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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Sami's evening goes from bad to worse as she learns about Titan's getting the Clear Visage account; Marlena has a panic attack memory; Kate continues to help John both mentally and physically. Today's lesson: If you don't want to be seen at night, no matter what floor you're on, CLOSE YOUR CURTAINS!! Tomorrow looks like a busy one!!

AT THE LOFTS....they continue where I left off on Thursday....Philip opening the door to finding Shawn and Mimi kissing. Belle steps aside and tells herself that Shawn's not hers any more. Shawn thanks them for the invitation as they didn't want to go out in the storm and saved them another night of burnt tv dinners. Belle and Philip go to get things ready as Mimi tells Shawn that earlier Belle gave her blessings to their relationship. Ten feet away Philip stops Belle from tossing the salad to “talk” to him. She is angry because he didn't tell her about his leg pain. He apologizes, kiss, kiss, love ya, back to dinner. He spots Shawn and Mimi laughing next to each other on the couch and calls them to dinner. First he finds the picture of Belle and Shawn in the garbage and asks what it's doing there. (well, DUH want it out? LOL) She says it fell in there by mistake. She looks at it and it morphs into a picture of her and Shawn while she's holding their baby. She puts it into a grocery bag and onto the floor. After they've had their dinner, Belle gets up to check on Claire and Shawn says they should get going as he has a hard time getting out of bed in the morning. Mimi offers to help with the dishes, but Philip said they've got it covered. Mimi and Shawn kiss their way across the hall and practically fall into their own loft. Philip walks up behind a morose Belle and starts kissing her neck. Across the hall, Shawn picks up Mimi and carries her to his bed.

SAMI returns home from the market with with bags of supplies to make home made soup for Will (he's sick) (if that's all soup supplies, she should make enough for an army). Austin was concerned where she was due to the storm outside, but Nicole's only annoyed by the interruption Sami's caused. She suggests Sami make the soup at Lucas' apt. and Austin only agrees so that she can be closer to Will. Sami, who's struggling with her bags, rants about this being her apartment and SHE was the one who got the account..but heads for the door. Austin opens and closes it for her and tells Nicole she's out of line when she calls Sami a dramatic little bitch. Nicole tells Austin that Scrappy Do will never pull off what she did tonight (getting the account) again. Austin isn't so sure about that and knows there's a side to Sami others don't see. That's what he loves about her. We return to Nicole telling Austin that if Sami loves Lucas and vice versa, she wishes them happiness. Austin asks if she means that and she says she does. They both admit wanting that type of love and he says he wants lots of kids. Nicole breaks down and he insists on knowing what's bothering her. She tells him she can't have kids. She tells him how a hit man was hired to kill Victor and she got hit instead. Because of that she can't have kids. She had a crappy childhood and thought she'd make such a great mom (oh yeah, right). She would only adopt if she had a partner, someone like him, to help her.

Sami drops the bags in the hallway and Lucas steps out of his apartment and asks if she needs some help. He wonders why she went out in the storm and she tells him to get the ingredients for Grandma Caroline's chicken soup. They start bickering about Clear Visage and he gets info from her that Austin got loans due to the new account (that was quick!) Lucas smirks that papers haven't even been signed to finalize the deal and what would happen if it didn't go through? Inside his apartment she tells him about having problems with Nicole and how Austin leased Brandon's old loft for their office space. Lucas sounds a little worried, saying he thinks she's falling for Austin again. She denies anything romantic going on with her and Austin, they just work together. Lucas refuses to believe that and accuses her of doing whatever it took to get Austin back in town, including a wedding. She reminds him she found him with another woman. They argue about who gave up on the other first and he goes to bed (don't even see Will). She can't find her recipe for the soup and goes to his computer to look for another one. She finds Sophie's email telling Lucas that she's glad they talked Lulu into getting Hans to change his mind about signing with Austin. Lucas walks back in and Sami asks how he could do that to them! She rushes across the hall to tell Austin (with Lucas in her wake as she of course doesn't shut the door). Austin goes to the desk and looks at some papers saying they're ruined. Nicole tells Lucas he's a dead man.

