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Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Episode: 10,202
Directed by: Herb Stein

Jennifer is surrounded by family and friends; Sami plans her strategy; Claire needs a transfusion; and Kate vows to keep Claire's paternity a secret.

Sami is not a happy camper after seeing Austin's book with Carrie's picture in it. The caption next to it saying he realized he was still in love with Carrie after seeing that picture irritates her even more. Thankfully her “bitchy” sister is happy in Israel with Mike, because she'd have to kill her if she was there. She rants and looks through more pages of his book to read his noting his and Carrie's engagement anniversary. She figures if he knew how happy she and Mike were he might give it up. She wonders if he was still in love with Carrie and fantasizing about her the whole time they were engaged? No, she's sure he was in love with her and if she made him love her once, she can do it again. He broke up with her because of all the lies she told. Flashbacks of her remembering him touch her stomach when she was pregnant with Will and Lucas giving her the picture after the photo shoot was over for her baby book. We see Austin and Sami in the nursery after Will was born as he promises to be there for her and Will. His father was never there for him and he'll always be there for Will. She rattles on to herself that she can be happy with Austin again. If she gets pregnant with his baby for real this time there wouldn't be any competition. (Sami, Sami, Sami). She isn't worried about Carrie getting in her way this time.

Lucas delivers croissants and coffee to Carrie. She informs him that sweet things and words still won't put High Style up for take over. She tells him she hasn't been to Salem in all these years (and probably never will) because of all the bad memories there. Lucas tells her they all miss her, but she figures Sami doesn't. He calls Sami to check on Will and to ask her to be there for him tonight being he'll be longer than expected. She asks where he is and who he's with. He reminds her that he doesn't owe her an explanation and that he's on a business trip. He'll call his mother if need be. She assures him she'll take care of their son and asks if he's with another woman. He stands firm that it's a business trip and as they talk over small stuff (like it's pizza day at school tomorrow), Carrie sees Austin's picture and flashes back to them dancing and on the roof kissing, holding the Guardian Angel tree topper and saying they'll put her on the tree each year together. Austin hugged her, telling her she makes his life so wonderful and complete and they'll spend every Christmas together for the rest of their lives. Lucas hangs up and catches Carrie deep in thoughts of Austin. He suggests he take her to dinner and catch her up on everyone in Salem, no business will be discussed. She can't that night, another commitment. He asks for another time as he has Victor's jet at his disposal. She agrees to the next night.

Roman finds Bo, Hope (and yes, ZACK) meeting up with Billie outside Jennifer's door. Inside Jen is holding little Jack (what a cutie..) as they all fear what the bad news will be. She has Jack show Zack his toys, saying how they'll be as close and her and Hope have been all these years. Jen refuses to hear negative news and insists they use their manpower to find Jack. Abby interrupts saying Daddy's dead. Roman agrees with Abby, but Jennifer demands they show her a body before she'll believe it (if anyone has cause to say that, it's her). Hope tells her cousin that she has to accept the fact that Jack's gone. Billie watches sorrowfully as Jennifer breaks down, saying she can't believe that. Roman says the search has been called off. Divers have been searching for over 24 hrs. (so, is it Thanksgiving then?) No one could survive in that water. The only reason it's not frozen over is because the current is so strong. She suggests he got washed downstream. He assures her other towns searched their banks for 50+ miles. They have records of every boat in the river (oh sure). Realistically she has to accept Jack is gone. Jennifer breaks down, saying it's not because of the Dimera's this time and he's really dead. We return to everyone sitting around watching the boys play. Jen asks Roman to continue the search as she wants Jack's body. Bo and Hope slip into the hall and appreciate having each other, hugging. Billie overhears. Zack tells Max (who's holding little Jack) that he wants his mommy, but Max takes the boys and keeps them occupied (good job!). Chelsea comforts Abby, knowing how hard it is not to say goodbye to her dad. Abby knew her dad was dying and Roman joins them to help. Hope sends Bo to Chelsea, saying his daughter needs him and he gos over and she hugs him. Billie thanks Hope for doing that. When Hope mentions Claire's being in critical condition, Billie is surprised her mother didn't call her about that. She starts to head to the hospital, but knows her daughter needs her more and Hope understands that. Hope and Billie talk about family and how hard it is to lose someone. Her boys have had her and Bo, but she and Bo found Chelsea when she needed her parents the most. Hope says losing a child is something a parent should never need to face as the scene fades back to the hospital.

Max softly offers Abby to help if he can and she turns and cries on his shoulder (I like this softer, cleanly shaved Max).

Bo promises Chelsea he'll be there for her and will do everything in his power to be there for her when she tells him he can't guarantee that. Billie and Hope watch, commenting what a good father he is. Hope knew Jack was a good friend to Billie and she agrees, saying he never judged her. But Jennifer is the one who's hurting the most. Roman offers to keep the search up as long as he can as Frankie thanks him. Jennifer says he's finally gone and she has to accept it and say goodbye AGAIN. She doesn't have the strength to do this again. Frankie knows it won't be easy, but she won't have to do it alone, he'll be there for her and the kids as long as she wants. She leans on his shoulder in appreciation.

Belle and Philip watch as they rush a crash cart into the nursery and draw the blinds. Lexie steps out, looking glum as always. Belle asks if her baby is dead, but Lexie says she's still alive, still trying to fight the infection. Of course she needs a transfusion and they need to draw both the parents blood to make sure it's a match. Kate overhears, panicing at what they'll learn if they do that and tells them no, they can't do that. Cue a few shocked faces at that announcement. She covers saying it'll take time to do that (after Belle, Philip and yes, even Shawn) say they'd give every drop of blood to Claire if need be. Kate suggests they not waste time and use blood in the blood bank, but Kate says Philip and Belle wanted direct donation if needed. The nurse brings Belle and Philip's files and Lexie tells Philip they can't use his blood for this. Kate turns her head, expecting the announcement of his blood not matching. Lexie tells him he can't because of the medication he's taking for his leg. Belle should be compatible being Clair'es mother and past the six week post partum (what about the drugs she's on?) Belle goes to the blood bank and asks Philip to stay with Claire. Shawn and Mimi both ask to be tested too. Kate tells them it's not needed, but Lexie says they should. Lexie suggests Kate sit down as she looks faint (you would think they'd recognize that “blood doesn't match” look by now.....) Kate mumbles to herself that she hopes they don't find that Shawn is Claire's father and Philip asks what she just said. She covers, saying she was upset they couldn't take his blood. The gang returns and Belle was a match and they'll start the transfusion right away. Mimi wasn't a match, but Shawn's was (Lexie tells them it's not unusual) and he'll donate a pint to have on hand if needed. Philip thanks Shawn and they hug each other and happy the situation is in hand as Kate vows that Shawn will never find out he's Claire's father as creepy music plays as she glares at them while walking the previews roll....

Carrie's friend/assistant? holds up a picture saying she knew if Carrie called him everything would work out. Carrie looks at the picture and says “that's Austin”.

Austin to Sami: “Now you know.”
Sami: “Austin, how could you still be in love with her?”

Lexie: “We need to do another spinal tap.”
Belle: “I'm not going anywhere and you're not going to do anything else to my child.”

Shawn to Mimi: “I've been really happy when I'm with you and I hope you feel the same way.” Mimi laughs happily in response.

As the credits roll..

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