Thursday, December 15, 2005


Friday, December 16, 2005

Episode: 10,210
Directed by: Jim Baffico
Tape Date: 11/19/05

Air Date: 12/16/05

The Brady's enjoy a happy family night at home for the holidays, Claire is giving last rites, and the LA crowd heads to the Stones concert in Anaheim.


Bo and Hope are playing Fish with Zach as Bo enjoys munching on snacks. Zach suggests they play Gin Rummy next which surprises Bo. Ding Dong…it’s daughter Chelsea and brother Max (which makes him Chelsea’s uncle). Bo and Hope warmly greet them and Hope saying it’s a night to be with those you love…as Chelsea agrees and softly comments she wished her parents were there. Hope knows how difficult it is for Chelsea to celebrate her first Christmas without the Bensons. Chelsea agrees and says Christmas was her favorite holiday and the Bensons had some special traditions she loved. Hope warmly offers to incorporate some of those traditions with their own and although she and Chelsea got off to a bad start, really wants to rectify that. Max remembers some of the great Christmas’ he and Frankie had as Brady’s at the pub growing up and Bo reminds him he still IS a Brady. Zach says “Don’t worry Chelsea. You’re my big sister now and I love you.” (how cute is that) Chelsea smiles and Bo chuckles happily.

Max and Chelsea chat by the fire as he points out the mistletoe and kisses her. Bo walks in and catches them kissing while asking who wants nutmeg in their eggnog. Privately Bo reminds Max that Chelsea is his daughter and doesn’t want her hurt. Max assures Bo that he’s spent a lot of time with Chelsea lately and keeping her out of trouble. Believe it or not, she’s helped turn him into a responsible adult (nice to know being he was a big time race car driver originally). Hope and Chelsea chat as Hope tells Chelsea that they’ll always be there for her and won’t let her down. Shawn and Mimi arrive and fill them in about what happened at the hospital (see below). He tells his mom that Claire’s dying.

As Mimi tries to get Shawn to rest, Bo asks what they’re not telling them. Mimi fills them in about the double blood transfusion he made for Claire. Shawn disagrees about needing rest and asks to take the guardian angel from their tree to the hospital as Claire needs it more. Hope agrees and after many hugs, Shawn and Mimi leave. Chelsea watches morosely and says she has some studying and has to leave too. Max says he has to leave too and Bo is surprised to learn they didn’t come together. Hope offers to send some eggnog for Billie home with Chelsea, but she says Billie’s been on a health food craze and won’t drink it. Bo asks Chelsea to drive carefully as he’s heard about how she’s been pulled over and let go. She mentions they said they wouldn’t tell him, but he said he’s more concerned about her safety. He told them to give her a ticket if she’s caught speeding again. She promises to drive the speed limit from now on. She kisses Max under the mistletoe (at the door) and says she loves Christmas and leaves. Cue anxious face on Bo, LOL. Alone with Zach they talk about how nice the evening went. Bo’s happy to have Max and Frankie back in town. Hope said the only thing better than being a Brady is being a Horton and how incredibly blessed their sons are being both. Hope’s happy Chelsea spent time with them and glad she’s getting to know their boys better. Hope tells her guys she loves them both and kisses them.

IN LOS ANGELES….Lucas comments on how quiet Carrie’s been, knowing that seeing Sami and Austin kiss was upsetting to her. She asks if he thinks Austin is really falling for Sami again. The two sit on a bench as Lucas tells Carrie the divorce wasn’t her fault. Carrie reminds him that she cheated on Austin. Lucas tells her if she went in and told Austin she wanted him back, he’d drop Sami like a hot rock. Lucas sees a Stone’s concert poster and Carrie said she tried to get tickets, but they sold out in minutes. Lucas is determined to get a couple tickets. As Lucas makes calls for tickets, Carrie has a flashback of her and Austin as she’s dancing to Stones music (wearing headphones) when Austin walks in. She informs him she ordered the Stone’s new album for both their collections. He said when they're married they’ll only need one, but she says married or not, they’ll both have their own Stone’s collection. He tells her he loves her, she responds the same, and they kiss. Lucas hangs up and tells her he scored a couple tickets as Marie at Titan called someone and got them for him (it’s dark in LA already, which means it’s at least 2 hrs. later in Salem..poor Marie doesn’t even get to go home at night for the holidays?)

