Monday, December 19, 2005


Tuesday, December 20th

Episode: 10212
Directed by: Roger Inman
Tape Date: 11/10/05

The Stones Concert wraps up as our Salemites have more near misses, Jennifer and Frankie talk about him returning to D.C., and Bo and Hope learn about Chelsea's fate.

STONES CONCERT….The show starts with Mick wrapping up a song and music blasting (keep your remote handy as I had to turn volume down so rest of my household wouldn’t get woke up). Sami’s dancing to the music while looking for Austin as we see him returning to the jumbo tron tech (yeah, like I’m sure those guards standing outside in the hall would just let him in) and asks if he could rewind that tape. The guy tells him it’s all live, no tape and Austin leaves. He practically trips going downstairs and bumps into someone (Carrie). He recognizes her “okay” after bumping into her (not seeing who it was) and apologizing and calls out her name in the crowd. Apparently the concert’s over already and we see Sami and Lucas bump into each other, both accusing the other of following each other. She asks about his “date” and he asks if she’s jealous. She asks about Sophie and he leaves to find his date. Sami’s determined to find out who this chick is all the way out in California.

Carrie is back on the phone with Becky (oh paleez…let the girl go home and sleep…it must be 10 pm by now!) as she tells her how great the concert was and what a huge Stone’s fan she is (rewind that footage of her and Austin listening to their LP’s again and smooching on the couch). Austin’s still searching for Carrie. He sees someone that looks like Carrie from the back and she kisses her boyfriend. Sami finds Austin and asks if he saw Lucas. He tells her no, but he did see Carrie. Carrie and Lucas are looking for each other as the crowd mulls around (GO HOME PEOPLE). Austin says he saw Carrie’s face on the jumbo tron. Sami said she was watching the jumbo tron the entire night (hardly were bopping and looking all around) and didn’t see Carrie’s face. She goes to buy a poster and t-shirt for Will. Twenty feet away Lucas finds Carrie and tells her about Austin and Sami being there too (sure a small stadium) and points them out. Carrie doesn’t want to be found and they rush out, but not before Sami spots Lucas and calls out to him.

Later we see both couples walking arm in arm, laughing, outside the stadium.


At the Deveraux’s…..Jennifer thanks Father Jansen for stopping by and returns to Frankie inside, saying how much she appreciated Father Jansen's visit. She knows he’d been to the hospital with Belle and Philip and her heart goes out to them. She hopes they get the miracle this Christmas that they didn’t get. Frankie knows planning Jack’s funeral service will be difficult, but she says it won’t be the first time she’s done it..yet it never gets easier and always hard to say goodbye. Jennifer blames herself for being so stubborn that Jack was dying and didn’t say goodbye. She should have used every minute she had letting him know how much she loved him instead of pouring healthy concoctions into him. Frankie tries to convince her Jack knew and she has to get through this and he’ll be there to help her do it. She thanks him, saying he has a life he needs to get back to and she doesn’t want to keep him from it any longer. She doesn’t know how long it’ll take. He insists (without pushing) that he really wants to do this and tells her that Jack knew she needed him and wanted this. He promised Jack he’d be there for her. She asks if Jack really asked him to do this and he says Jack even told Hope, Lexie and Billie so. Jennifer is amazed and says that the Jack she saw in the garden earlier told her that he had taken steps to make sure someone was there for her. She goes on about how Jack always takes things too far, but Frankie said he did this because he wanted to, he cares about her. Jennifer says she needs to be there for her children and she needs this time alone with them. She hopes he understands that. Frankie regretfully agrees and will return to D.C. after the services the next day. She thanks him for his friendship and will miss him so much. He tells her he’s only a phone call away if she needs him and they hug. He promises to come for a visit soon and the doorbell rings. It’s a deliveryman, delivering a full sized decorated Christmas tree on wheels. We learn Frankie ordered it for her. (okay…the concert in Los Angeles is just out and considering the time difference…figure it’s 10 pm in LA, it must be midnight to 1 am in Salem…and a guy is delivering a Christmas tree????) Jennifer smiles and says it’s beautiful and Frankie tips the deliveryman before he leaves. Frankie dims the lights and suggests they light the tree to see if it works and it does. She loves it and can’t believe Christmas is so near. She has to decorate the house and get ready. Jennifer admits she fears she’s making a big mistake asking him to go. He promises to always be there for her and she hugs him, saying he’s her best friend (ouch) and how grateful she is. He heads upstairs to book a flight and she thanks him again. Standing by the tree, Jennifer remembers dressing as Santa Clause and getting on her knees to propose to Jack and his accepting her proposal. Frankie watches her by the tree as he stands outside the window.

