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Friday, December 30th

NOTE: There is NO SPOILER today.
Days of Our Lives will not air on Monday, January 2.
The following spoiler is for Friday's show.

Episode: 10,220
Directed by: Albert Alarr
Tape Date: 11/29/05

SUMMARY: It's New Years Eve in Salem as friends and family (only we know who's who though) gather for Belle, Philip and baby Claire; Marlena is home alone with Lois as Alex tries to warn everyone about the danger she's in; Bo and Hope leave Zach at his friends house so they can be at the hospital; Sami throws a mini NYE party.

SAMI’S PARTY…Sami decorates the apartment for New Years Eve. Austin returns home and informs her he’s made plans with Carrie already. Carrie arrives seconds later and Sami informs them they both have to stay for her party. Being nice they both agree and Carrie excuses herself for a minute as Austin asks once again if Sami heard who the CEO was of High Style. Sami denies knowing anything, thinking Carrie will never forgive Austin for taking over her company. Ding’s Lucas in his jeans and jacket saying he heard there was a party and his invitation must have gotten lost. Sami says it’s a company party, but sure, come on in (yeah..we always invite our ex-fiancee’s to parties, right?)…and he has a date…Eugenia. Sami consents and lets them in (give me a break!) She lets off some steam by blowing a noisemaker (LOL). Eugenia offers to drink a bottle of champagne for the both of them as Lucas wants to watch the action…knowing Carrie will want him after finding out Austin took over her company (yeah, but once Carrie learns he knew about their takeover plans and didn't tell her?). Lucas and Sami chat..both knowing each other is up to something. Lucas tells Austin that Sami needs him in the kitchen. Carrie thanks Lucas for not going after her company and tells him she and Austin may get back together. Sami even is fine with that. Austin tells Sami that Nicole is getting the take over papers notarized right now (must be a friend on New Years Eve night). Austin delivers champagne to everyone and Sami gives Lucas some cider. Austin wishes Carrie happy new year and kisses her as Sami watches.

AT THE PENTHOUSE…Dr. Banks tries to convince Marlena that Alex is dangerous, but Marlena only knows that he’s been nothing but kind with her. The doorbell rings and Dr. Banks reminds her that John said not to answer it..but Marlena clarifies she’s not alone being Dr. Banks is there and opens the door with a warm hello. It was flowers from John, with a note that he’ll always protect her. She tells Dr. Banks how John always sends her flowers, etc. A jealous Dr. Banks tells her that even in medical school all the men were after her (Marlena). Marlena asks Lois why Alex thinks she’s a threat to her. Lois corrects that she’s a threat to Alex, not her. She offers to warm up Marlena’s tea and for her to relax…(uh oh…got to watch out for that Salem tea). John calls and Marlena nervously asks how Claire is. Marlena breaks down, saying she’s coming right over and he tells her not to, she needs her rest. He tells her to stay there where it’s safe and she agrees (certainly not the Marlena we know). She doesn’t tell him Lois is there. Lois asks if that was Alex again, but Marlena honestly tells her no and about their granddaughter. Lois gives Marlena her tea saying it’ll help calm her down (I bet!). Standing behind Marlena, she smiles as she watches Marlena drinking her tea. Marlena tells Lois that John’s still at the hospital. Lois offers to stay the night with Marlena and they can talk in the morning. Marlena agrees. She tells Lois where the guest room is and to make herself at home. She heads up to bed as she’s suddenly exhausted (hmmm…wonder why?) Lois starts searching the penthouse for something and after opening the third drawer..says perfect.

AT THE SALEM JAIL…Alex asks for his one phone call that he’s entitled too, saying it’s a matter of life or death. The guard refuses by waving him off. Apparently another guard was listening as Alex finally makes his call…to Marlena. He wanted to make sure she was okay and to assure her that he would never hurt her. She’s confused that he didn’t use his one call to call a lawyer, but he was more concerned about her welfare. The guard speeds up the call and Alex isn’t worried about the charges, they won’t stick. He hears that Lois is there and tells Marlena she can’t be alone with that woman. The guards literally pull Alex away from the phone as he yells to Marlena to be careful. Marlena asks Lois why he said that. We see the guards pulling an irate Alex into his cell as he yells Marlena’s in danger. The guards sluff him off and leave, saying they were advised not to listen to anything he said.

BO AND HOPE deliver Zach to his friend Marcus’ house for a sleepover (guess the family got tired of babysitting him?). Marcus’ mother asks if Bo and Hope had a party to go to, but they tell her they’re going to the hospital to be with Shawn’s Goddaughter. They explain she’s had last rights and feel it’s going to be a rough evening. They both give Zach a few warm hug goodbyes (sniff). We return to more hugs and I love yous before they leave. Outside Bo tells Hope it’s just a sleepover, but she says with what’s happening to Claire, she can’t help but feel what it would be like to lose one of their children. Bo hugs her, saying that won’t happen.