AT THE RESTAURANT....Sami and Austin talk about how they kissed for charity, to help raise money for the hurricane fund. He ponders if Maggie might consider doing the same at Chez Rouge. We return to the drawing for the Rolling Stones concert tickets. Big suspense, Austin’s name is drawn. Sami is beyond excited and the gal who drew the ticket delivers it to Austin and suggests he put his assistant in a cab home and she’ll go with him to the concert. Sami’s response to that “over my dead body”, a frequently used Salem phrase. Austin diplomatically reminds Laurie it’s not cool to use her own charity tickets and agrees to call her the next time he’s in town. She kisses him goodbye and Sami (with mouth open) acts insulted. He says she’s her own worst enemy and should be happy she’s going with him. When she doesn’t readily agree, he starts to leave and she pulls him back, saying it’s the Stones..and the most exciting thing ever. As Sami babbles about how exciting this is, Austin also has the same flashback that Carrie did as the record plays and they fall on the couch together. He signs the check for dinner and he and Sami head back to the hotel to change for the concert.

Lucas and Carrie arrive in their Stones t-shirts, anxious to see the concert. Sami and Austin also arrive in their shirts too. Sami is beyond excited and when he mentions Nicole’s still working, has to reassure Sami he didn’t mean that as wanting to take Nicole instead. Sami is so pumped to see the concert and reminds him how they were going to go together when they were engaged, but Will got sick and they couldn’t. The concert starts and Mick dances out singing START ME UP.

Philip joins Belle and the others, saying Claire is dying. Mimi arrives and Shawn is upset, telling her how Claire’s kidneys are failing. She’s amazed he got the nurses to let him donate blood again, but he knew he had to. Multi-specialist Dr. Lexie steps outside Claire’s room and says Claire is stabilized for right now, but they’re looking at multi organ failure and recommends Belle and Philip call a priest. We return as Father Jansen arrives. Belle is afraid if he does last rites it’s willing her to die, but he assures her that’s not true. It’s just to prepare her should she die, but it’s the a sacrament to the sick and it’s God’s will if Claire lives or die. Everyone goes in the room and Father Jansen performs the baptism ceremony first as Mimi and Shawn answer that they’re to be the Godparents. Father Jansen performs the abbreviated ceremony as Claire’s parents, grandparents (minus Victor) and Godparents participate. He then does an abbreviated last rites before leaving. Marlena comforts Belle who’s weeping, saying she doesn’t even know what she’s going through right now (if she had her memory, she’d remember losing her and Don Craig’s son to crib death), but will be there for her. Belle asks Marlena not to take it the wrong way, but says she wants everyone to leave so she and Philip can be alone with Claire. Kate looks sympathetically at Marlena.

Belle asks John to go home and get some rest. She wants what time Claire has left to be with her mommy and daddy. Kate says they need to give them some space. John overhears Marlena telling Alex she doesn’t feel she should leave. John tells Marlena he and her should go back to their home together as it’s their daughter and granddaughter. Marlena said she won’t be alone. She is going back to her home with her husband. Kate comforts John, who's so absorbed in his own misery, he doesn't remember it's Kate's son and granddaughter (supposedly) too.

Marlena breaks down about being a lousy mother, not remembering her own daughter. John eavesdrops from Kate’s suite, asking what that bastard is doing to Marlena when he doesn’t agree she should be with Belle. She cries about how it’s killing her and when John hears this, is ready to rush to her aid. Kate tells him to listen and he hears Alex tell Marlena what’s happening to Claire is not her fault and he’s there for her, hoping she’ll need him. She agrees she does and they kiss. John (with tears in his eyes) says “I’ve lost her Kate. I’ve lost her.”

IN CLAIRE’S ROOM, Shawn takes the angel in and tells Belle and Philip it’s significance. Belle was upset he came back at first, but after hearing why he did, thanks him for coming and they hang the angel over Claire’s bassinet. Mimi stands in the hall watching through the nurses and overhears two nurses talking in the hallway about how it’s interesting that Shawn Brady’s blood matched the baby’s, but the baby’s father’s didn’t. (Oh paleez…major NO NO in hospitals to talk about that stuff in public spots..even elevators have reminder signs about it).

CHELSEA is driving her car and crying, saying how lame was it with eggnog and stockings. She pulls out her cell and asks for movie times, looking away from the road. She looks up and screams…as the previews roll…

At the Stones concert we see Sami and Austin bopping in the audience. Austin looks up at the screen where they’re flashing on other people at the concert. His eyes about bug out of his head as he sees Carrie’s face fill up the screen.

Shawn to Mimi: “Why are you so worried about my being a match for Belle’s baby?” Mimi looks anxious that someone might hear.

We see Hope and Bo at the hospital and Chelsea on a bed in the ER. The curtains are pulled shut and we hear a nurse saying: “Losing your daughter. I just can’t imagine it. She went quick and never gained consciousness after the impact and she probably didn’t feel any pain." We see Bo’s shocked face as the credits roll….


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