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Episode #10,203
Tape date-November 2nd
Director-Phil Sogard

Jack’s fate is revealed to Salemites via newspaper headlines, while the vigil over Claire continues at the hospital, & elsewhere we get a glimpse of the supposedly romantic quadrangle that is developing. (AGAIN!)

LUCAS IS BACK HOME, and it is very early morning. Eugenia arrives, & Lucas thanks her for coming over so early, especially with the coffee, & donuts, as she mentions picking up the paper outside his door. He asks her to check the financial news, but when she opens the paper, reading the front page, she slowly turns it around so Lucas can see the headline – “Jack Deveraux killed in car crash”. Lucas takes the paper, getting upset as he reads. Later, he is talking to Julie, his voice breaking, & he appears to be crying. When he finishes his call, Eugenia tells him he should take the day off, and he agrees, planning to go to Jennifer’s house. He informs Eugenia that Titan is no longer interested in High Style, which doesn’t set too well with her, after all the research she has done. But he just says that after meeting with the CEO, he does not think it a good acquisition for Titan, and they will just concentrate on rejuvenating Countess Wilhelmina and getting Clear Visage off the ground. She leaves, & Carrie calls, canceling their dinner date for that night. Lucas tells her about Jack, and that he will be going to his sister’s house. Just as Lucas is about to leave, the phone rings again. It is Kate, telling him about Claire. (he calls her Kate, telling her that no mother would do to their child what she did to him, lol) She thinks he should come to hospital and support Philip. He explains about going to Jen’s, but says now that his dinner date is cancelled, he will be able to come by the hospital, too. Oh, boy, do meddlesome Kate’s ears perk up at that news. She tries to pry, but Lucas only says it is an old acquaintance, but is someone Kate knows, and that she would approve. Kate is only glad it is not Sami, and after they hang up, she talks aloud, saying “you may not have liked what I did, but at least you are moving on with your life”.

SAMI SLOWLY ENTERS HER APT., reading the paper. Austin asks her what is wrong, and she tells him about Jack. She is very upset, and cries that he was her friend, and she never got a chance to say good-bye. Austin says he will give her some time alone, and leaves the room (and if we think it is to put on a shirt, guess again…..what is with Austin continually appearing in a towel, or w/o a shirt. Some corporate businessman! LOL) Sami sniffles a bit, but then picks up Austin’s filefax and once more getting all wound up over what Austin wrote in there about Carrie. He comes out, asks her what she is doing with his book, but she claims just to be straightening up. He tells her hands off his desk. LOL She moans a bit about having to clean up and straighten up after Nicole, but Austin says they will soon be moving the office into Brandon’s loft, but Sami continues to moan that Nik will still be living there, and she will have to put up with her. She thinks Nicole should get her own place. He again leaves, still shirtless, she talks aloud to herself about Austin & Carrie, and oopsy. There is Eugenia at the door, that she says was open. (so true, as no one ever comes into a house, apartment or a room in Salem and shuts the door to the outside) Eugenia gives Sami a hard time about now trying to get Austin, and Sami slam the door in her face. Austin comes out, finally wearing a shirt, and can hear Eugenia through the door. Sami makes up some excuse as to what Eugenia is teasing her about, but Austin sees his filefax open to the page he wrote on, and picture of Carrie. Sami tries to explain how he asked her to look up an address, and afterwards she dropped the book, and it came open to that picture. And she could not help herself and read what it said. (this was the other day). Austin tells her it did not say “Sami, read this”, but she defends herself, and they argue back and forth. Austin just says then, well, now you know. Sami just asks how he could still be in love with Carrie. They argue a bit more, and then she asks him if he was in love with Carrie, while engaged to her. Austin assures her that when he was with Sami, he thought only of her. But after they broke up, he did then wonder if he and Carrie could work things out. However, she is happy with Mike now, so that is that. He leaves, taking his filefax with him, and Sami says, “Out of sight, out of mind, dear sister.” Then a very determined looking Sami says, (ala Scarlett O”Hara) “As God is my witness, I am never going to let you come between me and the man I want, ever again”.