AT THE HOSPITAL..Lexie tells Philip and Belle that their daugher’s condition is deteriorating and may be too late. Other organs appear to be shutting down. Belle knew she saw a sign on Christmas Eve that she’ll live and breaks down when reality hits. John, Kate, Victor, Shawn all watch, hopeless to help. Bo and Hope arrive. Shawn tells them no donor has been found yet and goes to look for Mimi who took a break. Bo tells them Chelsea called on their way over and needs a ride after her driving lesson (it’s after dark on NYE and she’s got a driving lesson?) He leaves to go pick her up. Lexie tells Belle and Philip that it’s too late for a liver transplant and they should consider taking Claire off life support. Mimi stops Shawn from going in, saying Belle and Philip need to be alone right now. Alice, Caroline and Pop Shawn are there now and Caroline talks to Victor. He tells her he’s been thinking about Bo a lot lately and how he didn’t know Bo was his son. Caroline told him it was for the best at the time. Kate frets that Victor will tell Caroline the truth, that Claire’s her great granddaughter. Caroline asks to speak with Mimi alone and asks how things are going. Mimi tells her about him including her in the family photo. He only can think about Claire right now and Caroline said it’s all they can think about. Philip and Belle walk out and he thanks everyone for being there and tells them Lexie feels it’s time to take Claire off life support. Belle said there’s still time for a miracle and Alice agrees, saying the best way for a miracle is to pray for one. Pop Shawn has everyone circle holding hands and John says a prayer. When he gets to the part that if Claire is to be taken to Heaven..Belle steps away not wanting to even think that. Pop Shawn has John finish the prayer. Hope gathers Belle in her arms (Marlena should be there!) as Victor tells Philip how sorry he is. Philip thanks Victor for being there and says how important family is. Victor agrees, seeing Bo and Hope hug and Shawn with his arm around Mimi. He goes to be with Belle and Kate tells Victor he did the right thing. Belle is sure she just needs a miracle and they need to keep her alive until then.

Hope calls to check on Zach. She’s told Zach didn’t like the fact that the cat had to sleep outside and then Zach walks in while they’re talking. Hope wishes him Happy New Year and he tells her that he loves her, Daddy, Shawn and Chelsea and then says "good bye mommy". His friend’s mom reports she’ll tuck Zach in and then is going to bed herself. Later we see Zach going to the fridge for a late snack and hears the kitty meow outside. He goes outside to look for it.

CHELSEA has a pity party as she waits for her by the rule cop father to pick her up. We see Bo driving Chelsea and she tells him how her driving teacher said she’s his best student and eligible for a temporary license. Bo tells her no way as she begs him. She tries to use the old I want to make you proud of me spiel and I’m worthy of being a Brady. That does it and he agrees. She then asks to use his car tonight, promising to be careful, no cell phones, yada yada…and of course he caves and says okay. She smiles big and says her driving is going to be perfect. (any brain transplants for Bo to allow his daughter to drive on NYE night after totalling her car just the week before?)

Zach has wandered out to the street calling for the kitty. He hears it meow and steps off the curb in between two parked cars as we see Chelsea driving with music BLASTING loud and reaches down to get her cellphone to make a call. She feels a ka-thump and says “what the hell was that” and “oh my God” as she squeals in shock.

Back at the Hospital….
Shawn pulls Mimi aside, saying he’s made a big decision. He’s got to stop putting his life on hold, it’s too short. He gets down on bended knee and proposes to Mimi.

Hope watches Belle and Philip and asks God to do whatever he can to keep Claire alive.

Kate tells Victor that Philip has gone through enough already. He agrees (for now) to keep the secret.

Belle tells Claire she’s going to get better. John’s with them and hopes she’s right. An alarm goes off as John winces.

Back at the Penthouse…Lois found scissors and with a crazy look on her face..looks upstairs. We see Marlena now in her pink pj’s getting into bed as Lois walks upstairs in the dark with the scissors behind her back. The screen freezes with Marlena snuggled into her pillow as Lois smiles outside the door…..


Belle tells Philip she’s my daughter and I’m not giving up on her and you shouldn’t either….Shawn says, “she’s right”.

We see scissors about ready to be plowed into Marlena’s back as she gasps….and John rushing up the stairs with a gun in his hand pointed up saying..”oh God, no…”

Outside somewhere…Chelsea tells Bo..”I’m so lucky to have you as my dad.”
Bo hugs her and says “Come here, it’s going to be okay”.

Hope looks down saying: “Oh my God, Zach.”

as the credits roll...

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