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Monday, December 12, 2005

Episode # 10206
Tape Date: 11/4/05
Air Date: 12/12/05
Director: Albert Alarr

Summary: Nicole steals valuable information about HighStyle…Carrie, Austin, Sami and Lucas have near misses…Victor catches Kate in the act…Shawn and Claire get closer…Jack pays a visit to Jennifer.

At the Hospital…Shawn goes into the nursery and walks in on Belle nursing Claire. Embarrassed, he goes to leave, but she asks him to stay. They talk about how gorgeous she is and when she finishes, Belle asks him if he would like to hold her. She talks about she loves the baby and feels so guilty at first because of the PPD. She thanks Shawn for being so good to them, considering she isn’t his. He says he would do anything for her and her baby as Belle says they are lucky Claire has him for a godfather. He urges her to eat so she can rest (he brought her food). She goes to get a drink and when she returns sees him holding her and hears him say “you know…you could have been mine.”

Kate asks ‘what are you doing here?’ as Victor walks into the room. It seems the security guard used to work for him, so he called Victor after catching Kate. Victor asks what the hell is the matter with her, changing Shawn’s medical records. She won’t tell him why she was doing it, so he picks up the phone to call the police to have her arrested. She hangs up the phone and says she was doing it for Philip. Victor is furious with her and wants an explanation so she starts explaining about her discovery with the blood types. She tells him that there is no way Philip could be Claire’s father…Shawn is. She goes on to explain about the confusion with Belle’s delivery date as wells as the size of the baby. Looking back, her conception would coincide with the time Belle and Shawn were trapped in the burning cabin. She is sure now that Shawn is the father. Never the less, Victor is still furious with her and tells her she is going to jail and he is going to tell Shawn the truth. Kate claims she isn’t doing this to hurt Shawn, but Victor explains that he was in the same position…not knowing he was Bo’s father until he was an adult. He missed out on everything. Kate tries to convince him not to tell but he says they can’t play God, and he is not going to keep this secret. But HE isn’t going to tell…SHE is.

In Los Angeles…at the HighStyle offices, Becky is questioning Nicole and tells her she will give her boss the application and tries to get her to leave. When she steps away, Nicole sneaks into Carrie’s office but Becky catches her and becomes upset with her. Nicole claims she saw all the packages and had to get a closer look. Becky tries to get rid of her but Nicole knocks a stack of papers off the desk and starts picking them up. She sees the picture of Austin and Carrie (I think) and says Oh my God…is that who I think it is? As she cleans up the mess, she shoves some papers in her desk (from the budget report). Becky demands she leave and rushes her out the door as Nicole apologizes. In the hallway, pleased with herself, Nicole says “that Alias chick has nothing on me!” Becky cleans up the mess and notices that the top sheet of the budget report is missing and decides to call Carrie. We next see Nicole in the ladies room of the restaurant and says that Becky and the other employees will find pink slips in their stockings this year.