At the Hospital….Max is crying standing over Chelsea. We see a replay of Bo and Chelsea’s last discussion about her promising not to speed. Max talks to himself about how he drove by the accident scene and knew it was her. He saw the ambulance taking her away and wish he had been there. He cries wondering how he’s going to tell Bo. He tells her how he had enjoyed their night at Bo and Hope’s and was getting into the Christmas spirit. He kisses her hand and knows he has to tell his brother what happened.

Bo and Hope arrive asking where the accident victim is. The nurse (after asking if they’re family and Hope says they’re her parents) tells them it was a very bad accident and her injuries were very serious. They did everything they could, but she’s gone. Bo tries to keep himself in control, telling Hope (who’s weeping) that he should have taken that car away from Chelsea, now it’s too late. He has to go identify the body to make sure it’s her. He has to tell Billie, who’s out of town on business about their daughter too. He knows how it almost killed Billie when she thought she lost Georgia when she was born. The nurse comes to get Bo and Hope offers to do it instead, but he says he has to do it. They both go in together and cling to each other as the nurse pulls down the sheet. Bo breaks down as they see (we don’t) Chelsea’s face unveiled. We return to hear them tell the nurse that it’s NOT their daughter. The nurse apologizes, saying she just got to work and it’s been a zoo. Bo asks her to check on any other accident victims. (uh, next time ask the patient’s name before asking if they’re family perhaps?) Bo and Hope are so relieved, but anxious to find Chelsea. Max finds them in the hall and tells them that Chelsea was in an accident and her car was totaled. Bo doesn’t care about the car, just wants to know how Chelsea is. Max said she was pretty banged up, but will be okay. The nurse returns and says the same and that Chelsea was given a sedative to help her relax and they can see her now. Bo rushes in and strokes his daughter’s face as she apologizes. Later she finds out her car didn’t make it (as Max phrases it, LOL) and she gets upset..saying it was the only thing that was hers and what will she do without it? Catching herself, she adds..except for my friends and family. One of the officers at the scene asks Bo and Hope to step outside. Chelsea panics, but Bo tells her it’ll be okay and for her to rest. Max tells her how he drove by and saw the scene and thought the worst. She figures her life is over without her car. Outside the officer tells Bo and Hope that he had clocked their daughter driving 30 MPH OVER the speed limit and was about to pull her over when the accident happened (she was driving that fast AND trying to call for movie times?) He informs them that she’s gotten 2 previous tickets by the Highway Patrol who are cracking down (good for them!!) and this is her 3rd strike. They’re pulling her license and she’ll have to appear in traffic court ASAP. Bo figures losing her license is probably the best thing that could happen and may save her life. He knows he has to be the one to tell her. Inside Chelsea whines to Max about how grounded she’ll be without a car..unable to go to work or school or visit anyone. Max offers to chauffeur her, saying how better can it be to have a professional race car driver drive you around? Max tries to get her to appreciate what she DOES have. She clarifies that Bo and Billie are her biological parents, and he reminds her what a good time they had that night at Bo and Hopes. Bo returns and Max tells him how he was trying to talk some sense into his daughter. Bo asks to speak to Chelsea alone and Chelsea thanks Max for being there before he leaves. Outside the curtain cubicle, Max tells Hope how he’s tried to get Chelsea to slow down so many time and knows how hard it’ll be to lose her license.
Bo asks Chelsea to think positive here..she’s alive and no one else was hurt. He tells her calmly about her license being pulled and she begs “dad” to do something and fix it. Knowing his rank at the PD and his being a Horton and a Kiriakis should give him some pull. She whines that she’s his daughter and needs to help her, not side with the cops. He tries to tell her he’s doing what’s best for her, but she orders him out (just slap that girl!). Max returns and says Bo’s trying to do what’s best for her…Chelsea whips back with that Bo’s as dead to her as her parents are..and turns her head….as the previews roll….

Austin (back in his undershirt..what’s up with that?) tells Nicole it was a great concert, except he saw a ghost from his past…..

Lucas to Sami…of all the horrible things you’ve ever done, this has got to top them all….(hmmm…not sure what it was, but we know what she’s done before…)

Looks like Jack’s funeral service…..
Bo to Hope…”after all the time I’ve lost with Victor, I don’t want the same thing to happen with Chelsea and me.”

Alice (happy belated 93rd birthday to Frances Reid…you look gorgeous!!) to Jennifer: “you’re going to be okay Jennifer, I promise you.”

As the credits roll…

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