Tuesday, December 13, 2005



Episode #10,208
Taped date-11/7
Director-Herb Stein

Claire’s condition worsens causing Shawn to make a life threatening decision, while Belle’s parents separately go out to dinner, and out in L.A. Austin & Carrie continue to just “miss” each other.

WE AGAIN SEE CARRIE telling Lucas about overhearing Sami talking in the ladies room, and then both of them trying to leave via the dance floor. And we again see Sami & Austin go out onto the floor for a dance. (These scenes are a bit different than the ones we saw yesteday). Sami spots those “shoes” standing at the bar, tells Austin, who promptly goes to ask the young lady where she got them. Amazingly, she turns out to be an old acquaintance of Austin’s from New York named Rory. They do some glad handing, and it turns out she is still into fundraising, and moved to L.A. 6 months ago. She also mentions she bought the shoes at a little shop in Beverly Hills and doesn’t remember exactly where. Turns out, the whole deal at this restaurant is a fundraiser for victims of Hurricane Katrina & Rita. Austin immediately volunteers to write a nice sized check to help out. Sami sees a poster about a Rolling Stones concert, and Rory says that tickets to the concert are also part of the fundraiser. Sami looks rather uncomfortable as Austin & Rory chat about old times. She wanders off, sees a file on a table and fingers it.

Outside, we see Carrie & Lucas, who have gotten take out and are sitting on a park bench. They talk of moving on with their lives, after their failed relationships, & Carrie tells Lucas she still has feelings for Austin. And that after her breakup with Mike, she wondered if she and Austin could get back together. But after hearing Sami talking about wanting to get Austin back, she definitely does not want to get into another triangle with Sami and Austin. Lucas hides his disappointment rather well. Carrie says she would find it hard to believe Austin would want to be with Sami after what she put him through the last time, (mentioning her drugging him, and changing hospital records to pretend Austin was Will’s father), but Lucas says stranger things have happened. He did it himself, fell for Sami, forgiving her again and again. But no more. They get up to leave, and Carrie discovers she is missing an important file, her 5 year business plan for the company, & realizes she left it on the table. (Puleeze, why would she have even taken that file OUT of her briefcase in the restaurant. She was not there on business…oh, well, have to have an excuse to go back inside, right?) Lucas offers to go, but she is insistent on doing so herself.

Inside, as Sami is about to pick up the file, Austin pulls her away, taking her into the middle of the dance floor, and has her note the huge sprig of mistletoe hanging there. He says that mistletoe that big means a big kiss, too. He grabs Sami, and bends her over backwards in a big kiss. Carrie has picked up the file, spots them kissing, and hurries out in tears. She tells Lucas she saw them kissing, and Lucas offers to take a crying Carrie home. Back inside, Rory comes up to Sami & Austin, whooping in glee, as she tells them they just won the Christmas Kiss for Katrina contest. (Huh?) Austin begins talking about the check he is going to give, while Sami smirks to herself that the kiss was not just for charity, and she WILL be the next Mrs. Austin Reed.

MARLENA & ALEX are greeted by Maggie as they arrive at Chez Rouge. Marlena admires the decorations, and Maggie mentions that she was going to tone them down, because of Jack, but then knew he would never have wanted that. She inquires about Claire, and Marlena tells her that Claire is holding her own. When Maggie leaves, Alex tells her she should not worry or be concerned about her family. Marlena protests, but Alex insists that she is still suffering from amnesia, which can be aggravated by stress. He wants her to regain her memories, but remember all of them with him first. He asks her if she hears this song that is playing, (I’ll be Home for Christmas) and tells her they danced to it their lst Christmas together. They get up to dance, and when he asks, Marlena tells him she does not remember dancing to this song with him, but does remember dancing to it with John. Meanwhile, John & Kate have arrived, and Maggie puts them off at first, saying she is full and they have no reservations. John spots Marlena & Alex, tells Maggie he understands, but it is o.k. As she shows them to a table, Marlena spots them, and asks about Claire, & Belle. Alex hurries her off to their table. Maggie talks to John & Kate about Marlena & Alex, telling them that Marlena is no more married to Alex, than Bonnie was to Mickey. John mentions how Alex makes sure John can never even talk to Marlena for a minute, so Maggie gets a bright idea, telling John to go to the bar. She then tells Marlena that the bartender has a phone message for her. Marlena hurries off, with Alex preparing to go with, but Maggie blocks him, telling him that though Marlena may have amnesia, she is perfectly capable of getting a message all by herself. LOL. He sits back down, then gets up to join Kate for a few minutes. Meanwhile, Marlena has hurried to the bar, gets a “no message for you” from the bartender, is worried about Belle/Claire and John comes up behind her, telling her it was just Maggie’s way of arranging for them to have a few minutes together. Marlena bursts into tears, scared there was bad news about Claire, John holds her, and then kisses her. She definitely kisses him right back.

SHAWN ARRIVES AT THE HOSPITAL, & Belle fills him in. She & Philip are taking turns resting, and it is Philip’s turn now. She tells him that Claire’s kidneys are failing. Lexie comes out of the room, and tells them that the baby has taken a turn for the worse. She is hemorrhaging internally, and they do not know from where. She says the baby needs more blood, and that the blood bank supplies are low as usual around the holidays. Shawn offers to give blood, but Lexie said the blood he gave yesteday is what they are giving her now. And being that he just gave blood he cannot do it again. She tells Belle the same thing, pointing out it would put them very much at risk. Belle is very upset and Shawn comforts her. Lexie assures them both that the blood bank is trying to get donors to come in. Later she is talking to the nurse, bemoaning the fact that the blood bank has had no luck, and they are running out of options, they have to control the hemorrhaging. Shawn insists Belle go to the chapel for a while, and not to worry about Claire, he will take care of everything. When she is gone, he goes to a nurse, telling her that he is Shawn Brady and Dr. Carver told him to come in to give blood. The nurse looks up his record, saying he can’t, because he gave blood yesterday. He fakes her out, saying he was supposed to, but hadn’t so will do so now. The nurse takes him into a room. Belle returns, sees Lexie, who tells her there has been a change, and not for the better. Belle cries out for Shawn, insisting she needs him.

Shawn is being prepped to give blood, and tells the nurse that since this is an emergency, Dr. Carver wants her to take 2 pints of blood. (yeah, right, as if the nurse would not check THAT statement out) and the nurse is rather skeptical, but he assures her it is o.k. He tells himself that he will give every last drop of his blood to save Belle’s baby. And the previews show……..

Bo to a skeptical looking Hope: Well, if Mrs. H is so sure about Shawn and Belle, maybe they are meant to be together.

Belle, as she rushes into a hospital room: Shawn, Shawn, are you O.K, Shawn? He is passed out on the floor.

Bonnie, in her platinum blonde Mrs. Santa wig to Mimi, dressed as an elf: Now you’re finally going to find happiness with Shawn. Even Max is sure. LOL, as the reindeer antler bedecked Max barks back.

A very angry Alex, as he rushes at John: Why you son of a b****, as he attacks him. Marlena pushes Alex back, saying No, No, Alex, please stop. No, don’t.


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