and Father Jansen for his quest for Marlena, Jack convinces Jennifer he'll do what she wants him to do, Mimi's conscience continues to fight with itself.

HEALING NATURES WAY is the book Jack’s buying and Jennifer’s thrilled he’s finally listening to her, although she can’t understand why he’s shopping for it in the middle of the night (hmmm…it’s only 8 pm at the Penthouse as you’ll find out later). Frankie privately tells Jack that he doesn’t buy it and asks Jack what he’s really doing there. Jack admits to Frankie that he doesn’t believe the vitamin regime will help, but Jennifer does and if it’ll make her feel they did everything they could, he’ll do it. She returns with several more books, encouraged that it’ll give him some extra time if nothing else. She’d take every minute more she can with him and is determined that they’ll enjoy every second of it doing whatever he wants to do. She’ll comfort and love him through it all as she’s not ready to lose him yet. He agrees with her on that. She leaves to do something and Frankie tells Jack he’s such a good actor and can’t tell when he’s telling the truth or not. Jack vows he’ll haunt Frankie if he doesn’t follow through on what he promised to do. Jennifer walks up and says she knows exactly what’s going on when Jack points out she looks like she’s seen a ghost. She tells him the salesperson showed her the book that Jack had asked him to hold for her about Grieving a Loss. She hugs him, thanking him for caring about his family so much. Jack blurts out that he’ll do whatever she thinks is needed, but will also be realistic about what’s happening. She asks Frankie for a minute alone with Jack and he steps outside. She hands Jack all the books and tells him to pay for them while she and Frankie get the car. Alone, he tells himself that he’s sorry, but it’s not in the cards. The salesman tells him his father insists they keep the suicide book, but he doesn’t agree about it. Jack defends his position. The sales clerk will only accept cash (ouch, who carries that much cash any more?)

Shawn rushes to Mimi’s side as she collapses on the floor. Later he helps her up to the couch and she says she’s fine. He apologizes for not thinking how hard taking care of Claire might be on her being she can’t have children of her own. He tries to convince her she could have gotten an infection from any medical problem and not to blame herself. Mimi feels bad that she couldn’t even pick up Claire and hold her because she was thinking of her own problems. He has her lie on the couch and relax as Claire starts cooing and coughing. He carries her basket upstairs, saying she’ll sleep in his room. Mimi talks to herself falling asleep as we see evil and good Mimi bicker on the sofa arm above her about if Mimi and Shawn can be a good couple and have adopted children. Mimi wakes up, wondering where they went and says Shawn’s name. He comes out, now with a t-shirt on, and asks what she was dreaming about. He leaves to change Claire as Mimi tells herself there’s no future with Shawn because she’s such a loser.

John tells Kate what happened at Alices, trying to figure out what happened. He contacted the one person who he figured would be able to convince Doc not to file for a divorce. He opens the door to Father Jansen who agrees to help and leaves. John tells Kate how his shoulders are so tight and in knots, so she starts to massage them, assuring him she’s just helping and it’s not foreplay.

Alex and Marlena return to the Penthouse where he’s anxious to return to work without interruptions. Marlena admits having memory flashes at Alices. He tries to convince her that John’s doing what he really is doing, planting memories in Marlena’s mind. Fingering the necklace, he tells her the healthiest thing she can do is file for a divorce. She should be with the man who’s loved her longer and more than anyone else. She asks if that’s him and he says yes. If she wants to be happy, she needs to put John Black behind her and move on with him. She picks up a picture (apparent of John), commenting how happy he looks. He turns on some music (I could barely hear it) and she asks him to turn it off as she has a headache. She excuses herself to get ready for bed and he offers to make some soothing chamomile tea for her (with an added ingredient I bet) and she accepts, heading upstairs. He can’t understand why he can’t erase her memories of John Black and wonders what’s causing it. (I think the clock chimed, but not sure) as he holds the little bottle of drugs to put in her tea. She returns ready for bed and sips the tea as the clock chimes (yikes…it’s only 8:15 pm???) and remembers John and her kissing. She can’t believe it, she remembered she tells him. He urges her to drink her tea, but she isn’t thirsty. The tea slips and spills on them. He’s frustrated, wanting to stop her memories from returning. Father Jansen arrives while Marlena was in the kitchen drying off the tea and although Alex does his best to get rid of him, Marlena walks in and insists she talk alone with her priest. John watches from the window with her binoculars and tells Kate that he called the ISA for some back up. Knock knock, an agent arrives with a suitcase and tells Kate she doesn’t know where John got this, right? He tells John he’s got all the fire power he needs there. Kate assures him her daughter is ISA (and she’s such an active ISA operative too, LOL) and understands. John signs for the bag and the agent leaves. John opens the suitcase and Kate says Oh My God. We later see it’s the most high tech listening and watching device there is. John tells Kate he planted the transmitter at the penthouse while he and Frankie were over supposedly protesting the divorce.

We see Father Jansen reminding Marlena how her and John’s marriage vows are sacred. The clock chimes again and she remembers when John gave it to her. She tells Father Jansen that John loves her and he reminds her how God gave her the strength and commitment and she needs to be a willing participant in the partnership…citing the last phrase of the marriage vows about let no man put asunder. She wipes tears from her eyes as she thanks him for coming to see her and lets him out. She picks up John’s picture and looks at it as Alex comes in from the terrace. He asks what Father Jansen said that upset her (as John overhears and mentally coaches Marlena to tell him it’s none of his business, LOL). Marlena tells Alex that she’s going to stay married to John and faithful to him. She asks Alex to have the lawyer rescind the divorce papers… John breathes a sigh of relief, knowing she’d finally see the light…with a split screen of a weeping Marlena and a smiling John…as the previews roll…

Mimi tells herself she could never be with Shawn

Shawn tells Belle that Mimi thinks they can never be together because she can’t give him a child and she’s wrong. Belle says “No, Mimi’s right”.

Alex to Marlena (with John standing there): I was right, he’s deceiving you.”

Nicole to Austin: Of course I want to closer in every way.
Austin: “It sounds that way.”
Nicole: “ If it’s another woman, not Sami, I’ll just have to show you how wrong she is for you.”

As the credits roll…

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