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Monday, December 5, 2005

Episode # 10201
Tape Date: 11/1/05
Air Date: 12/5/05
Director: Phil Sogard

Summary: Kate makes an offer to Mimi…Claire fights for life…Hope (as well as everyone else) worries about Jennifer’s state of mind…as Jennifer refuses to believe or accept that Jack may really be gone.

At the Hospital
It is a new day in Salem as Mimi and Shawn arrive at the hospital, hoping that Claire is doing better. Kate is lurking around saying that Shawn can never find out the truth about the baby. Shawn goes to get an update from the nurse and returns, telling Mimi that it isn’t good news…Claire isn’t doing any better and has been moved to pediatric ICU. He tells her that he has gotten several urgent messages from his parents and needs to run by there to see what is going on and leaves. Kate approaches Mimi and starts pushing her and Shawn again, leaving Mimi suspicious. Kate tells her she heard they were living together and tells her they need to take the next step. Mimi asks why is she so gung-ho on them. Mimi thinks that maybe Kate thinks Rex is coming back to town and just wants to make sure Mimi is out of the picture. She wants to know what Kate is up to…what is her agenda. (Does Mimi have her number or what?) She demands to know WHY her relationship with Shawn means so much to her. Kate finally admits that she has an ulterior motive…and it has to do with Philip, Belle and Claire. She tells her that she will be honest…she is no Mother Teresa (LOL…what an understatement)…she never approved of Mimi and Rex and was upset over the news of the abortion. But she has noticed how Mimi and Shawn have gone out of their way for Philip and Belle and she is grateful. BUT, she has also noticed that Shawn and Belle still have feelings for each other. She thinks it would be for the best for everyone if Mimi and Shawn would get together. Mimi points out that they are a LONG way from a commitment, they can’t even think about that right now. She talks about how she had to drop out of school to get a job and how they are barely making ends meet. (You see where this is going don’t you?) Kate has an idea and tells Mimi that Belle wants to stay at home with the baby and she will need someone to replace her at Basic Black…and proceeds to offer her Belle’s job. Mimi is kind of shocked by this and tells Kate she will think about it.

At the Brady House
Hope has Zack at the table getting his breakfast when Bo comes in. He had been with the search team all night and still no sign of Jack. He is afraid that the body was carried out by the strong currents. Hope worries about how all this is affecting Jen. As Zack eats, Bo tells Hope he doesn’t hold out much hope of finding Jack’s body…dead or alive as Hope cries about what an awful way for him to go. She tells him that Jen is at home still praying for a miracle. Hope tells Bo and Zack how much she loves them and doesn’t know how she would go on without them. All of this with Jack and Jennifer has got her thinking and worrying about he future. Shawn comes over and tells them about Claire being in the hospital. They tell him about what happened with Jack and how worried they are about Jennifer and Abby. They sit around the table for a while (as Hope tries to get Zack to eat) and talk. Then Shawn tells them he needs to get back to the hospital, he left Mimi there. He promises to keep them posted as do they and he leaves. Hope talks about how glad she was to have her family all there together…even for a short while. Bo points out that there is another member of the family that wasn’t there…Chelsea, and Hope agrees. She talks about when they lost JT and that was only for a short while. She sympathizes with Bo being separated from his daughter for such a long time. She talks about how she blamed herself for JT’s condition and not knowing at the time he wasn’t theirs. She says they don’t realize how lucky they are until something like this (with Jack and Claire) happens. She says if Claire doesn’t make it, everyone will be devastated. She realizes that Claire could have been THEIR grandchild. But Bo says she isn’t…Belle married Philip and the three of them are a family now. Bo assures her that he loves her and for her to never forget that. She says that she needs to go over and check on Jennifer and be strong for her. She hopes that all of this is a huge mistake and that they will find him…she says if Jack is really dead, she don’t know how Jen will be able to handle it.

