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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Episode # 10185
Tape Date: 10/06/05
Air Date: 11/10/05
Director: Albert Alarr

Summary: Sami and Nicole continue to argue over Austin, as Billie now gets involved (Kate wannabe?)…Belle can’t keep her mind off Shawn…Mimi apologizes to Belle…John and Alex continue to argue over Marlena, as Alex produces some new information.

At the Apartment Building…Austin and Billie meet up in the hall and she tells him that she talked with Maggie and learned that he is in business with Nicole and Sami. Inside, Sami and Nicole continue their bickering over him. Nicole says that Sami’s routine is getting old…if she were a TV she would just hit the mute button or turn her off. Sami vows to keep her and Austin apart, even though Nicole swears it’s business. It seems that Austin and Nicole are going to a meeting and she wasn’t invited (Austin thought it for the best, because of the “Stan” business). But Sami thinks that “Nurse Nicole” shouldn’t be allowed to go either. Sami wants to pitch her ideas but Nicole says that this meeting is critical and Sami has trouble closing deals…especially weddings. After a little arm twisting (Sami bringing up the Chloe business) Sami asks Nicole if she is ready to hear her ideas. In the hall, Austin doesn’t want a lecture from Billie, but she continues anyway about those “2 idiots” he has hired. He defends them, but she is sure that they are both just manipulating him. He tells her to just trust him, he can handle it. He goes to put his brief case and an easel in the car and tells her he will be right back. Inside, Sami and Nicole continue to bicker. Nicole says the reason Austin came back to Salem was for the woman he loves as Sami is quick to point out it is NOT Nicole. Nicole laughs at Sami thinking it could be HER (as Sami has flashbacks of Austin dumping her at their wedding in Vegas). Nicole mocks the way Sami cried after him. Nicole says that Austin came home for Lucas’s wedding and Sami says he ended up supporting HER…so Austin came back for her. The door slams as they turn to see Billie standing there. She says “You are delusional if you think my brother is still interested in you” as Nicole smirks. Billie unloads on them (especially Sami) and warns them both to stay away from him, or they will answer to her…just as Austin walks in. He suggests that he and Billie go up on the roof to talk. After they leave, Sami says that Billie will turn Austin against BOTH of them. Nicole says that Austin does NOT love Sami and storms off to her room to do some work. Curiosity is killing Sami as she is dying to know what Austin and Billie are talking about. So she sneaks out on the fire escape to climb up to the roof. She starts up the ladder only to find Nicole a few rungs ahead of her. Nicole says “Poor Sami…always a step behind”. She climbs up even with Nicole as she reminds her that she has a fear of heights. They begin to struggle to get ahead of each other as the ladder slips and begins to slide down. On the roof, Austin asks Billie what is going on and assures her that he can take care of himself. She tells him that both of those women just want to jump his bones (her words). Austin tells her not to worry, if either of them cause a problem, they will be gone…but he is there to stay. They hug as she tells him she is so glad he is back but wonders WHY he came back to Salem. She asks him if he has a girl in his life and immediately wants to know who it is. They hear the ladder slide down and Billie thinks it may be that old tomcat “Buddy” that used to climb around the apartment building. Austin wants to check it out, but she won’t let him change the subject. She asks WHO it is he came back for but he won’t tell her. He says that right how, his priority is his business. Billie says okay, as long as it isn’t Sami or Nicole and he is happy as they hug.

Sami and Nicole return to the apartment arguing about whose fault it was and who Austin would choose, both sure it would be her. Nicole storms off to her room as Sami says she is going to show Austin that she has changed and prove to him that she is perfect for him…in his business AND his life.