MIMI BRINGS COFFEE TO a sleeping Shawn. Startled, he wakes up, having fallen asleep at the hospital after giving blood. Kate (who has yet to change her clothes) is on the phone with Victor, assuring him that Claire is stable, telling him of the transfusion, and why Philip could not give blood to the baby, but Belle did. She promises to keep him updated. Mimi decides to go to the chapel, and Shawn goes with her. Mimi lights a candle and prays not only for Claire, but for Belle & Philip, too. Meanwhile, as Belle watches Claire, the baby begins having breathing difficulties, in spite of being on oxygen. Lexie talks of perhaps having to put the baby on a ventilator. Philip leaves to get them coffee, goes out in the hall, fills Kate in with the information from Lexie…. that not enough oxygen is getting to the organs, which could cause them to shut down, and cries on her shoulder as they hug. Kate goes to be with Belle (Is that an ICU unit, or a revolving door? That baby has a massive infection of some sort, no one wears mask, gowns, and anyone and everyone goes in and out whenever they please). A nurse comes in with a huge tray, on which lay a great number of needles of varying sizes. Belle asks what is going on, and Lexie says they are going to do another spinal tap. Belle has a fit, crying they are NOT going to do another thing to her baby. Lexie explains the specialists need additional tests so they know exactly what they are dealing with. Philip returns, the voice of reason, and takes Belle out. Now the interfering grandmother confronts Lexie, saying there is only the two of us here, and I want to know exactly what is wrong. Lexie orders her out, Kate leaves. Shawn & Mimi return from the chapel, and worry when they see the blinds are closed to the room. Inside, Lexie & the nurse are concerned as Claire’s oxygen stats are not coming up. Lucas arrives, having called Jennifer, who told him there were a lot of people at the house already, and he should be with Philip. And now, nosy Kate begins giving Lucas the 3rd degree about his cancelled “date”. He decides to call Carrie (see below). Lexie comes out, saying Claire is now sleeping. Belle goes in, followed by Shawn, who comforts her as she cries. Philip & Kate come in, not liking too well what they see. A rather weird exchange ensues, as Philip puts his hand on Shawn’s shoulder, and then changes places with him, comforting Belle. Kate whispers to Mimi that she had better ensure her place with Shawn, and stop his constant gravitating towards Belle. She goes over to Shawn, who puts his arm around her, holding her close.

CARRIE IS GOING OVER SOME PAPERS, and asks Becky to get something from her desk drawer. Becky finds a picture of Austin & Carrie, wanting to know who is the hunk. Carrie gives her the Reader’s Digest condensed version of her engagement to Austin, marriage, divorce and then moving on with Mike. Becky urges her to call the guy. Carrie does make a call, but it is to Lucas, canceling their dinner date. Later, Lucas calls Carrie back, telling her about Belle’s baby. Carrie wishes she could be there for Belle, hasn’t even seen a picture of the baby yet, but cannot. Lucas manages to talk her into having dinner with him, and he will bring a picture of Claire with him, and promises to be there later that evening. Becky is happy that Carrie is going after the hunk in her picture, but Carrie tells her that is Austin in the picture. And her date is with his brother, Lucas. Freeze frame on Carrie with head shots of both Austin & Lucas. (Didn’t Days already do this story years ago???) And the previews roll…..

SAMI: I’m making sure I end up with Austin. Thank God Carrie is happily married and half way around the world.

LUCAS TO CARRIE: You, my beautiful friend, are in for a night you will never forget

HOPE TO SHAWN: If that was your little girl in there, fighting for her life…..

As an eavesdropping KATE thinks to herself: That IS Shawn’s little girl, and I have to make sure neither of you will ever know that. (Egads, that woman is everywhere in that hospital, like a fly on the wall, just hearing everything anyone has to say. Give us a break already)

BELLE TO JOHN: first you lose Mom, and now I could lose my baby


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