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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Directed by: Albert Alarr
Episode: 10,207

As Philip worries about his daughter, Kate tries to convince Victor not to tell their son the truth; Jennifer tries to convince Hope and Frankie that she saw Jack; Carrie overhears Sami as she cries to the ladies room attendant and Titan and Austin Reed Inc. execs have near misses at the restaurant.

Kate and Victor see Philip talking to baby Claire. He tells her how wonderful her mommy is and how he met her when they were babies too. Kate doesn’t think this is the time to tell Philip he’s not Claire’s father. Victor reminds Kate how this will affect his grandson as well as his son. He knows Philip and Belle’s marriage will suffer if they learn Claire is Shawn’s daughter. Victor tells Kate that Philip needs to know the truth and Philip walks up asking the truth about what? Kate says she paid some of the nurses extra cash to ensure they’re taking good care of Claire and Victor rolls his eyes. Philip tells her the nurses have been great and that wasn’t necessary. Victor tells Kate that wasn’t what he meant and an alarm goes off in Claire’s room before Kate says anything. Philip rushes in as does a nurse. She mentions some of the drugs Claire’s been on could be damaging to her kidneys. She goes to check on Claire’s lab work as Philip breaks down on his father’s shoulder. Kate privately tells Victor they can’t tell him the truth now. The nurse returns, saying Dr. Carver is busy with another patient right now. Claire’s lab results show her kidney function is low, but not needing additional medications right now. Philip thanks his parents for being there. Victor encourages Philip to eat and keep his strength up. Philip walks out, saying he’ll try. Victor still feels Philip needs to know the truth. Kate cites how Victor’s bent the rules all his life, and why can’t he do so now. He finally agrees, for now.

Mr. Giles agrees High Style is ripe for taking, but asks Austin if he can clear out the dead wood (including the CEO) and make the company profitable again. Austin’s confident in his abilities and mentions how he turned PermaLash around, but in his own method and threatens to find another bank if that doesn’t satisfy Mr. Giles. Nicole arrives as Mr. Giles (I agree Laney, he was Salem’s Mayor) is about the leave. She asks him to wait and she and Austin chat about what Mr. Giles demands they do. Austin admires Nicole’s shrewdness, saying it’s an asset in business, but so is finesse. Nicole tells him that Lucas is right there and ready to grab High Style from them. Nicole suggests she talk to Giles and Austin agrees. He goes to find Lucas. Nicole tells Mr. Giles that Austin is a good businessman and when he asks about her, she looks him dead in the eye and says…”what do you think? Someone has to be the bitch.” Later we return to her and Mr. Giles toasting to a long association. Once they’re through with High Style, the CEO and company won’t know what happened.

Lucas is waiting for Carrie to make a phone call when he runs into Nicole. She notes the sparkling water for two and lipstick on the glass and figures he’s on a date. Neither divulge what they’re doing there and Nicole steps away to find Austin. The waitress asks Lucas if his date is returning and he wonders the same (sorry, she’s trapped in the Ladies Room).

Sami rants about the red wine on her white dress and goes into the ladies room. Carrie hears her coming and hides in a stall as the rest room attendant tries to help Sami with the stain while Sami babbles away about herself and her “non-date”. Carrie overhears her tell the attendant about caring for two men that are brothers and Sami crying (literally) telling the attendant how she messed up her entire life and doesn’t know how it happened. We see Sami as she flashes back to her latest “disaster” as Lucas cries outside the church after finding out she was Stan and telling her their relationship is over. The attendant sympathetically says “bad karma” and Sami thanks her for being so easy to talk with. Sami puts some money in the ladie’s jar. The attendant asks if she doesn’t have a mom or sisters to talk with. Sami tells her all about her mother having amnesia, her brother who travels around the world and rarely sees, her two half sisters that are both perfect. Her youngest half sister has problems of her own right now and the older one and her had a conflict over the man she’s here with tonight, and how she was the one who broke up her sister’s marriage. Flashback of her and Carrie chatting about Austin before Carrie left town. Sami explains how she was the worst sister possible to her half sister, but her sister happily left town with another man and is living across the world now. Carrie slips and falls in the stall and her shoe pops off outside the door. Sami and the attendant realize someone else is there. Carrie talks in a high voice saying she’s okay, but Sami recognizes something. It’s the shoe, saying they’re more expensive than Jimmy Chu’s (sp?). Sami puts more money in the attendant’s cup and leaves. The attendant asks Carrie if she’s okay and she says she is now that her sister’s gone. Having had the condensed version of The Life of Sami, we see realization hit the attendants face.

Sami rejoins Austin to hear the bad news about his and Mr. Giles differences.

Carrie joins Lucas and suggests they leave as Sami and Austin are there. Lucas looks up and sees Austin and Sami looking down at them from the bar. Lucas figures they didn’t recognize her and her back is to them and pulls her out to the crowded dance floor for their escape route. Austin and Sami arrive after they’ve gone and he suggests a dance.

Jennifer rushes in to tell Hope and Frankie about seeing Jack. Of course they don’t believe it was real. Frankie goes out to investigate, calling for Jack. Jack dashes away as Frankie hears someone leaving and calls after him. Jenn and Hope rush outside and Frankie says he didn’t find anyone and will check out front (how about footprints in the snow?). Jenn assures Hope she’s not crazy. Hope asks if Jack explained how he got out of the car, etc., or perhaps this time just came by to say goodbye. Jennifer tells Hope that Jack said he came to say goodbye and wants Frankie to take his place. That perks up Hope’s ears. Frankie finds a locket and chain in the snow. Hope feels it was Jack’s ghost wanting to give her closure. The cousins hug in tears as Hope explains God must have allowed this to happen. Jennifer tells Hope how Frankie is a close friend but it’s not the same…she doesn’t want Frankie, she wants Jack! Cue a destroyed look on Frankie’s face as he walks up behind Jennifer….

As the previews roll…

Marlena to Alex: "Should I not be concerned with my family?"
Alex: "You should."

Sami to Austin: "Austin, that is the biggest sprig of mistletoe I’ve ever seen!"
We see Austin taking Sami in his arms and slowly leaning her backward for a kiss.

Lucas to Carrie: "I’m moving on with my life and it’s not with Sami."
Carrie: "It almost sounds like you’ve found someone else."
Lucas: "I have, at least I hope I have."

And the credits roll...

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