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Episode # 10196; Tape Date: 10/26/05; Air Date: 11/28/05; Director: Phil Sogard

Summary: Shawn and Mimi discuss what happened…Kate makes a startling discovery…Marlena makes her choice…Alex plans to leave town…Jen, Frankie and Abby become more and more concerned for Jack (as he fights for life).

At the Loft…Shawn and Mimi are still in bed as she asks if he is ready for more. He goes to get water as she picks up a magazine and picture of him and Belle falls out. She stares at it as he returns and tries to explain. He says that he knows there is no future for him and Belle. But Mimi isn’t so sure and tells him she has a confession. She tells him about visiting with Belle and telling her about their date and Belle’s reaction. She says even though Belle gave her blessing, she still isn’t so sure that Belle was being honest and that she still has feelings for Shawn. She asks him point-blank if he is still in love with Belle too. He tells her that a part of him will always love Belle but both of them are ready to move on. She apologizes for being so blunt and babbles on and on about how she has always had a crush on him. She continues until she embarrasses herself and explains she is just afraid of getting hurt again. He stops her and tells her he was ready to answer her first question. He says he has something to tell her and she says if he is going to say he loves her, then don’t. She says she hopes he tells her that he loves her…someday…just not tonight. Shawn is confused and Mimi tells him to let her explain, but he laughs and tells her not to as he stops her and kisses her.

At the Hospital…Lexie explains to Philip and Belle that Claire is doing better…she is on oxygen and her temperature has dropped. They are waiting for test results and they also did a spinal tap, this news upsetting Belle. She promises to keep them informed as they prepare to go into see her. Lexie and John talk as he is worried about Marlena. Lexie apologizes for ever recommending Alex as John gives her the condensed version of what is going on with Alex, shocking her. He tells her that Marlena wants a future with Alex…but he is not going to give up on her.

Meanwhile, Kate wonders if what she found out is true. Philip and Belle walk up as she shoves the papers in her purse. They give her an update on Claire and Kate assures them that she will be okay, telling Belle that worrying about your children is a part of motherhood. Belle goes on in to see the baby as Philip tells Kate how much they love Claire and how he loves Belle and don’t know what he would do without them and then leaves. John joins Kate and they talk about how Philip and Belle need each other right now. He moans about how he and Marlena are not together and how they should be for the kids. Kate excuses herself and goes to an empty office and prays that she is wrong…she says if this is true, it will destroy them. She sits down at a computer (the user didn’t log off) and types in some data. Then she says Oh God…Oh God no. Later she is looking for a doctor and talks to a med student in the hallway and starts asking him questions about blood types. She doesn’t really understand his explanation (lol, neither do I) so she just asks him if the father is an O positive and the mother is an A negative, could the child be AB negative. He asks her why she wants to know and she lies, saying she has a bet with a friend. He says the scenario she described is impossible as she becomes very upset. After he leaves, she says “so Belle’s baby isn’t Philip’s.”

Marlena tells Alex that she has made her decision and is sorry that someone will be hurt. He encourages her to go tell John. She goes over and tells him that she has something to tell him as he fears the worst. Meanwhile, Lexie and Alex talk and he apologizes to her for blackmailing her about Tek. She is angry with him but he says he had to stop her from digging into his past, he was only trying to protect Marlena. He tells her that most of Marlena’s past is still lost and he now fears that he has lost her. An angry Lexie tells him he has not lost her…he never had her in the first place. But he goes on to explain his and Marlena’s history but Lexie says she doesn’t believe him. He tells her that he never came forward before because he didn’t want to disrupt her life, but Lexie is the one who brought him there and he felt the time was right. Alex says he knows that Lexie was suspicious of his methods but he had to use every tool he had…and he thought it was working, but he now feels that she has chosen John. He says he will be leaving Salem soon. She asks if he is giving up and he says he must respect Marlena’s decision. But before he leaves, he wants to offer Lexie some advice…she needs to resolve her feelings concerning Abe and Tek. Lexie says she made a mistake…she loves her husband and there is no question who she wants to be with. Alex says that he loves Marlena, but sometimes things just don’t work out the way you want. He apologizes again and tells her that he was blinded by his love and concern for Marlena.

Marlena tells John that she has made a decision but before she can tell him, Philip and Belle return. Belle is upset and Marlena tries to offer her comfort, telling her that being there for Claire is the best thing she can do for her now. Belle and Philip go into see Clair and talk to her by her side, saying how much they love her and will always be there for her. After they are gone, John asks Marlena what her choice is and she tells him that she has chosen to be with Alex. John is shocked but she says he is her husband. John becomes angry and says that they belong together and pleads with her to reconsider. He says if she walks away, she may as well rip out his heart and take her soul with her. He begs her to reconsider as she tears up. She says she is sorry but she can’t be with him, she has to choose the person she first pledged to spend her life with and that is Alex.

At the Deveraux Place…Jen and Frankie worry about Jack as she blames herself for his going out. Frankie tries to assure her that Jack will be okay. Someone is at the door and Jen rushes over, thinking it is Jack, but it is Abby. Jen is upset to learn that Chelsea drove her home, but Abby says the roads are better now. Abby is upset to learn that her dad went out during the storm. Frankie tells her that Jack called and was on his way home and he is sure he will be there shortly. Jen tries to change the mood and suggests they decorate for the party. Abby wants her mom to call Jack, but she explains the cell service is bad. As they ponder what to do, Frankie volunteers to go and look for him…against Jen’s better judgement. He goes anyway and after he is gone, she is worrying because now she can’t reach him either. Meanwhile, we see Jack in the car several times as the water is rising. He comes to and is sure that God is punishing him for attempting suicide. The water continues to rise as does his panic level. Frankie arrives at the bridge and sees that a car has gone over the edge. When Jack is almost underwater, he prays to make it…just to be with his family…as he has a fantasy of spending Thanksgiving with them. Then we see him pass out and slide underwater…as the previews show…

Bo: Let’s get the wet suits out…I’m going in (as Hope looks on)…

Jennifer (frantic): Frankie…WHERE is he?

Sami (to Austin): Getting involved with Nicole could be disaster. (Nicole): You’re wrong Sami…I have just what we need to get back into the game…

Marlena (to John): You and I are done (as Belle walks up)…Belle: NO…tell me this isn’t happening…

And the credits roll…

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