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Days of Our Lives will not be seen on Thursday, Nov. 24th, so there will be no Early Edition on Wednesday, November 23rd. Days will be seen again on Friday, Nov. 25th, when the show will be celebrating their 40th anniversary. So the Early Edition should appear next on Thanksgiving.

Episode #10,194
Tape date 10/20
Director Albert Alarr

This episode proves once again why we should all be thankful we do not live in Salem, as for the 3rd year in a row, gloom, despair and misery descend on it’s residents on a holiday. Claire is rushed to the hospital, Marlena is convinced she sees John & Kate having sex, while Jack’s good intentions end in tragedy. It is too sad that Days continues for the 3rd year in a row, to make Thanksgiving a day the Salem residents have no reason to celebrate.

SHAWN & MIMI are hot & heavy on his bed. He decided to set up a mood, and lights some candles around the room. They talk a bit, then his mom calls, inviting him to Jack & Jennifer’s tomorrow. He agrees to come and bring Mimi. As he & Mimi begin to kiss, his computer beeps that an IM message is coming in. Ah, tis Gran, worried that he might be out in the storm. He reassures her, but by the time he gets back to Mimi, they agree the mood has been broken. Shawn remembers something he bought Mimi, and goes into the other room, bringing back some flowers. She is touched. He puts on some slow music, very romantic, and she puts a very open weave, dark blue scarf over the lamp, (uh, oh, Mimi, that is not smart) wanting muted light so she could still see him. They begin kissing again, but her shirt gets stuck in his zipper or something like that

KATE CONTINUES TO GIVE JOHN the very weird back massage, for which he is thankful. Being she is straddling him, it looks very much like something else to Marlena who is looking through her spyglass. She is puzzled by what she sees, being as John has repeatedly told her how much he loves her, etc. Alex makes excuses, saying John probably realizes Marlena belongs with Alex, etc. etc. Meanwhile, John is greatful, as Kate has helped him, but she is getting turned on. He isn’t, and makes it clear he will not go there.

Meanwhile, Belle & Philip are making out on the sofa, when Claire begins to cry. Belle goes to check, calls Philip over, as Claire is burning up. They will take her to the hospital, so Philip calls his mom, asking her to alert Lexie. Belle calls Marlena, who says she will be right there. Alex offers to drive Marlena, inasmuch as the roads are so bad. Belle & Philip rush into the hospital, Lexie is waiting, and Claire is taken to the infamous, Cubicle #1 (wonder if there is another cubicle? Lol) Marlena, Alex, then John & Kate all arrive (hmmm, no one calls Victor???) Belle cries to her mom, who offers her shoulder, and words of comfort. Lexie comes out, with the news the baby is very ill, they are giving her a sponge bath to try and bring down her fever. Everyone worries, and Belle is very upset. Lexie leaves, and little conversations go on between everyone. Lexie returns, saying that Claire has an infection, but they have not determined what kind (you know, one of those unnamed Salem things that are, at times, life threatening, like Jack’s.) She says they are giving her broad spectrum anti-biotics via intravenous, in order to “flush out her system”. She leaves, Belle breaks down, Philip tries to comfort her. John & Kate talk about their kids, and how good Philip is for Belle. He hugs Kate as Marlena watches. Belle is crying, and tells a shocked Philip that if anything happens to Claire, their life together is over. She quickly apologizes, saying she did not mean that. Alex decides to go see if he can find anything out, and Kate says she is going for coffee, leaving John & Marlena alone. They talk, but Marlena remembers seeing Kate & John thru her spyglass. She questions him about always telling the truth, and he says yes he does. She asks about loving her, etc. and he says yes. She asks about loving Kate. He replies, yes, but only as a friend. She asks if there is anything else. He says, no…and she says, I guess that is it.

JENNIFER IS RUMMAGING through a cupboard, getting out silver trays, etc. for the big dinner. She is happy to be having the big Thanksgiving dinner at their home, (which he calls his last supper, and gets scolded by Jen) He tells her “I love you, Miss Horton, always have, always will, ALWAYS”, as they embrace. Jack is worried it might be too much for her, but she assures him it isn’t as she is doing the turkey, Aunt Maggie is bringing all the side dishes from the restaurant, Doug & Julie are bringing the decorations and place cards, while Gran is bringing all the pies. Jacks asks, Apple, pumpkin? And Jen assures him yes, plus sweet potato pie just for him, and pecan for Abbie. She bemoans being unable to find the cornucopia, but, no matter, since she doesn’t have the vegetables for it, or the flowers as usually the florist took care of that, and she forgot to call him, and is now too late. She does so want everything to be just perfect. She goes to check on the baby, and Jack worries he is not able to help in some way. He gets a bright idea, makes a phone call, and when Jennifer returns, Jack is gone. She looks around, then outside, realizing the car is gone, and cannot imagine where Jack could have gone in this bad storm.

We see Jack in the car, on his way to get flowers for Jennifer, determined Jennifer should have everything perfect. The car skids a bit, and we can see the weather is terrible. Meanwhile, Jen has found a cornucopia in the attic, and as she smiles, she remembers another Thankgiving, with it on the table, Jack teasing her about all the veggies, etc. (Wow, am glad Salemites have had some nice Thanksgivings in the past, it seems) The phone rings, it is Jack. He says he is in Ogden, got the flowers and vegetables for the big dinner, but the cornucopia is proving a bit difficult. Jen assures him she has found one, and urges him to just come home. Music on radio has Jack asking her if she hears it….their song….and we flash back to them dancing at their wedding to this song. (Lyrics begin, “You can say you love me”). They both say how much they love each other.

Eventually, Mimi manages to get the zipper and shirt apart, they kiss, smell something burning, and realize it is the scarf over the lamp (stupid thing to have done). Shawn stomps it out, and both agree this was just not meant to be tonight. They agree to to sleep in their respective rooms, but at the doorway, they once again begin to kiss, and fall onto Shawn’s bed, hot and heavy again.

Meddlesome Kate gets impatient, walks over to the nurses’ station, begins pawing thru the folders, but picks up a blue on on the counter. She opens it, saying, no, no, that can’t be. John pulls the Belle card to Marlena, telling her that it would probably help Belle now if she knew her parents were back together.

Philip comforts Belle. Lexie comes out, (and as usual, the voice of doom) saying to the worried group, “I wish I had better news” .

As Jen worries at home, Jack is driving the icy road, telling himself he feels like Ichobod Crane (from the story “The Headless Horseman”), and once he gets across the bridge, he’ll be all right. Suddenly, the car skids wildly, Jack tries to correct the skid, and we hear him screaming as the car crashes through the bridge.

And the previews show..

Hope: I”ll always believe in my heart of hearts that she married the wrong guy.
Bo: Me, too.

Belle: She’s gonna die, isn’t she? Mimi to Shawn(Apparently this is part of their “afterglow”: If you could trade places with Philip right now, would you?

Jennifer, in tears: How do I go on without Jack? Frankie holds her.

Marlena to Alex: I know who I want to spend the rest of my life with.



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