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Monday, November 14, 2005

Episode # 10187
Tape Date: 10/12/05
Air Date: 11/14/05
Director: Albert Alarr

Summary: Sami finds an unlikely ally in the park…An upset Belle makes a slip of the tongue in front of Mimi…Austin/Nicole & Lucas/Billie make their pitches for the new product line…Marlena makes her choice between the 3 Romans, shocking everyone.

At the Loft…Mimi comes over to visit with Belle. It seems that Philip was on his way to a doctor appointment and asked her to stay with Belle. Belle is upset to learn this, thinking that Philip asked Mimi to baby sit her. Mimi takes up for him, saying she was coming over anyway and just wants to be friend. Belle apologizes for snapping at her. Mimi wants to play with Claire or give her a bottle, but learns that she is asleep. Mimi apologizes again for the way she has treated Belle for the past few months as both of them want to put it all behind them. They decide that they have been friends for too long to let it all fall apart. Mimi tells her that she has a date later with Shawn, which raises Belle’s hackles. She begins to question her for details and objects to the restaurants that Mimi mentions, citing that they were her and Shawn’s favorite places. Mimi asks her if dating Shawn is a problem for her and Belle says no…even though Mimi isn’t buying it. Belle says she is okay with it, but she just doesn’t want to see them rush into anything and make a mistake, suggesting that it is a rebound relationship. Mimi asks her if SHE thinks SHE made a mistake with Philip and if she is still in love with Shawn. Belle claims that what she and Shawn had is over and she just doesn’t want to see either Mimi or Shawn get hurt because she believes that Mimi still has unresolved feelings for Rex. Belle apologizes again, saying it is the PPD talking. They hear Claire crying and Mimi goes up to see her as Belle sits alone and cries. Mimi comes back later with Claire’s scrapbook and suggests they work on it together. They start oohing and ahhing over pictures and Mimi asks who she looks like. Belle looks at the picture and says she looks like her dad…Shawn…shocking them both.

At Sami’s Place…Nicole is zipping up her portfolio, telling Austin that they have one helluva a presentation and is sure that they will win the account over Lucas. She takes the time to slam Sami and urges him to fire her before she does more damage. Austin refuses, saying he hopes that Sami has learned her lesson. Nicole is sure that she will NEVER learn her lesson. After they leave, Sami slithers out of the bedroom (where she was eavesdropping) and says that she needs a plan to stop Nicole and regain Austin’s trust. She is determined to help win this account. She finds some of Nicole’s clothes in the floor and rips it up, saying that Nicole has messed with the WRONG woman…by the end of the day she will be sorry. With renewed spirit, she leaves.

Sami ends up in the park with her coffee and her INTRUDER rag-mag to get inspired. She reads her horoscope and learns that “a boost to her business and personal life will come from an unlikely source…a stranger holds the key to success”. A woman (dressed like a hooker) sits down beside her and they strike up a conversation. She tells Sami that she needs to do like her and find herself a man to spoil her rotten. She introduces herself as Lulu and Sami can’t take her eyes off of her jewelry. She says it is from her fiancée…her former boss. She explains that she gave up trying to get ahead by working hard and advises her to find the richest boss she can and go after him…like she did. Sami says she couldn’t do that and asks her name again. She says her name is “Lulu Weiner” as Sami chokes on her coffee. She looks at her and says her future is about to come true.

At Titan…Lucas is freaking out before his meeting with Dr. Schnitzel, wanting to prove himself to Victor by getting this account. Eugenia is trying to calm him down and begins slamming Sami in the process, but Lucas tells her to stop. Billie shows up, telling him she is there to stop him from making a huge mistake and that she is only there to help him win this account for Titan and Countess Wilhimena. After her reasons are explained (saying that the doctor has an eye for the ladies and she couldn’t hurt), he finally gives in and hands over the presentation for her to look at. Dr. Schnitzel arrives as Billie flirts with him a bit. Austin and Nicole burst in to the office as Nicole explains that it was Dr. Schnitzel’s idea to have the 2 presentations back to back. He suggests they flip a coin to see who goes first and Austin/Nicole win, so Lucas, Billie and Eugenia file out of the office. Eugenia suggests that Billie go freshen up before their meeting. After she leaves, Eugenia hustles over to her desk and hits the intercom button as she and Lucas listen in on the other presentation. Austin and Nicole finish up and come and come out as Lucas and Billie go in. Nicole complains about the coffee and asks Eugenia to go get some fresh. After she is gone, Nicole rushes over to hit the intercom button to listen is as well, but (holier-than-thou) Austin stops her, saying it isn’t right. She tells him if they want to win, they must play the game…besides, she is sure they did the same thing. She wants to know what is going on in there, but Austin says no. Eugenia returns with the coffee as Lucas and Billie come out. The doctor asks them to give him some time while he makes his decision. Nicole tells Austin when they win this account, they will buy out Countess Wilhimena…she will take Lucas’s office and he can have Victor’s. Lucas hears her and asks where will Sami be. Nicole says, on the street where she belongs. Billie tries to advise Austin about Nicole and Sami, but he won’t listen to her. She tells him that she will hire him on at their company but he counters, saying HE will hire her when HE wins this account. The doctor tells them all that he has decided and all go into Lucas’s office. He tells them he has decided to go with the more established company…Titan. Austin takes it on the chin and congratulates Lucas and Billie…but Sami comes rushing in, telling them not to sign any papers just yet. They need to listen to what she has to say. She tells him he should meet someone…her new best friend…the future “Ms. Lulu Weiner-Schnitzel” as Lulu comes in saying “Hi Sugar” and stars kissing the doctor.

At the Penthouse…Marlena tells everyone she is ready to resolve this and has made a decision about who to spend her life with. John wants to talk to her privately first and pulls her aside, telling her that there is one name she should NOT consider. Kate and Roman also talk as Roman confides to her that he hopes Marlena chooses him as well. Kate says she has always known that Roman still loved Marlena and he says she still wants John as well. John tells Marlena that Alex cannot be trusted and what he has done is wrong as well as unethical. Alex butts in, telling her not to listen to John. Kate and Roman talk about John’s feelings for Marlena and how her decision may be something that John doesn’t want to hear. Alex tells John that Marlena is capable of making her own decisions and doesn’t need his help. John warns her that Alex has told her lots of lies and one thing that she can be sure of is that he (John) will always love her. She tells him that she may not have her memory, but that is one thing she is sure of. Roman pipes up and says that he loves her as well…for as long as he can remember. She gave him 2 beautiful children and they will always have a bond. Alex pitches as well, saying he loves h er too and the proof is in her hands. Marlena says Alex is right as John grimaces and says Oh My God…don’t tell me you are choosing him. John begs her not to, but Marlena says she is meant to spend the rest of her life with Alex as everyone looks on in shock. John says that Alex has brainwashed her but she says she has the proof that she loved him and hands it over to John. John and Roman look at it as John says “it’s not possible”. We quickly see a picture of Marlena and Roman’s wedding (when Wayne portrayed Roman, that is). John asks “You two were married?”. Freeze frame on Marlena’s face…as the previews show…

Marlena (to Alex): I want you to tell me everything about our life…from the beginning…and don’t leave anything out (as John frowns)…

Lucas (yelling at Sami): You used his girlfriend to pimp your company (Sami): It’s just a celebrity endorsement…

Mimi (loudly to Belle): I want you to be honest with me…regardless of how you feel about Philip…do you still want Shawn? Tell me the truth so I know how to live MY life…

And the credits roll…

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