AT KATE'S SUITE...apparently they tried to go to bed earlier than the rest of Salem above as they rendevous in the living room for a drink. Her in robe, him too, except wearing his jeans. He wonders if Alex has talked his way into Marlena's bed and picks up his binoculars to see (ISA repossess his super duper telescope and bugs?). Kate stops him, saying it would be a big mistake. She reminds him that Alex IS Marlena's husband. Kate reminds John he himself researched the validity of the marriage certicate and found it legit (okay, now have him research the other details Alex mentioned). She mentionsher own painful moments and she says it wasn't from Roman, but because of losing him. John feels bad and says he'll always care a great deal for her. She compares their relationship to Marlena's, knowing John will be hurt. John struggles to put on his socks to go over to the penthouse and grimaces in pain. He can't walk and doesn't want her calling Lexie. She offers to massage where it hurts and helps him lie down on the couch (on his back). She asks where it hurts and he says everywhere. She kneels ON TOP OF HIS MID SECTION as she massages his shoulder (hello...the man's in pain already, I wouldn't be kneeling on him, LOL!!) Instant relief as she massages his shoulder.

AT THE PENTHOUSE...Marlena and Alex chat. She wants to know more about their relationship. He tells her how he thought the sun rose and set around her from the first day he met her. Their engagement was the best day of his life, until their wedding day. (flashback scenes of them undressing each other that night) We return from the flashback with Marlena dreamy eyed, remembering. She could SEE how much in love they were, she just can “feel” it. He assures her it's normal to remember in bits and pieces. He figures she's feeling a little guilty because she can't remember her past with John. She agrees. He has a surprise for her to commemorate this ocassion. She flips through the scrapbook of pictures of her and John while he goes to fetch it. Alex returns with a box holding a pearl necklace inside. He asks to help her put it on and she agrees. While he's doing so, she remembers someone trying to strangle her while she's wearing them, the necklace breaks and pearls spill all over. Marlena has a major panic attempt to get away. She won't let him near her as he asks what's wrong with her. He begs her to let him help her, saying he's not the enemy. He walks her over to the couch as she grabs her neck, crying. She tells him about the hand putting pearls around her neck and then she couldn't breathe. Close to hysterics, she cries in his arms after he convinces her he's not the enemy, saying how scared she was. He realizes putting the pearls around her neck brought out something from her subconscious (gee, even I figured THAT out. Didn't he keep tabs on all that's happened to Marlena since they were apart? For example the Salem Stranger case?) After she's calmed down, he tells her the pearls belonged to someone in his family and agrees, she was very special...saying it was her. He gave them to her just before they got married. The window blows open just after she was going to try and put the pearls on again by herself. Alex closes it and takes his own trust telescope out. He sees the antenna on top of Titan about ready to blow over. He then looks towards Kate's room and clearly sees her (now just in gown, no robe) crouching over John as she massages his shoulders. He's moaning from it, but via telescope it looks like they're making love. Alex comments on something he saw, but says Marlena doesn't want to see it. Of course that sparks her curiousity, so she takes the telescope and he shows her where to look. Boing....she looks across town right into Kate's open curtains (amazing!!!) and sees what he the screen splits to what she's seeing and her solemn the previews roll....

Belle to Philip: This is my worst nightmare and I don't understand how you can be so calm.”
Philip: “Because both of us can't fall apart.”
Belle: “If anything happens to our daughter, our life together is over.”

In the hospital waiting room as Marlena and Alex watch....
John to Kate: “we're not going to lose our granddaughter.”

Mimi and Shawn are in bed and she asks him “Do you smell something burning?”

We see Jack (driving?) and screaming. It looks like he's near a bridge (hard to tell)...

as the credits roll..

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