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Friday, December 2, 2005

Episode # 10200
Air Date: 12/2/05
Director: Herb Stein

We join Philip singing to Claire (Hush little baby) as Kate watches, fretting over how to handle the fact he's not Claire's father. Mimi brings Philip coffee and food as Kate remembers that Mimi would also lose if the truth came out. Mimi and Philip reflect over all that's happened in 2005. He doesn't know what he'd do if he lost Claire and feels Mimi must understand after losing her baby. She reminds him it was a choice, she didn't lose her baby. All he wants in the world is for his daughter to be okay and he couldn't live if she didn't make it.
Victor arrives at the hospital and recognizes the look on Kate's face, LOL. She claims to be worried about Claire, but he knows Salem U. Hospital is world class after all the money they've put into it...and tells her to stay out of Philip and Belle's life. They join Philip and Claire and Kate asks Mimi to give them some privacy. Victor asks how Belle's holding up and Philip is worried about her too. She was doing so much better with the post partum depression, but worries if something happens to Claire she'll have a setback. Victor tells Philip how they almost lost him and know what he's going through. Kate takes advantage of her time alone with Mimi. She feels Mimi's breakup with Rex went beyond the abortion issue. She didn't feel they were soul mates, but she and Shawn are. Mimi finds this hard to grasp, LOL. Kate wants to let bygones be bygones now that Philip and Belle are happily married and have a baby. She encourages Mimi to make things work with Shawn too. She suggests Mimi to listen to her heart and not waste any time if she wants him.

Victor leaves to check with Lucas and asks Philip to call him if he needs anything. Philip tells Claire she's a Kiriakis and comes from a long line of warriors and will beat this.

Nicole gives Austin an undershirt to wear stating his sitting there shirtless is a distraction (and a little rude IMO...isn't there an ice storm outside??). They talk about High Style being ripe for take over for a while now. Sami figures going after High Style would be a fatal mistake for them. Austin asks why she's so against this company that Nicole's proposing. Nicole rattles on about why High Style failed and gave most of their money to protect the rain forests. Sami wonders who would do something like that. Later Sami asks if Nicole has any of High Style's product line and Nicole points at a box of them on the floor. Sami claims they're too heavy for current trends. Austin steps into the room, putting his brown leather coat over his white t-shirt (not even tucked in) and blue jeans to meet with a potential investor that Mickey set up for him to meet with. (hmmm...a company specializing in fashion would sure be impressed how he's dressed for them, LOL! Isn't it kinda late at night by this time??? ) He doesn't say who he's meeting and tells Sami he'll quiz her when he gets home. Sami fantasizes about doing research experiments and pouring some pink stuff over Nicole, saying what she did to Chloe will look like a research experiment. Like in the Wizard of Oz, Nicole evaporates away. Sami says Eureka, she's found a winning product. Back to reality, she chuckles to herself. We find the girls working as Nicole steps out of the room for something and Sami answers the phone. It's Austin, he forgot the address of where he's meeting the investor at the apartment. Sami chides him on needing to get into the information hwy and getting a pda..but looks in his book and gives him the address. She drops the book after hanging up and finds an entry that surprises her when picking it up. She sees a picture of Austin with Carrie in the book and realizes Carrie is the woman he still loves. Nicole heads out to see Barry, their accountant. Sami rants, vowing if she sees Carrie anywhere near Austin, what she'll do.

We see Lucas walking into High Styles Exec Offices to find (sit down now..) Carrie (big surprise, ey?) Both are surprised to find each other there. Carrie tells him she's High Style's new CEO. He asks where his half brother Mike is. She tells him he still in Israel and things between her and Mike are “complicated” and he offers his help. Choking up a little, she tells him that she and Mike are through. Feeling pressured to have the perfect relationship, she went across the world with him. She and Mike realized it wasn't working and called it quits. They both knew it was time to move on. Lucas feels bad about it for her. She tells Lucas that she and Mike are still friends and email each other all the time. He is with Jeremy, his son, though and that's great. Carrie tells Lucas that she knows he loved Sami and Sami was the stupid one in their relationship. He tells her about Sami and Brandon being married for about an hour before he dumped her. Carrie knows she should feel more for Sami being they're sisters, but claims there's too much blood under the bridge. Lucas agrees. She's glad he realized how selfish and manipulative Sami can be before marrying her and asks how Will's dealing with this. He says Will's not talking much, but he'll be okay. Carrie feels like a failure and after what she did to Austin, deserves what she's getting. She asks what he's doing there and he tells her that he's working for Victor again. He tells her they're looking at her company for a potential take over and she tells him it's not for sale. This company is her baby and she won't let anyone take it over. He says he'll tell Victor they were wrong and the company's not right for them. (wouldn't you think all the research they did would tell who the company's CEO is??) She appreciates that and asks how Austin is doing. Lucas tells her Austin is still single, a lone cowboy, but figures Sami is after him now. Carrie asks Lucas not to tell anyone, especially Austin, that he ran into her. He agrees.

Jen's convinced that Jack needs them being he wasn't in the car. Until she sees Jack's body, she REFUSES to believe he's dead. She did that twice before and look what happened and offers them some infamous Salem tea. Billie and Patrick noisily shut the door and she thinks it's Jack. Billie tells Jen they don't have good news. They hand her some red petaled flowers they found floating near the crash scene (Jen says her favorite color) and they drove for 50 miles down river looking from the accident site checking hospitals, etc. (wow..100 miles RT that was FAST!) Jen still refuses to believe that Jack is dead without seeing his lifeless body. Hope gets a cell call from the babysitter saying she has to go home, it's late. (uh..they rushed out the door after getting the calls..did Zack open the door for his babysitter?). Hope ponders out loud if the sitter can spend the night being Zack's asleep already..but Jen assures them she's fine and to go home. Frankie will be there with her until Jack gets home. Bo and Hope agree, both making eye contact with Frankie as they hug Jen goodbye.

Bo and Hope look down on their sleeping son, grateful for all they've got. Bo hugs her and says he's thankful for her and their children. They wonder what happened as Hope gets teary eyed...saying God has a plan...but asks Bo if he knows any different. Did Jack have a plan?

Patrick feels for Jennifer, but Billie figures Jennifer might be right in her thinking. She confides to him that Jack was considering suicide to save Jennifer dealing with his long painful death. Jennifer walks in and overhears, asking what Billie's talking about. Billie finally admits that Jack was looking at ways to end his life to protect her. She tells Jennifer that Jack wouldn't tell her what he was thinking of as she was the only one who could talk him out of it. Billie tells Jennifer how someone she knew at the ISA had the same exact illness and how painful it was for his family to watch him die. Jennifer shouts she refuses to believe Jack's dead without seeing his body! the previews roll...

Kate to Mimi: “I admit it. I do have an ulterior motive and it includes Belle, Philip and the baby.”

Hope to Bo: “That child would have been our grandchild if Belle had married Shawn.”

Phihlip to Belle: “This little girl is a gift from God and the three of us were meant to be a family.”

Jennifer to Billie, Patrick and Abby...”that could be your dad, he's home....”

as the credits roll

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