Tuesday, November 01, 2005



Episode #10,179
Taped 9/29
Director – Phil Sogard

Not much of a show, since we have seen & heard much of the dialogue before. Philip tries to deal with his crying wife, Shawn with a nervous Mimi, and Austin with his two employees.

WILL arrives home from Arthur’s party, looking upset and goes straight to his room. Lucas asks what is wrong, and tho Will is reluctant at first, he finally tells his dad what won the best costume at the party, showing him a box with “Stan’s” picture on it. He rants on about how this is the 2nd Halloween, where people have come dressed like his mother and calls her the Lizzie Borden of Salem. Lucas tries to calm him down, saying that tho his mother has done rash things, she has never meant to hurt him, and loves him very much. Will tells his dad it sounds like you still love her, and Lucas admits that is so.

SAMI is looking at a picture of herself with Lucas & Will, and imagines Lucas coming in, saying he still loves her. Nicole comes out (O.K. when did Sami’s place get so huge? She had this 2 bd.rm. with a tiny living room/kitchen combo, which is now a vast room and a 3rd bd.rm. appeared. Amazing. What did they do, knock down a wall to the place next door? Lol) Nicole berates Sami for daydreaming, and gives her a file containing names of contacts she wants put into the computer. Sami says she will do it in the morning. Not good enough for Nicole, who says to do it NOW. They begin to argue, with Sami complaining who works at this hour. They begin to argue loudly. Cue Austin to walk out with towel wrapped around him, ordering them to cease and desist, and comment that perhaps he made a mistake, and should never have hired the two of them. He goes to get dressed, returning later to find both gals at opposite ends of the sofa. He tells them he will fire them both if they do not get along, then asks Sami what happened. As she begins to explain, Nicole keeps butting in, they start having words again, and he asks Nik to leave the room. Sami tells him she was thinking about Lucas, Austin tells her she has to move on, but she lets him know how she bumped into Lucas in the hall, & he really did tell her he still loves her. Nicole eavesdrops on every word. Austin asks her for the contact file, she promises to get the info into the computer, but is going to take the garbage out, and maybe stop at Lucas’s. Austin says o.k. She leaves. Nik comes out, pretending not to have heard anything, and asks questions. Soon, she is talking of how they used to tell each other everything, etc. etc. and Nicole realizes Austin still cares about someone. She goes on & on, pestering him about the who, then smiles saying she knows it must be herself. (no conceit in that girl, is there, lol) Austin wants to go get something to eat…and goes to change clothes (3rd outfit in 5 minutes, lol).

LUCAS talks with Will about his mom, assuring him that she has always loved him, and never meant for him to get hurt. Cue Sami to come in, agreeing and asking Lucas for another chance at being a family. He asks Will to leave the room, and then tells Sami no way. She protests that he still loves her, and she loves him. He agrees, but tells her that she always makes promises she never keeps. As soon as she decides to get revenge on someone, she goes at it, and gives no thought to repercussions, and as much as her family and friends have talked to her about this, she still forges on, and everyone around her gets hurt. He tells her how the Halloween party was ruined for Will, and she protests she was not even there, so could not have anything to do with whatever happened there. Lucas grabs the Halloween costume box, showing her what won the prize. Sami admits that she had not thought out her latest escapade to the end, but never meant for anyone to get hurt. They are yelling, and Will is eavesdropping. Lucas tells her that he is moving on, has learned the hard way it is the thing to do, and she should do the same. He has tears in his eyes, as does Sami, who protests that they both love each other. Will comes out into the room, as Sami, in the heat of the moment, grabs Lucas and kisses him passionately.

BELLE is crying, wondering what is wrong with her, why does she feel this way. Philip tries to comfort her. She bemoans not wanting to go down to take care of the baby, when she heard it crying. Philip soothes her, telling her the baby stopped crying, and that Shawn & Mimi have taken her with them to their apt. Belle has a fit, but Philip again calms her down. She complains of being so tired, but not being able to sleep, so Phil offers to draw a nice, hot, bubble bath for her. He goes to the bathroom to start the water, while Belle berates herself. She sits on edge of bed, then imagines she hears a baby crying, grabs the bottle of pills, pouring out a handful. Philip comes out, grabs them away from her, warning her that she just took one. Belle protests she probably needs a 2nd one, as she feels no better. Philip assures her that it takes a while for the medication to build up in her system. He takes her into the bathroom, helping her into the tub. She lays back, closes her eyes, and fantasizes Shawn being there. (And once more, cue the Rolling Stones singing Streets of Love as background music) She continues to berate herself to him, as he talks of moving on, how she has said she loves Philip and they have a baby. She tells him she doesn’t love Philip the same way she loves him, and that he should be the father of Claire. She then continues to berate herself to the fantasy Shawn, who morphs into Philip as she is saying what kind of mother am I, to regret having my own child. Philip holds her, as she cries.

MIMI is holding baby Claire, as they enter their apt. and begs Shawn to take the baby. He does, as she nervously says she will put the porta crib together, and babbles on and on about it. She brings over what looks like a small bassinette, but calls a bouncy seat (?) and Shawn puts the sleeping baby in it, mentioning he will now go for a shower. Mimi panics and says no, he cannot leave. They talk of her problem with babies, and how she still cannot forgive herself for having the abortion. Shawn tells her she will get over this in time, will have a wonderful family, will adopt, etc. She calms down, telling him to go take his shower, she will be fine. He leaves the room, she decides to pick up a bit around the place, and as she looks at Claire, (it is a doll) the eyes open wide. Mimi is startled, then Claire begins to cry, and Mimi panics again. She tries to shush the baby, will not touch her, yells for Shawn, who finally comes running out. She urges him to pick up the baby, barely getting out the words, and as he holds a crying Claire, Mimi gasps, then crumbles to the floor in a dead faint. And the previews show…..

Hope to Bo: Shawn will get an education, even if I have to drag him every day to Salem U until he graduates.

Austin: If we took things a bit further. Nicole: What do you mean, a bit further. They are then kissing.

Sophie: I couldn’t wait another minute to get my hands on you. Sophie & Lucas kiss, with Sami apparently seeing them.

Jennifer to Jack: Oh, my gosh, I can’t believe you are doing this

And the credits roll.


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