Back at the Hospital
Shawn returns but Mimi doesn’t have any news. She tells him about Kate’s strange behavior and that she offered her a job. Shawn thinks it is weird as well and they don’t understand Kate’s motives. Mimi thinks that Kate is pushing them so hard because she fears that he and Belle will get back together. Shawn says that Philip and Belle are together now…Kate is wrong. But Mimi feels that there is more to it than they know. Meanwhile, Kate is lurking from around the corner and says that Shawn cannot find out the truth about he baby.

In the ICU
Philip and Belle are with Claire, with her worrying about Clarie as he worries about her. He tries to get her to stop worrying so much, but she is sure that Clarie is in serious condition and they could lose her. He holds her saying she is a gift from God and that won’t happen. Later, Belle is humming a lullaby as Philip comes back with coffee and tells her what a great mom she is. But Belle feels guilty for not being there for Claire early on, before she got sick. She tells him what a great father he is and she loves him more every day. Philip says the three of them are a real family and nothing will ever change that. Claire’s monitors start acting up as they call for the nurse. The nurse asks them to leave, saying that the baby is having trouble breathing. She rushes them to the lobby, where Kate, Belle and Mimi want to know what is going on as Belle is freaking out.

At the Deveraux House
Abby is outside in her robe when Chelsea and Max arrive after helping with the search. They try to encourage her but she doesn’t believe her dad survived. Inside, Jen comes rushing downstairs telling Frankie that Jack is alive…she had a dream of him returning home…and she is sure that he will be there any minute. Abby tells Max and Chelsea she needs to be with her mom and goes inside. Chelsea wishes there was something she could do for Abby, she knows what she is going through…she has been there herself. Max tells her to just be there for her like she was for her. Inside, Jen is convinced that Jack is alive, she feels it in her heart. Frankie tells her that they searched all night and there was no sign of Jack. Abby walks in and wants the truth, but Jen is trying to be optimistic, sure he will return like he did before (flashback here of Abby’s birthday in the hospital when Jack returned from the castle). Jen rushes off to the kitchen to make Jack’s favorite breakfast, blueberry pancakes for his return. She is busy in the kitchen when Abby comes in, Jen acting like nothing is wrong. She refuses to deal with it, sure he will be home soon. In the den, Frankie tells Max that Jen is putting on a brave face but he is worried about her. They all smell smoke so they (Frankie, Max and Chelsea) rush into the kitchen. Jen drops something in the floor and then begins to lose it as Frankie and Abby try to console her. There is a knock at the kitchen door as Jen is sure it is Jack and rushes to open it to find their neighbor, Ms. Mason. She has brought over a casserole and asks if there is any news about Jack. Disappointed, Jen lets her in and she talks to Frankie about how maybe this is for the best, now Jack won’t have to suffer from that dreadful disease, thinking (like everyone else) that maybe it was intentional. Jen gets upset, defending Jack as Ms. Mason apologizes and leaves as Jen sobs in Frankie’s arms. Frankie (teary-eyed himself) has a flashback of one of his conversations with Jack asking his help. Abby tells Max and Chelsea she is worried about her mom and they assure her that they will be there for her. Abby goes to get dressed as Chelsea tells Max that she is impressed with him and that she has realized that he IS a good guy. He talks about his upbringing and how he owes it to Shawn and Caroline. He talks about how the Bradys are the best and they love you forever. He says he may not be a Brady by blood, like her, but he is lucky to be a part of that family. He then talks about how they need to move their relationship forward but Chelsea isn’t so sure. Abby comes in and tells her that Max is right…you never know when it may all end. Jen tells Frankie that she knows everyone thinks Jack is better off and now he won’t have to suffer but she wants every moment she can have with him…is she being selfish? The phone rings and she is sure it is news about Jack. Frankie gets off the phone and tells her that Roman is coming by to give her the news in person. Abby freaks out, saying it is bad news…the worst…daddy must be dead…as Jen holds her…and the previews show…

Carrie (to Lucas): These memories are why I haven’t gone back to Salem all these years…probably why I never will…

Sami: What is it about HER that every single guy she meets falls in love with her…even Lucas?...

Hope: Jack is gone…Jennifer: I will NOT accept that…I can’t…

Kate: Shawn may help Claire get out of this…but I don’t care what I have to do…he will NEVER find out that he is her father…

As the credits roll…

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