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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Show #: 10,188
Directed by: Albert Alarr
Tape Date: 10/13/05

As Mimi and Belle talk about their feelings for Shawn, the firm winning Clear Visage's account is announced and Alex tells Marlena how they met and got married, much to John's and Roman's dismay.

Mimi asks Belle why she said that Claire was Shawn’s daughter. Belle said Philip is Claire’s father, but Mimi questions that now. Mimi mentions they haven’t talked in a long time and feels they need to be absolutely honest now. She asks Belle if she’s still in love with and wants Shawn. Belle denies any of that, saying she’s married to Philip and has his baby, but Mimi can read between the lines. Belle resents Mimi’s badgering, reminding her how she’s trying to deal with post partum depression and a new baby. Mimi comments how disconnected Belle is with her daughter and about the Freudian slip about Claire being Shawn’s baby. Mimi continues arguing that Belle wishes she were married to Shawn, not Philip. Belle looks at her wedding picture and Philip’s face turns to Shawn. She later denies that and insists she’s in love with her husband. Mimi tells Belle that she and Shawn are taking baby steps toward a relationship and haven’t slept together yet, but she wanted to know how Belle felt about it if they did get serious. Belle feels it’s too soon for her and Shawn being they’re both on the rebound. Mimi lashes back asking how Belle could say that to her as that’s what she’s got with Philip.

Sami brings Schnitzel’s fiancée to Lucas’ office at Titan where they’re fighting over the U.S. rights to Clear Visage. Austin is surprised they’re still in the running as Schnitzel wants to hear what his fiancée has to say. Sami tells them her horoscope said a stranger will hold a key to her success and Lulu says her said the same. Lulu refuses to let her honey get swallowed up by a big conglomerate. Billie asks why she thought that’s what they are and she tells them because her home girl Sami told her so. Sami rattles off some of the products Titan’s been involved in. Both sides argue their sides as Sami argues that Lucas has only been with Titan for a week and doesn’t know what products they’ve had in the 3 years since he was gone and Billie hasn’t been actively involved with the company in years either. Austin Reed and Co. is new and aggressive and will put everything into his account, unlike Titan that would just write it off if the product “tanked”. They deserve their full attention. Lucas insists they have the best marketing firm in the country unlike the other new company. Hans has made up his mind. Lucas writes down a sweeter offer and Billie offers food and coffee (which Sami calls her on) as Lulu and Hans talk in private. The two teams argue in the outer office. Sami rants she’s a better marketer and Lulu’s in there closing the deal for them right now. Eugenia suggests they eavesdrop and pushes the intercom button. The only talking going on in the office is moaning as Hans and Lulu get it on. We return to them listening in to Hans and Lulu’s activities and finally turn it off to argue who deserves the account more. Lucas and Austin argue as their sister Billie breaks it up. Sami feels confident that Austin would want to make HER his partner after this and Nicole tells Sami she doesn’t have any more contacts to manipulate, unless she digs into Stan’s rolodex (ouch). Sami bites back that perhaps they should invent a cream for hiding flesh eating bacteria (double ouch) after what she did to Chloe. Lucas tells Billie that those two screw ups will be the death of Austin’s new company. A giggling Hans and Lulu come out of the office and he announces he’s decided on Austin Reed and Co. Lucas and Billie are stunned as Sami cheers. Arrangements are made for the contract and Hans suggests that Ms. Brady be in charge of their account. Austin will take that into consideration. The lovebirds head back to their hotel. Lucas tells Austin and Co. to leave and orders Billie and Eugenia into his office. He is furious. Billie said it’s not personal, it’s business. Lucas disagrees saying it’s now WAR. Outside Austin tells Sami she saved the day and they’re on their way now. She suggests he take her out to dinner to celebrate and he joyfully agrees and hugs her after she suggested they also talk about who will be the account executive. Nicole watches silently as he twirls Sami.

Marlena denies having any memories of being married to Alex. Alex mentions that he was the first man she married and in God’s eyes is her husband, is HIM. Roman and John dispute how Alex is handling her memories to his own advantage. John tries to get Alex to leave, but he says that’s Marlena’s call and even her priest stated how sacred her original marriage vows are (ouch, backfired on you with including Father Janssen, John). Marlena is torn and confused (poor baby with three hunks all wanting her for their own). Kate tries to help and Roman tells Kate that she’d get John if Marlena chose Alex. Kate insists it’s not about her, nor is it about any of the men, it’s who Marlena chooses. She is a living, functioning human being and has the right to decide whom she wants. Marlena thanks Kate and says Kate is right. She might not remember much of her life, but it IS her life. She knows John and Roman are trying to remind her of their life together, but the one person who hasn’t is Alex. It’s his turn now to tell her everything about their life from the very beginning and not to leave anything out. It might even help her regain her memory.

Marlena listens and smiles as he recounts how they met. Alex says they met the first day of medical school in their anatomy class. He describes what she wore and her hair was in a pony tail. He was so smitten he couldn’t stand it. She was sweet and polite. They were made lab partners and he asked her out to dinner. She didn’t go with him the first two times, but he knew he would be the kind of person she would go out with if she was into dating right now. He formed a study group, figuring that’s how he could be with her. The other members dropped out mysteriously and it was just her and him. (John snorts about that coincidence) They got tired of studying at the library and used their apartments instead. She loved the idea. She was attracted to him but was afraid of being distracted from her studies. Their dinners became more intimate (inserting picture of them in bed). He invited her to the big hospital New Years Eve formal and she accepted. They had a lovely time and they talked, danced and laughed and then kissed. At that moment everything changed and they spent the night at the Village Inn and they laughed about all the obstacles he had to do to get her. It’s all because of her that he worked so hard and became the doctor he is today (John snorts). They went on a ski trip that next year and talked about marriage. He never gave up on her as he could tell she was with him too. John interrupts, calling Alex a lying bastard and accuses him of trying to wear Marlena down. John wants this to stop, but Marlena said she’s heard John’s memories, now it’s time for Alex to continue. He does, saying they started making plans after their ski trip, to open a practice together. He took her back to that class room where they met and looked at her and introduced himself and how honored he was that she would be his wife. She told him that she loved him from the minute she met him and would do so until the day they died and longer. They decided on a small wedding, made their own plans and asked Dr. Robbins to give her away (don’t her parents attend any of her weddings?) being he introduced them. They found a one bedroom house in town with a perfect view. They had a spare room that they could turn into a nursery. With tears in her eyes, Marlena asks if they had a baby. He says they did, but it’s gone. He said it’s a long story that she’s not ready to hear yet. John accuses him of lying and needs more time to create a story. He says Alex decided he wanted her after he was brought onto the case. Roman agrees. Roman said everything he gave her could be created on a computer by a sixth grader. Marlena is stunned and walks away as John demands Alex leaves. Alex understands that John feels that way, but it’s Marlena’s decision if he stays or leaves. He gently goes and asks her if anything he said brought back any memories, even the love they shared? She turns and crying, says she remembers and John turns around, also stunned. He tells Marlena she’s been brainwashed and orders Alex out and Roman backs him up. He warns Alex to leave before he finds something to arrest him for. Alex tells Marlena his only intent was to help her and goes to leave. She asks him to wait….

Sophie tells Lucas if he’s ½ as good in the boardroom as he is with her, he should put that energy into being a killer in business”.

Marlena to John: “I think you’ll have to accept that Alex is part of my past.”

Belle to Philip: “Mimi’s right, it’s time I told the truth. I do still have feelings for Shawn.”

Roman to Nicole: “What da hell, let’s have a drink.”
Nicole as she toasts with him: “Cheers”.

As the credits roll.

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