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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Episode # 10209
Tape Date: 11/9/05
Air Date: 12/15/05
Director: Phil Sogard

(Sorry, but I had some technical difficulties this morning with the feed. About 5 minutes into the show (including the opening) I lost audio. I could see what was going on, just couldn’t hear it. The audio was out only about 5 minutes, so I will post what I saw during that time. Didn’t look like I missed anything too important.)

Summary: Bonnie offers advice to Mimi…Claire’s condition takes another turn for the worst…John’s attempts to rekindle Marlena’s memories is interrupted by Alex…Bo and Hope enjoy an evening at home.

At the Christmas Tree Lot…Country music is blaring as Bonnie (as Ms. Claus) and Mimi (as an elf) peddle trees. Mimi complains about helping her as Bonnie tells her that money is what Christmas is all about (ka-ching, ka-ching). Mimi says that’s funny, she thought it was all about the birth of Jesus, as Bonnie says “yea, that too”. Max the dog is there as well (with his antlers on). Mimi is ready to leave but Bonnie says she needs her help. Mimi gives her the third degree about the trees as Bonnie assures her that they aren’t stolen (like last year)…they are all legit. Bonnie picks up her HUGE Christmas ball ornament (remember from last year?) saying she guesses it won’t be on Alice’s tree this year. Mimi says that is good because it toppled the tree over last year. She says she is having her name taken off and Mimi’s put on…for next year. Mimi says no way. (Okay, here is where audio went out. They were standing there talking as Mimi takes the ball away from Bonnie and puts it on the table). When the sound comes back on, Mimi is telling her that she and Shawn are NOT ready to get married. Bonnie asks if he dumped her as Mimi tells her that at the moment he is at the hospital, preoccupied with Belle and Claire and that he is acting like Claire is his. In her own way, Bonnie tries to console and encourage her. As Mimi talks, Bonnie figures out that she and Shawn have been doing “it” and is all excited. She says that Meems has roped herself a cash cow and that soon his Horton and Kirakis trust funds will kick in. Mimi has heard enough and says she has to get back to the hospital. Bonnie tells her she needs to get over there and get between Shawn and Belle. Mimi says the only thing on their minds right now is Claire. Bonnie declares that she is only thinking of Mimi…she wants her to marry Shawn and be happy. Mimi talks about not being able to have kids. But Bonnie says on the upside, she can adopt and not gain 60 lbs. like she did when she was pregnant with Mimi…she can give him kids and keep her figure. Mimi tells her she would gladly gain 100 lbs. just to be able to have kids. She tells her mom that if Shawn had to choose between adopting kids and having kids of his own…she knows which he would choose. Bonnie tries to assure her that Shawn loves her and tells Mimi that out of the Lockhart family, she is the only one with a conscience and is sure that it will pay off for her someday…she WILL find happiness (as Max barks in agreement). Mimi picks out a tree for Philip and Belle as Bonnie brings over a HUGE bundle of mistletoe for her and Shawn. Mimi sighs that Bonnie never gives up and Bonnie says she just wants the best for Mimi…all she wants for Christmas is for Mimi to get all she deserves as they hug.

At the Brady house…Bo brings a tree home as Hope asks him to PLEASE tell her it didn’t come from Bonnie’s lot (LOL). They talk about how they will have a lot to celebrate this Christmas, but Hope can’t seem to get her mind off Jennifer and says her heart is breaking for her. But Bo urges her to get in the Christmas spirit…for Zack’s sake. Both of them agree that they thank God for everything that they have. (This is where the audio went out, but I don’t think I missed any of them). Next we see Hope in bed with Zack, telling him a bedtime story and tucks him in. She goes back downstairs as Bo is decorating. She tells him that she wants to have a huge Christmas dinner at their house this year. She says that she knows she can’t cook, but is willing to try. She rambles off names of who to invite and says “Shawn and Mimi” and talks about how she is getting used to the sound of it. She tells him that Alice still isn’t so sure it’s over between Shawn and Belle just yet and how she even bought an ornament for Belle. Bo says it makes him wonder…when has Mrs. H ever been wrong…especially in matters of the heart…as Hope ponders this. He says just look at them…everyone thought they would never make it…except for Alice. Hope wonders if Gran holding on to that ornament means anything. Bo says as long as Shawn finds someone that makes him happy, that is all that matters. Zack comes downstairs asking if Santa is there yet as Bo has to explain that Santa doesn’t come until Christmas Eve (cute). Hope suggests they hang the stockings and she even has one for JT (saying they will send gifts to him as well). She tells Bo she has a surprise for him, so he excitedly rushes Zack to bed. When he comes back down, she reveals that the surprise is also a stocking for Chelsea. Bo is thrilled with this as Hope says she is part of their family as well. Bo says he is SO lucky as they kiss and they hang that stocking with the others. He talks about how lucky he is…just as he carries her to the sofa (and DOES get lucky ;-) Later, they are talking about Jennifer and Hope tells him about Jen’s “visit” from Jack and how he told her that he that he wants her to be with Frankie. She fills him in on how a while back, Frankie had told her that Jack asked him the same thing. Bo says Jack probably just wanted her to be protected from someone like Lockhart. But Hope thinks that Patrick isn’t interested in Jen and thinks that Patrick and Billie are getting close. Bo doesn’t like the sound of that and suggests they not talk about Lockhart. Hope asks him to at least be civil to him at the memorial. They can’t believe Jack is gone and Hope prays for no more bad news.