At the Loft…Mimi sings to Claire as Shawn watches her, making her uncomfortable and she tells him to go away. Later Shawn has finished fixing the sink and Claire is asleep. Mimi goes to put her down as Shawn opens a bottle of wine to celebrate. In the other loft, Philip tells Belle that it sounds like she doesn’t want Shawn with anyone else. He asks what is wrong with her and she claims she is just tired and goes up to bed and cries. Later, she falls asleep, but has a dream of her and Shawn talking. In the dream, he informs her that Mimi is pregnant with his child. She wakes up in a cold sweat and goes back downstairs. But Philip isn’t there and she picks up a photo album and flips through it. She sees a picture of her and Shawn and starts crying again. She tosses it down and heads over to Shawn’s loft. Philip had gone over there earlier as Shawn told him not to worry about Claire. Philip apologizes for upsetting Mimi about the baby. Shawn tells him that Mimi is doing better after talking to Father Jansen. Shawn asks about Belle and he says that something is really bothering her as he fills Shawn in on her condition. Shawn is sure that the meds will kick in soon. Philip thanks them for all their help as Mimi brings Claire out to feed her. As Philip is watching, Belle walks in and sees this. Belle asks Mimi if she is okay and Mimi says she had an amazing experience earlier and wants to talk to Belle privately, so they go out into the hall and Shawn burps the baby. Philip and Shawn hope they work things out but Shawn isn’t so sure that will happen. Philip says that Belle has been through a lot lately and everyone that she depended on isn’t there anymore. He thinks that Mimi can help her. In the hall, Mimi tells Belle she wants to apologize. She tells her about freaking out earlier and going to St. Luke’s and talking with Father Jansen. She tells Belle that she can’t blame Belle for losing Rex…it was all her own fault. She tells Belle that she has forgiven herself and is now ready to move on with her life, but can’t without Belle’s forgiveness. Shawn and Philip are now watching and Philip encourages Belle to forgive Mimi. She does and they hug. Philip hugs Belle and tells her that now they can get on with their lives, but Belle is too busy watching Mimi and Shawn kiss.

At the Penthouse…Marlena doesn’t blame John for moving on, but now she wants an answer from him…her or Kate? He says there is no doubt, he wants to be with Marlena. Kate backs him up, saying that it was the grief that brought them together. Kate explains that he was paralyzed and had no one to depend on. He goes on to tell about his addiction to the meds and that Kate moved in to help take care of him. Alex applauds and asks why doesn’t John just admit that he would have been better off had Marlena remained “dead”. John has had enough and punches Alex in the face, knocking him off his feet. After he gets up, they argue some more and Alex asks WHAT IF Marlena had come back after he and Kate had married. John is tired of “what if’s” and says that Alex is only confusing Marlena and trying to poison her mind against him. Alex says it sounds like John is trying to convince himself of their love, not Marlena. Marlena says that Alex is right, it sounds like John doesn’t believe that their marriage was strong. John talks about the countless times they have been driven apart, by Stefano and then Tony…but says he will NOT lose her to this FREAK. He says he is being aggressive because he wants to protect her. He says that their love is strong…no POWERFUL…and that others have always been envious of it. He admits he was concerned about her remembering Roman, considering the past that they shared. Alex asks if THAT is why John (when he first hired him) asked Alex to tip the scales in his favor. Sheepishly, John admits to that and says it is like Marlena believing he loved Kate. Marlena and Roman have a history and he feared that when her memory returned, she would remember Roman and he would lose her. Alex tries to convince Marlena that John does not love her like HE does. John and Alex get nose to nose and John asks Alex WHY he is there. Alex says that he has proof and Marlena will see just how special she is to him. He shows her some papers and she is shocked when she looks at them. She asks them all to leave, saying she needs to process this. John refuses to leave unless Alex does, so Kate suggests that he come and stay with them, since she has an extra bedroom. Marlena assures them she will be okay, she needs time alone and asks them to leave now. After they file out, she looks at the pictures on the desk and then at the papers and says “Oh my WORD…can this be true?”…as the previews show…

Jack (to Jen): “Kind of a remembrance for you from me…to keep always…long after I am…” She stops him and says “don’t say that…”

Hope (to Frankie): You promised Jack you would take care of her…you have to keep that promise…

Eugenia (to Sami): Girl, you are your own worst enemy...and you will be Austin’s too…once he finds out what you did…

Marlena: I know now the person with whom I am meant to spend my life…(flashes of Roman, John and Alex)…

As the credits roll…

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