Tuesday, November 29, 2005



Episode #10,198
Tape date – 10/24
Director – Phil Sogard

The rescue team continues the search for Jack, while others maintain the vigil at the hospital, and Jennifer keeps an upbeat attitude at home, while waiting for her husband.

MIMI & SHAWN are in the shower, and the water coming out of the shower head isn’t the only thing hot and steamy. They kiss passionately (wish Mimi would ditch the black nail polish, ugh), and then later, we see them cuddling in bed, telling each other how much they enjoy being with each other. Shawn suggests Mimi move all her stuff from her room into his……and that they can use her room for something else……like a game room. Belle calls, asking Mimi to bring a change of clothes for her and Philip to the hospital. Mimi says they will be right over.

KATE is murmuring to herself that Shawn must be Claire’s father, and how could Belle do this to Philip, just as he comes up, just hearing the last part, and saying I don’t need this right now. Philip defends Belle, saying Claire being ill is not Belle’s fault. They argue, & he mentions Shawn & Mimi babysitting, which causes Kate to go off on how dirty a mechanic gets, practically accusing Shawn of causing Claire to get sick. Philip defends both Shawn & Mimi. Later, they are talking again, & Philip mentions how Belle & Shawn never slept together, & their vow of purity. Of course, Kate’s ears perk up at that, as Philip admits that he was the lst man Belle was ever with. Kate is taken aback, but covers by saying that it is refreshing to learn a young girl would stay a virgin, and would want to wait until her wedding night. Philip leaves. Kate realizes that Shawn could not be Claire’s father…unless Belle lied to Philip. She walks away, and of course, straight to the computer room, (where no one sees her going in, door is unlocked, so much for anyone’s records being confidential). She now looks up Shawn’s records, commenting they must have typed his blood when he had his motorcycle accident. As they come up, she says, Oh, my God, it can’t be. Philip doesn’t have the right blood type to be Claire’s father, but Shawn does, so Belle lied, and Shawn IS the baby’s father.

BELLE WALKS IN ON HER PARENTS, hearing Marlena & John talk about their breakup. She lays into them both, saying she just cannot deal with one more thing. Marlena talks to her alone, telling her about being married to Dr. North before she ever came to Salem. She explains about her hysterical amnesia, and tells Belle that she was never divorced therefore, her marriage to John was never legal. (Please tell me why they keep talking about Roman & John as husbands, but never once mention Don Craig! He was Marlena’s very first husband in Salem, and they did have a child together, tho the child died of SIDS) Marlena tries to compare her and Alex/John to Belle with Shawn/Philip. Belle says there is nothing similar in the situation, but Marlena reminds her that during her labor she called out Shawn’s name, not Philip’s. Belle assures her she loves Philip, more every day. Belle is very angry, and leaves. She goes to the nurse’s station, demanding to know what is going on, that tons of tests have been done, etc. She talks to Philip, both deciding to stay the night, and she calls Mimi (see above), wanting her to bring Claire’s stuffed bunny, too. When Shawn & Mimi arrive, Belle goes for coffee, with Shawn going with her, while Philip talks to Mimi. She admits to Philip how “close” she & Shawn got after they went home from the dinner party at Philip’s, in fact they got very close. Philip is happy to hear that, looking over at Shawn who is comforting an upset Belle. Kate watches, saying Oh, No.

Meanwhile, Alex has called the airport, wanting a one way ticket to anywhere, just out of Salem, as soon as the ice storm is over, and the planes can once again take off. John is relieved, as he overhears the phone conversation. But Alex goes to say good-bye to Marlena, telling her he respects her choice, how much he loves her, etc. etc. Marlena tells him not to go, she wants him to stay, as she has chosen him. They hug, as he talks of how, now, the plans they made for their future can come true. ( Sure, 30 years ago, huh? Anyone else wonder about that child Alex said they had, that is now "gone"? Days sure ignores many things, doesn't it?). John listens, and with a tear running down his cheek, says something to the effect….not if I can help it.

AT THE DEVERAUX HOME, Abby rushes to the door, to find Chelsea. She is getting hysterical about her father not being home, and if something happened to him, and how she did not get a chance to say good-bye. Chelsea tries to reassure her. Jennifer is pestering Frankie for the truth, to tell her if he knows anything, but he just says he looked all over and could not find Jack. Jennifer babbles, truly babbles, about how crazy and impulsive Jack is, how he is just out hunting flowers, and trying to find something else to make her happy, looking for something romantic, etc. She talks everyone into putting up the decorations for the party tomorrow, being very upbeat.

Meanwhile, under the water, Bo is unable to get his foot loose, and eventually loses his oxygen. Up on the bridge Hope is getting very nervous, as is Billie. Patrick suits up, and goes down to find Bo. He does, and shares his oxygen with Bo, bringing him to, and then together they free Bo’s foot. Bo insists on doing something before he goes up. They finally surface, much to Hope’s relief, with Patrick saying Bo nearly killed them both. Bo says he spotted Jack’s license plate, and had to retrieve it. He claims the current is too strong to try and get to the car, and even if Jack got out, the current would have swept him away.

Back at Jen’s, the decorations are nearly all up, they hear a car, and Jen rushes to the door. There stand Bo, Hope, Billie, & Patrick, none of them saying a word. Jennifer babbles again, just talking so fast, and then asking why none of them are saying anything. All are inside the house now, looking very solemn. Hope goes to Jen, as Bo says, we have some bad news. Jennifer begins to cry, as Hope holds her, and Jen is saying, No, No, Please don’t tell me this, I don’t want to know. (very emotional scene). And the previews then show……

Jennifer, who is on the bridge looking down and crying: I don’t believe it, I believe he’s coming home Hope turns to Bo saying: she can’t accept what’s right in front of her. Bo: that Jack is gone.

Philip: I wish she looked like her mother Kate: That’s your daughter, no doubt about that

Sami: Your takeover scheme is going to go down. I guarantee it. Nicole: What the hell did you do this time?

Lucas: (as a shot of Carrie flashes first) Oh, my gosh, it’s you.


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