At the Hospital… (I missed the first segment of this but could see Belle talking to Lexie and then Lexie rushes off. Belle goes to check on Shawn as he gets up and passes out to the floor. Lexie returns as he comes to and they help him up as Lexie examines him). When the sound returns, she is berating him, telling him that his blood pressure is dangerously low and that he shouldn’t have given blood. But he says it was worth it…if it helps Claire. She makes him lie down and tells him to drink fluids. He swears he is fine as Belle promises to stay with him. After Lexie leaves, Belle thanks him but he says he would do anything for her or Claire. He asks if it weren’t for Claire, would they still be together? She is sitting by his side as he takes her hand, but she turns away from him, telling him that she and Philip are married and tries to convince him (as well as herself) how happy they are. She tells him that she will never forget what he did to night and if Claire makes it, neither will she. Lexie returns (cue dramatic music) and tells them that she has bad news…Claire’s liver is now starting to fail and she is afraid that she may not make it. (With all the foreshadowing going on…that kid is a goner). Belle breaks down as Shawn holds her.

At Chez Rouge…Alex and Kate are at the table as he urges her to take advantage of the situation and make a move on John. But Kate (the wanna be martyr) says no, she knows that Marlena loves John and she doesn’t want to discuss it right now…she is preoccupied with her son and his daughter. Kate says that John will never give up on Marlena and that they WILL get back together. Meanwhile at the bar, John and Marlena are kissing. (Oops, audio went out here, but I could see Marlena and John talk (as he points out the mistletoe) and then they kiss again (as she has flashbacks of kissing him). Kate and Alex go over there. He sees them kissing and jerks Marlena out of the lip-lock). As audio returns, he is telling John to take his hands off HIS wife (you should be more concerned about the LIPS, Alex ;-) Marlena tries to stop Alex, telling him that John didn’t force himself on her, they were just kissing under the mistletoe. She tells him that she had memories of Christmas past with John. Alex tries to cover his anger , asking if she had memories of their Christmases too (flashback of Alex and Marlena kiss). She says yes and Alex asks which set of memories means more to her. She has flashbacks bouncing back and forth between kissing Alex and John) as she tells them that she has made her choice and will be spending Christmas with Alex. Kate thinks to herself that maybe Alex was right…and she DOES have a chance. (Well, martyrdom sure didn’t last long, huh?) Alex informs John that Marlena as HIS wife and kissing her is unacceptable. Marlena swears it didn’t mean anything, but John thinks different. Marlena tells John she wants and needs to give her marriage to Alex a chance and they prepare to leave. John starts after them, but Kate tells him that Marlena made her choice and he needs to accept it. John’s cell rings and it’s Belle in tears, telling him to get over to the hospital. Marlena sees this as John and Kate rush out and fearing the worst, tells Alex that she needs to go as well.

Back at the hospital…Belle watches from outside the nursery as Shawn joins her (Philip is somewhere getting some sleep, btw). She tries to get Shawn to go rest, but he won’t leave her side. There are alarms as Lexie rushes by and heads into the nursery. John, Marlena, Kate and Alex come rushing in as Belle breaks down. John tells her to pray that Claire makes it through this. Belle says she is praying as hard as she can but Claire is dying and she can’t do anything to stop it…as she clings to Shawn and he hugs her as she weeps and everyone watches…especially Kate with an angry look on her face…as the previews show…

Austin (to Sami): You should be happy that I want to go with you to the concert. Sami: I mean it’s the STONES…that would be the most exciting thing ever…

Marlena (sobbing to Alex): I don’t know what I would do without you. Alex: Then let me be there for you…let me take care of you (as he takes her in his arms)…

John: I’ve lost her Kate…I’ve lost her…

And the credits roll…

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