Tuesday, December 27, 2005



Episode #10,218
Tape date –11/29
Director – Albert Alarr

Sami keeps something important from Austin, while Kate learns the name of the woman two of her sons are interested in, Shawn keeps vigil with Belle, and Dr. Banks delivers proof of her accusations about Alex.

SAMI IS IN HER APT., remembering her angry discussion with Austin, after she learned he was still hung up on Carrie. She knows she has to derail any Austin/Carrie possibilities before they get started, especially if Carrie has feelings for Austin. She grabs an envelope, goes across the hall to Lucas’s apt., pretending she has a Christmas card for Will (isn’t it now after Christmas?). Meanwhile, Lucas has been on the phone, ordering a basket of flowers, insisting on orange roses, white lilies and sunflowers, not caring if the florist has to send to California for them. He tells the florist there must be lots of flowers out there, as they are having that Rose Parade, right? LOL. He hangs up, picks up a framed picture of him & Carrie at the Stones concert (oh, GMAB) & remembers her telling of still having feelings for Austin. Sami barges in, but Will is at Chad’s (guess he has overstayed his welcome at Arthur’s, lol) so they both get into their usual nasty banter, with each admitting that tho they are interested in Austin (Sami) and Carrie (Lucas), both those people have said they still have feelings for each other. (Hasn’t Days already done this, why recycle the same story?). The flowers arrive, Sami realizes they are all Carrie’s favorites, and pressures Lucas to work with her like they used to, so each can get the person they want, but Lucas refuses. He will not go that route again, if Carrie & Austin get together, fine. He opens the door, tells her to leave. As she does, in comes Kate, who is delighted to see Sami leaving.

Now Kate is smiling like a Cheshire Cat, as she meows about Austin & Carrie, leaving Sami on the outside of that picture (see below). She is happy both her sons have another woman in their lives and it isn’t Sami. Lucas finally admits that the woman he is interested in, has feelings for someone else…..and it is Carrie. Kate is floored.

AT THE HOSPITAL, Austin arrives in the cafeteria, sees Kate (who has now finally changed clothes and hairdo, lol) tells her he is meeting Carrie for hot chocolate, which pleases Kate. She is even happier when he tells her that Carrie & Mike are no longer together. She asks about his business, and he tells her about this little company he plans on acquiring, showing her the dossier. She looks it over, agrees with him, even suggesting Carrie might be a big help to him with it. (yes, I am rolling eyes here, too).

Meanwhile, Carrie has come around a corner, spots her dad on the payphone, and stops, with a big smile. Roman hangs up, turns, is so surprised, and just envelops Carrie in a big bear hug. She apologizes for not contacting him sooner, fills him in on the breakup of her marriage (ah, so she & Mike did get married in Israel, glad to know that, lol) & tells about working her way up the ranks in this little company, finally becoming CEO. Roman is impressed, and asks if she would consider moving the company to Salem, since it is a little one. Nope. He offers to help, but she says no, that Mom offered to help, too, but she wants to do this herself. Roman asks about Anna, and Carrie says last time she talked to her, she was in Italy for Fashion Week. (now THAT is a nice mention of past history).

Carrie tells her Dad about meeting up with Austin again, that she still has feelings for him, and is meeting him for hot chocolate. She says that she knows she was partially responsible for her breakup with Austin years ago, but that if it was not for Sami, they would have stayed together. Roman admits that Sami is a handful, but tells Carrie that Sami truly loved Lucas, and in spite of all the Stan stuff, he felt sorry for her. Carrie asks him about Kate, but Roman tells her that Kate has done despicable things, truly despicable, and it is definitely over.

Kate has left, and Austin calls Sami, who has just fluffed into her apt., after leaving Lucas. He asks her if any e-mails have come in about the CEO at High Style. Sami sits down at the laptop, says there is e-mail, waits for it to load…..and gets shocked to see Carrie’s face come up as the C.E.O. She tells Austin that it is only spam, as she deletes the pic. He tells her to call him if anything comes in, she assures him she will. She hangs up, commenting that there will be nothing between them when Carrie learns it is Austin who takes over her company.

Austin & Carrie finally meet up for their hot chocolate. She suggests Alice’s (now HOW does she know about that place, she just got back in town) or Java Café, but Austin says there is fresh snow, and lovely outside, so how about getting a hot chocolate and taking a walk. Carrie would like that, and they leave.

SHAWN JOINS BELLE in Claire’s room, bringing her some coffee. He talks about when J.T. was so sick, and how worried they were then, saying that no mother should have to bury their child. Belle replies that her mother did once. His name was D.J. and he died of SIDS. (Wow, so they FINALLY are remembering that Marlena had another child? Now let’s see if they ever mention Don Craig) Belle comments that he was just about the same age as Clare is now, and cannot imagine how her mother ever got through that. Belle beats herself up over how she ignored Claire when she was first born. Shawn tries to assure her that Claire was well cared for, and that everyone knew she had post partum depression. He tells her he brought something for Claire from Zack, his blankie. Zack wanted Claire to have it, that it might make her feel better. Belle covers Claire with the blankie, saying that perhaps Zack’s blankie will help Claire get better.

AT THE PENTHOUSE, Marlena doesn’t believe John’s accusations about Alex’s abuse, but he insists she hear what Dr. Banks has to say. Lois tells her they were the best of friends, confided everything to each other. Marlena is reluctant to believe her. Alex admits that she knew Banks in the past, but they were not as close as Banks is claiming. Lois goes on, telling how at first they seemed like the perfect couple, so devoted to each other. But as time went on, with their residency and all, they began to be apart more,as their patients took up more of their time. Marlena was becoming very successful, and Alex became very jealous, and then very possessive. She could go no where without him. Dr. Banks claims she has proof that Alex will suffocate the life out of her, and gives Marlena a folder. Marlena looks inside to find a 8/10 glossy of a very beat up Marlena (amazing, she looks exactly like she does now, yet it was supposed to be 30 years ago, lolol). Alex quietly says he was not the one who did that, and Marlena says she believes him. John takes her out on the balcony to talk some sense into her. Alex asks Lois what she thinks she is doing. She replies she wants to expose him for the deviant he really is. Alex tells her that he stood by while she tried to railroad him, but won’t if she tries to destroy what he has with Marlena. She backs away, trips, falls, just as John & Marlena come back in the room. She immediately yells for Alex to stay away from her, as John growls at Alex that if “you lay another hand on her, I’ll kill you. The previews show…..

Austin to Carrie in the hallway, as Sami comes out and overhears: It must be fate, us reconnecting like this. I’m really glad.

Lucas to Eugenia: When Austin realizes he stole Carrie’s company, she’s gonna be heartbroken.

Alex (in a jail cell) to John & Roman: I’m not the one you have to worry about. It’s Lois Banks.

Lois to Marlena at her door: Please let me in. Can’t you see I’m shaking, I’m really scared. Marlena: I guess it’s all right.


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