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Thursday, December 1, 2005

Episode # 10199
Tape Date: 10/28/05
Air Date: 12/1/05
Director: Roger Inman

Summary: Sami and Lucas both make strategic moves…Jack’s car is retrieved from the river…Philip worries over Claire, as Kate worries over him.

At the Hospital…
Philip watches over Claire, telling her she will be fine and to keep fighting (as Kate listens from nearby). Kate thinks that Belle is lying and that Shawn must be the father. Philip asks if she is okay and she says she just worried about the baby. She tells him she is worried about his and Belle’s health too. Philip tells her that Belle is with Shawn right now, which Kate doesn’t like. He says that Shawn and Mimi are helping him take care of Belle. His leg is hurting him as he has been standing too long so Kate tries to get him to rest as well. Lexie comes by as Kate talks to her, babbling about Philip losing his baby. Lexie assures her that Claire will be okay, but Kate says if he lost her she doesn’t know how he would handle it. Lexie talks about when she lost her baby and how it almost destroyed her and Abe. Lexie tries to assure her that Claire will be fine and so will Philip and Belle. Kate asks her about the test results and Lexie says she will let them know. Lexie urges her to go home and get some rest, but Kate refuses to leave. After Lexie leaves, Kate goes back to Philip as he watches over the baby. He says he thinks she has his eyes and asks Kate if Claire looks like he did as a baby. She tells him that when she looks at her she sees Philip…she is his daughter…no doubt about it. Philip talks about how becoming a dad has changed him and it is all he ever dreamed of. Kate tries to get him to go eat and get some rest, but he won’t leave the baby’s side. He asks why is this happening as Kate tries to assure him all will be okay but he tells her that she isn’t God and she can’t guarantee that Claire will be okay. But she thinks to herself she will do whatever she has to in protecting her children.

At Austin, Inc…
Austin has left Sami and Nicole alone and they are at each others’ throats. It seems that Austin has gone to meet with Mickey and they are going after the highstyle account. Sami says that Nicole is only after Austin and everyone knows it. Nicole denies it, saying she is only working after this account. Nicole accuses Sami of being jealous as Nicole has a couple long flashbacks (first of Austin leaving town and then one about his return). She finally admits to it, but says that Sami is after him as well. Now it’s time for Sami to have a flashback of her own. Sami says that Nicole has almost ruined Austin’s business but Nicole says they must acquire this company to survive. She tells Sami that she overheard Lucas and Victor and that they are going after it as well. But Sami still thinks it is a mistake, even though Nicole says this is their only chance to make it…if this fails, they may be ruined. Sami has had enough and says she is going to talk to Lucas about Will and leaves. Nicole is sure that Sami is wrong and she plans to steal this account right out from under Lucas’s nose.

At Lucas’s Apartment…
He is working on his information on highstyle. He has Eugenia on the phone working as well as they try to get ready for his meeting. Later, he thanks her for her work and says now all he needs is Victor’s okay. Sami comes over wanting to talk about Will’s grades. Lucas hides his work and lets her in as they argue for a while over Will’s grades and the parent-teacher conference tomorrow. Lucas says that Will is only distracted…because of Sami. She complains about Nicole being in her apartment and how she can’t stand her. Lucas tells her that he is doing this for Will and berates her for getting involved in Austin’s business. They start arguing again and Lucas accuses her of wanting Austin and says that Austin only gave her a job because he felt sorry for her. He asks Sami if she ever really loved him (Lucas). Sami has had enough and tells him she is ready to leave. Lucas tells her she made her choice and now she is stuck with Nicole. She goes on about how she can’t stand her and talks about how she is ruining Austin’s company and blurts out the information about highstyle. She realizes what she did and begs him not to tell she spilled the beans. He tells her she should talk Austin out of it. He tells her he has work to do and rushes her out. Once in the hall, Sami smiles, happy with herself, sure that Lucas will now go after highstyle and in the process, make Nicole look like a fool. After she leaves, Lucas is on the phone with Victor, telling him about how Sami can’t keep her big mouth shut. He wants to be sure to set up a meeting before Austin, so Victor offers the jet. Back at the other apartment, Nicole has finished the proposal for takeover as Sami continues to tell her they are making a mistake. Nicole gives Sami a hard time about her 2 ex’s (Austin and Brandon) working/living in the same place, saying the landlord should give her some kind of discount. Sami keeps telling her she is going to fail and end up on her ass and take turns calling each other “loser”. Sami says she KNOWS Nicole is going to lose as Nicole asks WHAT has she done this time as Sami plays innocent. She says if Austin listens to her, he will fail…they are taking unnecessary risks. They continue to argue as Nicole justifies this move. Sami says when they fail, Austin will realize what a mistake he has made. Nicole says this is a can’t miss deal.

Then we see Lucas arriving at the highstyle offices (what a fast jet, lol). He walks in and gasps “Oh my God…it’s YOU!” (but we don’t see…but I think everyone knows who it is).

Search for Jack…
Jennifer refuses to believe that Jack is gone. Bo tells her and Abby about the search but they won’t believe he is dead. Bo never saw his body and assures her they are doing all they can. Bo gets a call from the scene…they have yet to find him…but Jen is sure he is alive. Bo needs to return and Jen is determined to go along. They all arrive at the bridge as Jen calls for him with Hope holding her back. Frankie tries to calm her down but both she and Abby are hysterical. Bo and Hope watch as they say she can’t accept what is right in front of her. Hope talks about how lucky they (Bo & Hope) are and about how she will never take him or her family for granted. A firemean tells Bo they are ready to pull the car up and Bo wishes Jen wasn’t there. They get the car up on the bridge as Bo opens the door but Jack isn’t inside. Jen starts yelling where is he…where is my husband? She cries as Hope holds her…And the previews show…

Philip (to Claire): I don’t know what I am going to do if anything happens to you (shots of Mimi, Kate and Victor). I know one thing…I’m not going to want to live anymore…

Nicole (to Sami) I am a business woman…you are a wannabe…You are lucky Austin’s giving you a chance…

Jen: Unless you show me his lifeless body, my husband is still alive…do you hear me…All of you!

Hope (to Bo): God has a plan…Jack had a plan…Brady, if you know something you had better tell me now.

And the credits roll…

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