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Tuesday, November 29th

Episode # 10197; Tape Date: 10/27/05; Air Date: 11/29/05; Director: Albert Alarr

While Jack's search party, Bo and Hope continue their search for Jack at the bridge, Jennifer and Abby worry at home; While Alex feels he's lost Marlena and plans to leave town, Marlena tells John she's decided to stay with Alex; Austin Reed and Co. plan their next move while Victor congratulates Lucas.

Austin Reed and Co. are stressed after they found out they can't get out of the lease on Brandon's apartment. He suggests they might want to look for other jobs, but they refuse. Austin berates himself for blowing Business 101, not to extend yourself. Sami blames Nicole for it. Austin asks Nicole to leave him and Sami alone, then tells Sami she's out of line.
Victor pops over to Lucas' apartment to congratulate him on his victory. Nicole walks in, telling them they were patting themselves on the back so hard they couldn't hear her knock on the open door. She and Lucas exchange words about his method of getting the account back as Victor listens, but approves of how Lucas did it, saying it's business. They give her a glass of champagne to help them toast their victory and she throws it at Lucas and storms out, promising to help Austin put them in their place. Lucas fills Victor in on another company he's got his eye on (High Style). Victor's pleased with the prospectus and Lucas promises to work up a deal by morning. Victor warns Lucas that Sami is his Achille's heel and even if they don't reunite, they're bonded by Will for life. Can Lucas separate his feelings for Sami with business needs? He reminds Victor about how he was married to his mother and in the same position. That's different Victor says. (ironic how they were BOTH married to Nicole and that's not mentioned, LOL)

Nicole's eavesdropping outside and mutters she had been eyeing High Style too and has to work fast to prove to Austin she can do the job. She returns to their apartment hearing
Sami continue to belittle her to Austin until Nicole walks in..saying she has exactly what they need to get back in the game. She fills them in on how Titan is going after High Style too and if they offer them cash (WHAT cash?) they can probably land the account. Sami warns Austin not to listen to Nicole again. He tells Nicole to work up a proposal while he tries to renegotiate their loan.

Philip comforts Belle as she tells him how much she loves her daughter and hates herself for ignoring Claire. Philip suggests they go to the chapel to pray, but Belle refuses to leave her daughter again. He agrees, saying God will hear their prayers whereever they are and she hugs him. Later we find them bending over Claire's hospital bed, glad she's sleeping so soundly. Belle thanks Philip for being so wonderful. She steps out to go tell her mom about what's going on.
Kate walks up and sees them talking and to herself, comments how the hospital records prove there's no way that Philip is Claire's father..and he has no idea.

Alex walks up asking if she's heard the bad news. Kate is so happy Philip and Belle are together and Alex is happy to see a couple together that deserves to be, thinking he's lost Marlena to John. He steps away to make a one way airline reservation out of Salem for himself. Kate's more worried about Claire's paternity than what John may need from her. She does the Salem Mumble about how Shawn might be Claire's father as Philip walks up and calls out to her.
Marlena tells John that although she has memories of him, she has deeper memories of Alex and will stay with Alex, her first love. John's not happy, obviously, and tries to rein in his anger to try and explain how she would be turning her back on all their children as well if she doesn't stay with him. John says the Marlena he knows would never turn her back on her family. She resents the implication and isn't turning her back on her children. She has deep feelings for Alex and only wants time alone with him to let them grow. It's her decision whether John likes it or not! She remembers seeing him and Kate on the couch with her telescope when she tells him she doesn't think they belong together. John asks her to take more time to make her decision. They both grow more agitated as she insists they're done. Belle walks up and hears that, crying out no, tell her this isn't happening.

Jennifer and Abby pace by the front door awaiting news of Jack. Billie, Patrick and Frankie are all out looking for him. Abby suggests Jen call the hospital. She does and a busy nurse looks up his name in the computer and reports he hasn't been treated there tonight. Abby shows Jen her present for Jack. She ordered it from a catalog and it came last week. It looks like a locket/watch case? and she opens it up to show her the picture of her and Jen in it (how about the baby?). Later the doorbell rings and Jennifer says that's Jack (does he ring the bell to his own house often?) She rushes to the door and it's Frankie, looking grim. Jennifer asks what he found out.

Bo and Hope are excited about the website for Gran when they both get calls. Hope's from Frankie about the accident at the bridge and Bo gets the official heads up. They grab their coats and head out (Zack at the pub?)

Small town as Billie, Patrick and Frankie gather at the bridge. Frankie speculates it could be Jack's car that went off the bridge and he could be dead. Bo and Hope arrive and Frankie tells Bo that the car paint on the missing bridge panel matches the color of Jack's car. Bo refuses Patrick's help, saying professionals will take over. Frankie worries that it wasn't an “accident” and Billie is sure she convinced Jack not to commit suicide. Patrick joins Hope as she remembers when Jennifer's car went off the bridge. Jack saved her, but her son was in the back seat at the time. She tells him how Stefano switched Zack and JT at birth and how JT was thrown from the car. She breaks down saying giving up JT was the hardest thing she's ever had to do. Bo and an officer join them and report a traffic camera saw a car skidding near the scene and plates were Jack's. Bo orders divers down to investigate. They all suggest Frankie go back to the house to be with Jennifer. She'll need him if they find it's Jack. They learn the divers are at a lake where a couple skaters fell in and won't be available for a while. Bo decides to suit up and go in himself.

Later Bo's suited up (looking mighty fine in it too, wink wink) as Hope worries about him. Patrick offers to help again and although Bo's reluctant to let him, Hope assures him that Patrick is trustworthy and he asks Patrick to monitor his equipment. Patrick sees Billie nervous and asks if she still loves Bo. She tells him it's not what he thinks...she knows he loves Hope. They just found their daughter though and building a relationship with her. Hope prays that Bo finds Jack and that they both come back alive. Later the three stand vigil over where Bo is diving and have bad vibes about the situation. We see Bo examining the wreckage and his foot is stuck. He struggles to get it loose as the previews roll....

Kate: “which means that Belle lied. Shawn must be the baby's father.”

Shawn and Mimi are cuddled up in bed.
Mimi: “You're the only one I want to be with.”
Shawn: “You're the only one I want to be with.”

Marlena to Alex: “I don't want a divorce. I don't want you to go.”

Hope and Billie worry about the icy water below and if either Jack or Bo will survive we see Bo apparently unconscious ...and the credits roll...


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