Tuesday, November 15, 2005



Episode #10189
Tape date 10/14
Director Phil Sogard

Another yawn fest episode, as Chez Rouge gets most of the Salemites who are seemingly out to drink, as no food in sight, lol. Mimi & Belle continue their talk, while Marlena seems to recall more memories of an earlier time with Alex.

MIMI CONTINUES TO PRESS BELLE to give her a straight answer about her feelings for Shawn. Philip returns, scolding Mimi for yelling at his wife. Both say it was nothing, and Belle finally admits still having feelings for Shawn, claiming he was her lst love and she will always have feelings for him. But, she says, Philip is her husband, father of her child, yada, yada. He goes upstairs, which makes Mimi urges Belle to NOW tell her the truth. They argue. (WHY is Mimi insisting over and over that Belle tell her she still wants Shawn?) Philip comes back downstairs, assuring Mimi that from the way he looks at her, Shawn is hers. Cue unhappy look on Belle’s face, but she hugs Mimi, congratulating her. Philip suggests they all go out on the town together sometimes, getting a gramma to babysit (Oh, do the grandparents remember Claire at all?). They all agree that would be nice and Mimi leaves.

MICKEY SEES MAGGIE MIXING DRINKS, & volunteers to do the honors himself, after Maggie explains her bartender called in sick, and she has no replacement. Austin & Sami arrive, asking for a bottle of best champagne for their celebratory dinner. Nicole comes in right behind them, bellies up to the bar, ordering a cosmo. Lucas has his hands wrapped around a glass, as he remembers losing the Clear Visage account to Austin, Nicole & Sami. Maggie comes up, telling him to put down that drink. He tells her he did not intend to drink it, just smell it. Tells her it smells like paradise, but he knows better than to take even one drink. Roman walks in with his cell phone plastered to his ear, evidently talking to Kate and explaining why he just had to get out of there. Kate tells him not to return, this now is between Alex, Marlena & John.

Maggie gives Lucas a big pep talk, urging him to steal that account right back from the trio. She tells him he is a Horton, with tons of support from family, plus he is a Roberts. And his mother never gave up, plus the only person who is going to make him look bad in Victor’s eyes is himself. She leaves. Sophie arrives. Austin tells Sami that she did so well, while only being an administrative assistant, she has definitely earned partner status. Sami happily grins. Nicole, who is watching them, bumps into Roman, spilling her drink. She moans about her $12 drink, Roman offers to get her another. Both sit at the bar, with Roman ordering a beer, but Nicole soon talks him into trying a cosmo, too. They banter back & forth, and when Roman tries his drink, he admits it packs quite a wallop. Nicole tells Mickey to make up a pitcher of Cosmos Austin & Sami have a serious talk about her future. Lucas whines to Sophie about always losing to Austin. He mentions the account, the fact that Victor originally offered his job to Austin, who turned it down. Then goes on about his long ago love, Carrie, who also chose Austin over him, and even Sami back then, chose Austin. Sophie pats his ego, and of course, offers to go to his apt. and “fool around all night long”.

Sami goes to the ladies room, not happy to find Nicole there, too. They do their usual petty arguing, and then Nicole “socks it to her” as she talks of the “hot” guy who is plying her with cosmos. Why, she would swear he wanted to get her in bed. When Sami asks who would this loser be…..Nicole sweetly replies “your daddy”. Both leave (wonder how come no one actually uses the facilities there, Not even the mirror for quick nose powder or something. LOL) Nicole is not happy to find Roman gone, figuring he stiffed her for the drinks. (He is outside, on phone, being told by Kate that Marlena has absolutely no memory of him at all). Sami is happy to NOT see her dad, but watches Sophie & Lucas getting very cozy. Austin returns, telling her he wants to show her something, and will go get the car. (see……no dinner, lolol)Sami puts on her coat, but cannot resist stopping at Lucas’ table, telling him she was sorry about the Visage account, but business is business. She throws in a few more digs about losing the account, and disappointing Victor, then leaves. Lucas just smiles, telling Sophie he has a plan. He gets up saying he will be right back, gets on his cell, calling someone for some information.

Roman returns, telling Nicole that he may have just lost an important person in his life, so what the hell, let’s have a drink. .

JOHN WANTS ALEX TO LEAVE, but Marlena says she does remember the night Alex proposed to her. John tries to get Marlena to realize that perhaps suggestions from Alex are causing her to remember things that never happened. He tells her there are many documented cases of people who “recalled” things that never happened. Alex tells Marlena to tell John what else she remembers of that proposal night. Cue flashback to Wayne Northrup (who played Roman Brady back then, but is playing Dr. North now) & Diedre Hall (Marlena) playing strip poker, laughing and joking around. Marlena then tells of remembering Alex proposing to her in the snow, and then lighting a fire in their bedroom fireplace back in their chalet, talking of it being the most romantic thing. John looks devastated. (I thought Mr. Corday said this was a John & Marlena "love story". When does THAT begin.......2007?) Kate tells John she believes Marlena is really remembering, as she is being specific with her memories, they are not vague. Alex & Marlena go out on the balcony, where Alex wants her to look a more pictures in the album, of their life together. John is having a hard time believing they were ever married, and gets on the computer to prove it. He eventually receives some info, saying, I knew it! I have enough evidence now to show Marlena that Dr. North is a complete fraud. Marlena & Alex have just come into the room as John says this. She turns to Alex, asking “what is he talking about”? Freeze frame on Alex’s face, as the previews roll…..

Lucas: If this works out, we’ll all be winners.
Lulu: It’s blackmail is what it is.
Lucas: So, you gonna help me pull this off or what?

Nicole: You might hate me now, but you never know, things can change
Sami: Just go to hell. Austin (just coming in): Is there a problem?

Marlena: Don’t you think you owe me an explanation?
Alex: You’re right. It is time I told you everything.


P.S. No, there was no mention at all of the “child” that Alex mentioned who was now “gone”.

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