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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Episode: 10217
Directed by: Deveney Kelly
Tape Date: 11/16/05

Summary: Frankie gets a lucky break, John stands guard at the penthouse; Salem teens deserved coal in their stockings by the way they're acting and Austin Reed Inc. gets back to work while Lucas and Carrie share french toast down the hall...

A sarcastic Chelsea arrives at Bo and Hope’s house with Max. She rings and knocks, but opens the door with her own house keys that Bo gave her to make her feel more welcome. She rattles on about coming to tell “daddy” about her first driving lesson and how well it went to smooth the way to getting a new car from him. She figures it would be a good time to score by searching the house for cash being no one’s home and heads for the cookie jar first..but tells Max she was just kidding (if he wasn't there we know she wouldn't be kidding. Max watches disbelieving. Chelsea whines about Hope’s not really caring about her and doesn’t know what it’s like being she was born rich. She knows Hope isn’t interested in helping her get a car. Max stands up for Hope, reminding Chelsea she almost got killed in that accident. He says you’re not immortal driving if you’re under 21 (I’m sure we’ve all witness many who think they are). She asks if he learned that in racing school, where they teach them to drive at 100+ MPH. He reminds her about her parents being killed in a car accident. She's tired of hearing that repeated as she always thinks about it. She breaks down, promising to be more careful next time ( yeah, right). If her parents want to see her happy again, they can buy her a new car. Max agrees with Hope about Chelsea not being ready for a car yet and she confirms it by saying the car is a place to listen to your favorite cd’s and catch up with friends. He points out the car doesn’t drive itself and she mentions it does have cruise control. He realizes she just doesn’t get it and she does get that they have the house to themselves and should take advantage of it…(guess the fact that he’s legally her uncle doesn’t bother her or him?) Kiss kiss.

Hope arrives at Jennifer’s saying Zach’s at Doug and Julies. Jen wished her parents were there for Abby’s sake. She herself can’t believe Jack’s gone. Hope feels for her cousin, sorry she’s all alone. Cue the swinging kitchen door as Frankie yawns and walks in with his coffee. Hope learns he missed his flight and has another one that afternoon. Hope hopes he’ll cancel that, but he goes to call a cab after Jennifer didn’t ask him to stay. Hope tries to get Jen to ask Frankie to stay, but Jen refuses to ask him, insisting to get through this alone. On her way into the kitchen, Jennifer asks Frankie if he confirmed his flight and he says he did. Hope can’t believe Frankie’s leaving so easily after promising Jack to be there for his family. Frankie tells Hope he’d unpack right now if Jen asked him to stay, but it’s her decision. He goes up to pack more as Hope tries to convince Jennifer she’ll need more than coffee over the next few months (so much for Salem tea, ha!). Jennifer realizes Hope cares and Hope tells Jennifer to let him help with the kids if not for herself. Hope reminds Jen again that Jack wanted Frankie there. Jennifer asks Hope to stop and she’s made up her mind. Frankie makes sure Jennifer’s got all his numbers and hugs her goodbye as he raises his eyebrows to Hope. We hear him scream as he steps outside and the ladies rush to see what happened. Later the doorbell rings and Jennifer rushes downstairs to answer. It’s Frankie hobbling in on crutches with the help of Max, Chelsea and Hope. Jen feels bad as the walk wasn’t salted as Jack usually did it (so much for getting along without him, ey?) Frankie apologizes to Max if he interrupted him (as we see a clip of his cell ringing and Chelsea irritated he answered it), but Max said he didn’t. Hope asks Chelsea about the driving lesson and learns she went and thinks it a waste of time, but wants her license back. Hope reminds her she was a teen once and understands. Max quietly tells Frankie his fall was accidentally on purpose. Frankie said it’s a broken leg, not fatal and he’s got a housekeeper. Hope asks if she cooks and he says no, but he’s got some women he can call. Max denies his harem doesn’t exist and he doesn’t have a housekeeper…he’s lucky to find a pair of socks. Frankie insists he’s okay, but Max tells him it’s his right leg that’s broken and he can’t even drive. Jennifer speaks up, insisting it’s final…Frankie’s not leaving and goes to get him some hot cocoa. Hope says she learned what a “lucky break” means.

