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Friday, December 9, 2005

Episode: 10205
Directed by: Albert Alarr

Jennifer takes a stand; Austin Reed and Co. fly to LA and Kate gets busted (about time!)

Nicole informs Sami that she’s going to LA for a case finding mission. The two exchange nasties and Austin walks in stating he’s going to LA to meet with an investor and can share a cab with Nicole to the airport. Sami feels she should go if they are, citing her Countess W. background and Austin agrees, telling her to go pack. Nicole’s not pleased, mentioning the bottom line. She tells Austin she heard High Style gives away more money than it should on charitable contributions and that CEO is toast if it’s continued. Nicole is ready to go in and make High Style a winner, no matter what it might take. All she’s interested in is the product, not the people. Austin warns her not to do anything illegal while working for him and after telling Sami to pack, goes to change his shirt.

Lucas arrives to take Carrie out for dinner. He’s introduced to Carrie’s assistant Becky. When Carrie asks what kind of food Lucas is in the mood for, Becky suggests take out and reminds Carrie that the rep from the company she’s ordering employee gifts from is due at any time and can’t be rescheduled. Carrie apologizes to Lucas, knowing he flew out just for this dinner. He asks who sends out the company cards and Carrie informs him that she does as well as wrap each of the employee’s gifts. Becky says that Carrie is not the usual CEO and everyone adores her, that’s why she climbed through the ranks so fast. She even knows the names and birthdates of all the employee’s children. Lucas is impressed, but mentions the fiscal responsibilities a CEO has. Carrie reminds him that PR is her speciality and to keep everyone happy. Lucas offers to help her with her tasks and asks Becky to order take out for all of them as it’ll be a long night. The ladies happily oblige. Later we hear the last of the expensive gifts for the employees being read off the list. Lucas comments those are nice gifts and he wished he worked there. Carrie’s philosophy is to treat her employees to things they can’t afford and you can’t take the money with you. Lucas asks to see the final tally and inwardly gasps. He gives his business card to the salesman and introduces himself as a VP at Titan Industries, suggesting he call on them next year and being a larger company, expects a good discount. The rep agrees and Lucas pushes it even further suggesting as an act of good faith he give Miss Brady a 20% discount as well. Happy for their referral, he takes the estimate away from Carrie to adjust accordingly. Carrie asks Lucas for lessons on how to wheel and deal like that after the man leaves. She tells Lucas he’s all grown up and he says they both learned from each other. They never got that take out dinner and she agrees to go out with him now.

A flashback of Kate when she learns that Shawn is Claire’s father (for those that missed it the first 10 times) as she easily gets into an office at the hospital and starts clicking away at a computer (after all the other times Sami’s hacked away at them, I can’t believe it was THAT easy). Debating whether she should change the record or not, she decides to go for it when a guard walks in and asks what she’s doing (well, hello…a real guard?) He sees what files she’s tampering with and says it’s against the law. He locks up the office and escorts her out. Kate tries to bribe the guard, then intimidate him by reminding him he’s just a guard, not a police officer and asks if he knows who she is. He knows exactly who she is and who she was married to (both Victor and Roman)…and is not concerned. He’s turning her in. She tries to use Philip’s being an injured war veteran and she’ll change the records back, but he says there’s no going back. He leaves and Kate has a 1/1 discussion with herself about what might happen. The guard returns with someone and Kate sees who it is (we don’t) and says “it’s you”.

A plane lands and we next see Sami (who looks fabulous) and Austin walking into a fancy restaurant. He considers dinner with the investor there a good business expense/write off as the place is filled with movers and shakers. Of course we see Lucas and Carrie having dinner there as well (oh paleez!) as she orders sparkling water. Lucas tells her she can have a drink if she wants, but appreciates her consideration for his problem. She’s happy he’s staying sober, knowing her sister can push him over the edge, but is trying to learn from him and watch costs (he’s taking YOU out to dinner Carrie..if he flew out in a private jet, he can afford a glass of wine, haha). He admits Sami and Will could drive him to drink, but it’s a disease and his responsibility to keep under control. She orders the best sparkling water they have. Lucas admits feeling more relaxed in LA and there’s a lot of aggravation back in Salem. At their own table, Sami rattles on about this being a date and Austin corrects her it’s a business dinner with an investor. She hopes Nicole doesn’t pull some lame stunt that puts them all in jail. Sami mentions Carrie’s name and throws in how she’s her older sister and probably needs the beauty products. Austin asks her to focus on their business dinner.

We see Nicole going to break in at High Style and finding the door unlocked. She walks in (wearing glasses as a disguise…must be from the Stefano disguise locker). She asks about a job on the internet they had for an executive assistant and Becky informs her that it must be an old listing as she’s the executive assistant and asks Nicole to leave (hmm, doesn’t sound like Becky’s been around long enough to have seen Carrie going up the ranks, does it?) Nicole wishes there were a job open and would like to meet the CEO (hello, what time is it?) Becky offers to take her resume, but hands her the clipboard with the application to fill out instead. She asks Nicole’s name and is told Mary Smith.

Jennifer comforts baby Jack by the fire after he had a nightmare. Frankie is there for both of them. A flashback of Jack trying to get his son to sleep as Jen laughs at his corny nursery song renditions. She tells Frankie about them as Abby comes downstairs, missing her dad. She knew he was leaving them soon and was in pain, but selfishly wanted him around longer. Jen comforts her daughter, saying that’s not selfish. Abby appreciates her mom’s attempt to cheer her up, but she can’t do it as well as her dad did (flashback on Jack’s announcement that he’s dying and things he wanted to tell them before he was gone. Jen keeps trying to lighten up his tone as he flathers on, forgetting what he wanted to tell them). Mom and daughter chuckle and hug, and Abby says she’s doing better now. She feels like she needs to be strong for her brother and mom. They both feel Jack is helping them stay strong even if he’s gone. Jennifer says keeping Jack alive by talking about him is important for all of them, especially little Jack. Abby heads up to write a page in her journal. Jen asks that she get a good night sleep as tomorrow’s Jack’s memorial service and she’ll need it. Abby heads to the kitchen for cocoa first when Frankie walks in. Jen tells him he must be anxious to return to DC and his job. Frankie asks if that means she wants him to leave. Jennifer says yes, it’s time they all move on with their lives. Jen doesn’t want to lean on Frankie and says she and Abby needs to lean on each other, not anyone else. She’s grateful for all he’s done to help them, but he needs to return to his own life after the memorial service. Abby returns and tells them it’s snowing and Jennifer worries about Jack’s roses. She needs to cover them up. Frankie offers to do it, but Jennifer insists she’ll take care of it. Frankie remembers Jack begging him to marry Jennifer after he’s gone and taking care of his family. Frankie wants to keep his promise to Jack, but if Jennifer doesn’t want him to stay, it’ll be impossible. Outside Jennifer covers Jack’s roses and doesn’t know how she’ll go on without him. Looking up at the sky, she says outloud that she wishes he was there. Jack walks up behind her and says “I am Jennifer, I’m here…” She turns and stares at him as the previews roll…

Frankie (I’m guessing to Hope): She wants me to leave. Obviously it’ll be hard, but I’ll go.
Jennifer rushes in: You won’t believe this. You are not going to believe this. Jack is alive!!

Becky finds Nicole in Carrie’s office: “Excuse me, Excuse me…you can’t be in here.”

Sami sees Carrie at the restaurant and says: “Oh my God, I don’t believe it.”
Carrie: “It’s you.”
Cue surprised look on Austin’s face and disgruntled/concerned look on Lucas’…

As the credits roll…

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