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While the show itself has not acknowledged it today, November 8th - the Early Edition would like to say... CONGRATULATIONS, DAYS, ON YOUR 40th ANNIVERSARY
11/8/1965 - 11/8/2005

Episode #10,184
Tape date – 10/6/05
Director Albert Alarr

A continuation of yesterday, with mostly all the same dialogue being repeated using different words. Yawwnnn. John tries convincing Marlena of their undying love, Shawn talks to Belle about Mimi, Clair, etc. while Jen & Frankie talk of Jack’s impending demise, and Jack tries to get Lexie to help him. Hard to believe this is November Sweeps!

AT THE LOFT, Philip comes downstairs, looking for Belle and wondering where she is. Across the hall, Shawn is giving Belle a pep talk about Claire, and volunteers to keep Claire overnight, telling her to go home and get a good night’s sleep. She goes home, where Philip is happy to see her. They talk about Mimi & Shawn, and it is obvious she believes Mimi will never get over her feelings about the abortion, or that she sees any future for Mimi & Shawn together. Philip & Belle argue about their friends for a bit, with Philip telling Belle at last, that she doesn’t want Shawn to end up with anyone.

Meanwhile, across the hall, Shawn is under the sink, working on some pipes, with Claire crying. He yells he will be right there, but unbeknownst to him, Mimi returns and gets Claire. When Shawn sees her holding the baby, he is surprised. Mimi tells him of visiting St. Lukes, how Father Jansen was there, she confessed and he gave her absolution. She tells him how she realized that with God forgiving her, she had to forgive herself, and she has done so. They chat a bit about giving themselves another chance at a relationship, Shawn kisses her on the cheek and goes back to work on the water leak.

AT THE DEVERAUX HOUSE, Frankie is in the back yard, next to a fire, when Jen comes to join him, with her cup of hot chocolate. She talks about Jack, of course, & wanting to help him, mentioning that Lexie is up with Jack now. Lexie was pleased to hear about the nutrition books that Jack had bought. (Wonder if this is still the same night..must be. Weren’t Jack & Jennifer in bed sound asleep when he left to the book store? Yikes…time sure crawls in Salem, doesn’t it? Ha, ha) Jen cannot contemplate life without Jack, remembering when she was in the car with J.T. hanging over the bridge, and Jack came to rescue her. She wonders who will rescue her in the future, and Frankie says he will. She mentions how Jack hates Patrick, who delivered their son, but seems to like Frankie, almost as if he handpicked Frankie to take his place. Frankie says, he did, but then adds that Jack just asked him to look after her and the kids when he is gone. They hug.

Meanwhile, Jack is upstairs reading his assisted suicide book, when Lexie arrives. He tells her his left arm is completely numb. She checks it out, but he has no feeling in it, & she tells him he is worse, the disease (which shall remain unmentioned, of course!) is progressing more rapidly. He tells her being left-handed makes it very awkward for him. She realizes he is contemplating suicide, tries to talk him against it, and mentions calling in a pain med prescription. He does not want to take any pain meds, and begs Lexie to not allow an autopsy after he is gone, so Jen would not know anything. Lexie replies that is not her call. She leaves, and Jack watches from the window as Jennifer & Frankie hug. He tells himself everything is falling into place….and suddenly gets a huge pain spasm, falling to the floor. He crawls to the bed, gasping, and picks up the suicide book, saying Yes, I see my time finally is up.

ON THE PENTHOUSE BALCONY, John tells Marlena that his love for Kate is like hers for Roman – it will always be there, but his life is with Marlena. John continues to try and convince Marlena to get Alex out of the house, but Marlena wants proof that John still loved her, even though thinking she was dead, when he got involved with Kate. (huh?). Alex comes out, glad she still has doubts, as he has proof that John has been lying to her. Alex has papers in hand (faxed to him, even that late at night, amazing!!!), evidence that John had Marlena declared legally dead just a few months after her “demise” AND had signed her insurance policy over to Kate! John explains about her strapping him to the raft, and being swept away by the sea as he looked on helplessly, unable to do a thing. He talks of the others who “died” at the same time, and how no one thought any of them could have survived. In regards to the insurance policy, Kate signed the check as an officer at Basic Black, and John tells her the money went into an off-shore trust account for her 3 children, Eric, Sami & Belle. (glad to hear Eric mentioned at last). Marlena then asks John with whom he’d like to spend the rest of his life, Kate or her. Freeze frame on John’s face, as the previews show

Billie to Sami with a smirking Nicole looking on: You are delusional if you think my brother is still interested in you

Alex to Marlena: The only one who can love and cherish you the way you should be cared for is me

Philip to Shawn: If there is anyone who can help Belle with her post partum depression, it is Mimi

Mimi to Belle: Belle, I want to apologize


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