AT SAMI’S APARTMENT…Poor Austin can’t even get through breakfast without Sami and Nicole exchanging insults. We learn he gave both Sami and Nicole briefcases with their initials on them and Sami gave him a plush bathrobe. She tries to make their relationship more than it is..a friendship...and he points out his best Christmas present was having Carrie back in Salem. (Sami’s sure got some fancy duds for as little money as she’s got). Austin asks Nicole to call Mickey to file the take over papers today. Later Nicole gives Austin the phone and he steps away to talk with Mickey. Nicole gives Sami a hard time about the personal gift of a bathrobe to Austin. Nicole gave Austin a business card holder and the two laugh at each other’s attempts to win Austin for themselves. Sami cracks up and Austin steps outside for some quiet. Sami continues to insist she’s giving Austin space and letting him keep his distance to realize how much he wants her. Nicole jabs back that no man is standing in line to date the woman who’s spent more money on wedding gowns than any other woman in America..wonder why? Nicole says she’s not interested in dating, just her career now. Sami has a Christmas present for Nicole…Carrie’s back…and neither of them will get Austin. She tells Nicole that Austin still loves Carrie, always has, always will. She goes to see Will and his presents (Austin didn’t want to go with her). Austin still hates taking over the company without talking to the CEO, but Nicole reminds him she never returned his call and the former CEO’s name is still on all the paperwork ( wasn’t even on Carrie’s door and she knew all the employees AND their kids in that short a time span?) He decides to make some calls to find out. He can’t believe they’re still closed for the holidays. (many companies are closed being Christmas was on Sunday)

We find Lucas and Carrie eating breakfast with Will, who tells him he wants to study film making. Carrie raves over Lucas’ French toast and he says he makes it for people he wants to impress. She jokes to Will that she’s glad she made it back to Salem before his wedding..which Lucas clarifies saying it’s because Will’s growing up so fast....and Will pops up with saying he had to..with the mother he was given you either have to grow up fast or turn to illegal substances. Carrie and Lucas both are caught off guard with that response. Carrie knows Sami means well, she just goes overboard sometimes. Will goes off to call a friend and Lucas is proud of his teenaged son (insert your own comment here mothers). He asks Carrie what her plans are and she names the people she wants to see…family and Mrs. Horton. They wonder how Claire is doing and he said Philip promised to call with updates. She vows to be back to High Style after the holidays. High Style is her life and helped her get through the break up with Mike. She thanks Lucas for not pursuing the take over. Lucas remembers Sami’s rampage about their doing the same. An older neighbor knocks on the door with some coupons she got by mistake. She recognizes Carrie and remembers when she lived there years ago and what a mess this is with Austin down the hall, etc. etc. Carrie tries to get the misdelivered coupons, but the lady clings to them as she rattles on. Carrie finally tells her to keep the coupons and shuts the door. Another knock on the door and they figure it’s the neighbor back once again.’s Sami to see if Will liked his Christmas presents. He coldly tells her they were on his list, so of course he liked them. Lucas and Carrie try to lighten the situation, but Will can’t wait to rush out to his friends after hugging Aunt Carrie and telling her it was great to see her again and joking with his dad about his cooking. Sami asks for a little kiss at least, for Christmas (as she’s holding back tears) and with his dad’s encouragement, goes over and gives her a grandmotherly peck on the cheek and leaves. Sami notices Lucas made French toast for Carrie and points out he only does that for special people. Carrie asks if Austin’s down the hall, but Sami says no, he’s got meetings all day and rushes out, breaking down in the hallway. She returns and lies to Austin when he asks about Carrie. She tells him she’s visiting family.

Marlena and Alex are more than irritated by John’s insistence on proving Alex’s being dangerous. Roman and Kate left and John’s standing guard. John mentions preventing Marlena from being attacked “again” and coyly refuses to tell them more until their guest arrives. Alex points out that John is in serious denial and Marlena came to the cabin with him on her own free will…that’s not kidnapping. Alex tells John he’s got control issues, LOL. Alex stands firm that Marlena’s chosen him. Dr. Banks arrives and John enjoys introducing her, confident that Alex’s game is over. Once Dr. Banks tells Marlena about Alex, he’s sure she’ll file charges against him that will send him to prison and out of her life for good….


Sami tells Lucas: If Carrie finds out that Austin is interested in her and Austin finds out that Carrie is interested in him…we’ve lost!

Austin to Carrie: How about a cup of hot chocolate and we take a walk. Carrie smiles and says that sounds nice.

Belle to Shawn: Ever since Claire got sick I’ve felt closer to you than ever. We see them hug.

Dr. Banks is on the floor screaming at Alex to stay away from her. John tells Alex if he lays another hand on her he’ll kill him….

As the credits roll…

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