At the Restaurant…Lucas and Carrie chit chat about weather, traffic and Christmas. They talk about how he isn’t going after HighStyle but is glad that he had a chance to see her. She talks about how she misses home and family this time of year. At their table, Austin is looking over his research but Sami is daydreaming and he tells her to get her head in the game. She looks at her papers and tells him he isn’t going to believe this. Lucas tries to convince Carrie to go back to Salem with him but she says no, saying she is too busy. Sami tells Austin she found information about the CEO having experience in PR and fashion, but no experience in cosmetics (but it doesn’t have her name…yea, right). They think this will give them an advantage with their potential investor. Austin remembers the last time he was in LA was when he and Carrie came looking for Sami. Sami, upset he brought up Carrie again. This of course upsets her and she goes to get a drink at the bar. Lucas talks about buying HighStyle again, which upsets Carrie, thinking he has been playing her all along. She goes outside. From the bar, I think Sami sees her across the room. Mr. Giles (the investor, who, BTW, is the same actor that played the mayor of Salem in the past, I think) arrives as Sami and Austin return to the table. Sami fesses up to Austin and tells him that she HAS spoken with Carrie, BUT she is still in Israel and happy with Mike. Carrie goes outside (with Lucas following) and he apologizes to her, telling her he won’t try to take her business but she should consider selling a portion to Titan. If not, someone else may go for a take over. Austin shows Giles his research and he is impressed. Carrie tells Lucas that her employees trust her and she can’t let them down, even though she agrees that the company may be vulnerable. He tells her that when he was researching HighStyle, he had no idea she was the CEO, it just looked like a good investment. On their way back inside, Becky calls Carrie and tells her what happened at the office. Carrie has trouble hearing her so she goes to the ladies room to talk. At the other table, Nicole arrives and shows Austin the budget numbers and he shows Mr. Giles. He tells them that they should grab this company ASAP. Nicole and Sami start to bicker and Austin has to break it up. Giles goes to make a call as Nicole proposes a toast and knocks her wine over onto Sami’s lap. Sami is sure she did it on purpose, but Austin tells her to calm down. Becky tells Carrie that she fears that “Mary” may have been a corporate spy and that they may be in for a hostile takeover (she saw a story about it on Dateline). Carrie only wishes she knew who was behind it. She tells Becky that she will stop by the office on her way home. Sami decides to try to clean her dress so she heads to the ladies room. Meanwhile, Lucas gets an IM from Eugenia, warning him that Austin’s company is moving in on HighStyle. Sami goes to the ladies room and has her hand on the door…as, on the other side, Carrie is heading out.

At the Deveraux House…Frankie tells Hope that Jennifer asked him to leave. He tells her of the promise he made to Jack but is willing to do as Jennifer asks, even though he doesn’t want to. He tells Hope that if he stays, he may only be a crutch to her. Hope is afraid that Jennifer won’t get over this for a long time. They talk about how Jack disappeared before and came back and that she will have trouble accepting that he is gone. Outside, Jen asks Jack what happened to him and why didn’t they find him in their search. He tells her that he came to tell her goodbye. Frankie tells Hope that he will do whatever Jen wants and if that is to leave, it will be hard to do, but he will. Jack tells Jennifer that he is dead but she can’t believe him…she KNOWS he is alive…she can see and feel him. He tells her to listen to him, no matter what he will always be right here (as he puts his hand on her heart). He tells her that he took steps before he died and that Frankie is going to look after her and the kids. She becomes upset, saying that HER plan is with Jack and refuses to believe that he is dead. She rushes inside yelling that they are not going to believe her…Jack is alive!...Freeze frame on her face…as the previews show…

Kate (to Victor): He is feeling more pain than he has ever felt in his life…why does he have to feel even more?...Victor: He needs to know the truth…As Philip walks up and asks “Truth about what?”…

Some lady asks (to Carrie, who is on the floor): Miss are you okay?...(Carrie:) I’m okay…(Sami:) Oh my God…I recognize that…

Hope (to Jen): He knew that Frankie was someone you could count on…Jennifer: I don’t want Frankie…I want JACK (as Frankie walks up)…

And the credits roll…

Friday chuckle from Linda....
Any James Patterson (Alex Cross series) fans out there? His NEW book out has the killer's name as "Mary Smith" and takes place in Los Angeles, the same name as Nicole chose as her "alias" and takes place LA. Thought you'd get a kick out of the write up on it.

FBI Agent Alex Cross is on vacation with his family in Disneyland when he gets a call from the Director. A well-known actress was shot outside her home in Beverly Hills. Shortly afterward, an editor for the Los Angeles Times receives an e-mail describing the murder in vivid details. Alex quickly learns that this is not an isolated incident. The killer, known as Mary Smith, has done this before and plans to kill again.
Right from the beginning, this case is like nothing Alex has ever been confronted with before. Is this the plan of an obsessed fan or a spurned actor, or is it part of something much more frightening? Now members of Hollywood’s A-list fear they’re next on Mary’s list, and the case grows by blockbuster proportions as the LAPD and FBI scramble to find a pattern before Mary can send one more chilling update.
Filled with the ruthless and shocking twists that make his fans hunger for more, Mary, Mary is James Patterson’s most sophisticated thriller yet.

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