Tuesday, December 20, 2005




Episode #10,213
Tape date-ll/15
Director-Albert Alarr

A new day has dawned in Salem, as the family mourns Jack at his memorial service, Chelsea is out of the hospital, while out in L.A. Sami gets caught with her hand in the till.

IN L.A., Sami appears to be shopping, as we see storefronts, sunshine, a Salvation Army Santa ringing his bell (guess this is the closest we will ever get to seeing outdoor shopping since the Salem Mall was torn down). Sami gets annoyed at the vigorous ringing, and gives Santa a hard time. He tells her that if she makes a donation, he will go on a coffee break, so she hauls out her wallet, finding only a dollar bill, plus a C-note. Lucas comes up (Man, a big city like L.A. and what are the chances, huh? LOL) He jests that if only Norman Rockwell was alive to see selfless Sami Brady, on Christmas Eve, making a donation. (WHY are these people still in L.A. on Christmas Eve???) He leaves, and an angy, flustered Sami throws a bill into the kettle, only to realize she put in the $100 one, which was her shopping budget for the trip.

Meanwhile Austin is waking up a hungover Nicole in the room. She moans that while working late, she overdid the little liquor bar in the room. Austin gives her the short lecture on giving up drinking, and then learns of her success in smoozing Mr. Giles. Austin tells her of seeing a ghost from his past on the jumbotron, how it was Carrie Brady, and gifts Nicole with a Stones T-shirt. She sarcastically says, oooh, thanx, this is just as good as being there, as she puts it on. She has Austin read the contracts, telling him that all he has to do is sign on the dotted line, and High Style is as good as theirs. He decides to call the CEO of High Style first.

Carrie walks into her office, which has been decorated beautifully by Beckie. (poor girl, stayed there all nite, and now is there before Carrie in the a.m. Hope she gets a great Christmas bonus). Beckie shows Carrie some dunning letters from the banks, but she refuses to open them, planning to deal with them next week. She only in concerned now about the party for the employees. Beckie is still urging Carrie to call Austin, but Carrie is not ready to let him know she is now in the States. Lucas comes in with flowers, & she invites him to the party later. He leaves.

Back out on the street, Sami is having a fit over accidentally donating all her money, and after looking around, decides to try and fish out her money. In goes her hand into the bucket, and of course, Lucas spots her. He chastises her, as she tries to explain about putting in the wrong bill, and now having no money to get a gift for Will. Lucas brags about buying him a skateboard, but that does not do Sami any good. Lucas leaves, Sami continues to try and get her money, and of course, Santa returns and catches her, hollering at her. Some woman bops Sami on the head with her purse, lol. Disgusted, Sami pulls out her hand, with just a dollar bill, says Bah, humbug, and leaves.

IN SALEM, Abby comes into the Java Café, where she is comforted by Josh. (Abby looks beautiful, her hair is pulled back, she is wearing black, and is so sad.)

He tells her about not being able to get off work to attend the memorial service, but decides he will quit his job, so he can be with her there. She tells him no, the service is just for immediate family, he kisses her, and she leaves.

Max & Chelsea are walking along, just coming from traffic court. She is complaining about losing her license, having to take driving lessons before getting it back, and the only good thing is she has no transportation to get to the community service she has to perform. Max tells her to take a bus, or get family or friends to take her, but bratty Chelsea does “not take the bus” and would not impose on her friends or ask her family, especially Bo, who would not lift a finger to help her. He just doesn’t care. Max tries to reason with her, but Chelsea rants on and on about Shawn drivng his motorcycle thru the church window, having been drinking, and on drugs, and whines that he got off scot free. Max assures her that Shawn lost his license for a while, too, and is still doing community service, but Chelsea will not be swayed.

Bo & Hope arrive at the church, talking about Chelsea. Bo wishes he could have been there for Chelsea in traffic court, as Hope tries to make him feel better. Abe & Lexie are already seated, with Abe remembering how much Jack worried about Jennifer while they were on the island. And after all he went through, to finally come home only to discover he has an incurable illness. Doug & Julie arrive at the church, greeted by Bo & Hope.

Frankie arrives at Jen’s house, to find Mickey & Maggie with Jack, Jr. Frankie wants to talk to Mickey, but Jen comes out. Mickey & Maggie take little Jack to the car, and Jen asks Frankie to ride with her. They all arrive at the church, Jennifer takes little Jack to the nursery, and Frankie pulls Mickey aside to tell him that he is leaving town after the service. Mickey is disappointed, as it is very busy at the office, and he was planning on making Frankie a partner in the firm. Abby arrives, and goes in with her mother, and they sit next to Alice. (who looks absolutely gorgeous, God Bless you, Frances Reid!) Father Jansen begins the service. Abby whispers to her mom, wondering where Gramma Jo is (yeah, we wonder, too), but Jen says she was so upset and Vern took her to the rectory. (sigghhh, shame on you, Days, Jack’s mother should be there!) Julie reads the 23rd Psalm, which is beautiful. However, Bo chooses this time to decide to leave and try to call Chelsea. (Puleeze, what is with these rude, rude Salemites who just get up and walk out of church during a service) Lexie escorts Abe to the podium, where he delivers a moving eulogy, at times laughing as he talks about our Jack & his quirks. Next comes Jack’s favorite hymn, Amazing Grace (am guessing it is being sung by Kelly Moneymaker, who is Peter Reckell’s wife), and as she sings, we are treated to a series of flashbacks of Jack & Jennifer, which include both Jack as Santa, Jen as Santa, their weddings, a scene from the island (as Jack is unshaven) putting a ring on her finger, and a couple others. Alice leans over and says, you are going to be o.k., Jennifer.

Outside, Bo is pacing, trying to raise Chelsea on the phone, and voila….there she is right in front of him. Max goes inside, as Chelsea rags on Bo, telling him she doesn’t want to have anything to do with him. The service ends, and Abby comes out, so Chelsea goes with her to get Jack, Jr. from the nursery. Hope comforts Bo, telling him to just give her time, she will come around. Maybe spending the Christmas holidays with them and all the family will have a positive effect on her. Jennifer asks everyone to leave, as she wants to spend some time alone. Everyone leaves, with Lexie telling Frankie she is glad he is there for Jen.

Jennifer goes up to the large picture of Jack near the podium……and cries as she touches the picture. And the previews show…….

John on the phone as Kate listens: What do ya got for me? Hope it’s enough to nail North’s hide to the wall. I gotta get him out of my wife’s life once and for all.

Carrie to Beckie: I’m going back to Salem for the holidays. I want to see Austin.

Frankie to Bo: Bo, what do you think? It’s never worked out for me and any other woman. I never to over her. Bo: Well, Frankie, that’s obvious.

Hope to Jen: You’re afraid because deep down you could have feelings for Frankie? Jennifer is covering her face.


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