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Friday, January 13, 2006

Episode #10229
Directed by: Phil Sogard
Tape Date: 12/9

Carrie and Austin grow closer; Claire’s is back in her private room as Belle and Shawn watch over her; Lois and her syringe continue to bop around the hospital; and Bo is torn what to do about Chelsea.

Carrie and Austin decide to watch the sunrise on the Salem Pier (it’s January 2nd in Salem, right?). They kiss and decide not to focus on their screw ups in the past and to look forward to the future. He has a surprise for her and asks her to close her eyes. He blindfolds her with a bandana. He takes her to a fish market she remembers going there with him when they first dated. Flashback of them buying 2 lobsters. Carrie names one lobster Austin (because he’s handsome and looks like a fighter) and he names the other Carrie (because she’s a red hot mama and will get hotter and redder when they cook them up). They decide they can’t kill their namesakes …it would be lobsterside…and set off for the St. Lawrence Seaway to set them free (they must be close to it apparently). Back to present time Carrie says “Austin” is the lobster in the tank as she recognizes his broken claw. She insists they buy him, but they learn he’s been sold to Hector…a guy sitting in the corner. Carrie wonders what Carrie Lobster would do without Austin Lobster and he decides to do a little lobster napping. He joins Carrie outside with Austin in a bag, saying he did it legally and paid a kings ransom to Hector. Hector waves the money and thanks him. She asks how much and he quickly replies it came out of the Austin the Lobster defense fund (good one) and they head off to let Austin Lobster lose to join Carrie Lobster. They set him free in the water on the pier (which is the Salem River? ). He holds Carrie as they hear a little thunder above. Austin said he’s not letting her go again (but we all know that the thunder is a precursor to trouble ahead for them ;-)

Marlena, Belle and Shawn
watchover Claire, who’s back in her ICU private room in her blanket sheltered bed (seems she’d be in a more sterile environment and on monitors after just having transplant surgery?)

Marlena tells Shawn how sorry she is about Zach. She thanks Shawn and his whole family for the life saving gift of Zach’s liver. Belle tells them that Victor and Philip went to see a doctor who’s working on an experimental transplant rejection drug and hope they won’t need it. Marlena tells them to just enjoy Claire’s still being alive. Shawn tells them that Mimi went to the loft to get them fresh clothes. Lexie asks them to step outside so she can check on Claire. Outside the room Belle questions Marlena about what Alex did and Marlena clarifies how John shot Alex at the Penthouse and he’s now fighting for his life. Marlena doesn’t know why Alex was outside her window, but will ask him WHEN he wakes up. She tells them she’ll pray for both Claire and Zach and will be in her office putting up her feet for a while (why not hang with Alex?) Shawn tells Belle that Claire means the world to him. Lexie steps out, shaking her head, wishing she had better news. Claire has a high fever and may be rejecting the transplant. Belle breaks down, the stress beginning to take a toll on her (kudos to Martha…(Belle)…she’s had a rough couple of months in Salem. Shawn tells Claire that Zach gave Claire his lucky blanket and now his liver. Belle looks down on her daughter and says Zack was a strong and healthy boy and she’s got to get better. The door opens and they both look up to see Zack walking in. He says “Hi Shawn, Hi Belle. Don’t be sad. I’m okay.” As he smiles at them. Shawn put his arm around Belle’s shoulder and they both are surprised, but smile back at Zack.

We see Marlena yawning in her office, so she takes her throw and lies down on her couch (I hope she closed and LOCKED her door this time!). She dreams of Alex being her psychiatrist (as he says he can be both her husband and her psychiatrist) as she lies on the couch in his office. He warns her to not listen to John Black when he tells her that he’s a threat to her, but warns her that Lois Banks is.

John talks with Abe outside Alex’s room. Abe tells John he’s stopped feeling sorry for his lack of eyesight and appreciating the fact he still has Lexie and Theo. They go in to see Alex, much to Lois’ chagrin as she hides. Alex overhears John and to himself, tells John that Lois is the threat to Marlena, not him! Abe tells John about the forensic evidence linking Bo’s car to the one that hit Zack. Lois fondles her trusty syringe as she impatiently listens to John and Abe talk about current and future disasters that could befall them. He’s confident at least Alex can’t hurt Marlena now as Alex’s hand continues to move. Lois pops out from behind the curtain and skirts around John’s question where she came from by saying she wanted to check on Alex. He introduces her to Abe, who didn’t recognize the name. John explains how she helped them nail Alex for being a wife abuser. Lois asks where Marlena was, if she’s still resting in her office and John questions why she wants to know. Alex tells him why subconsciously, but of course John can’t hear (or read closed captioning). John stresses that Marlena is fine being Alex is not a danger. She sees Alex’s hand move and suggests he be put in restraints as he could hurt Marlena if he wakes up. John likes her thinking and leaves to get a nurse to do so as Lois excuses herself to Abe. Alex practically falls off the bed as he gyrates from his anxiousness about Marlena while John and Abe discuss Bo’s situation. Abe figures Alex will go to prison for what he did and might be better off dead. John claims he won’t shed a tear if so, saying Marlena would be safe. Alex silently rants Marlena’s not safe at all.

Lois decides since Marlena is alone, she’ll take care of her now. We return to Marlena hearing Alex warn her in her sleep that Lois is a danger and she has to watch out for her. We see Lois and her syringe’s shadow approach Marlena’s door (the song ME AND MY SHADOW are playing in my head…LOL) For the umpteenth time we hear Lois vow to get rid of Marlena now and then Alex. Marlena rolls over on the couch and knocks the syringe out of Lois’s hand and onto the floor. Lois silently tells Marlena she’s clumsy and will pay for this. She picks up the needle and is furious as she clenches it.

Bo and Chelsea are alone in a room as he asks her to remember what happened earlier. She tells him it was too dark to see what happened (especially when you weren’t even looking out the window). He accuses her of hitting Zack and killing his son. He tells her how the evidence all proves it was his truck (not SUV?) that did it. He pounds his forehead and like all parents (who can’t believe they let their love win over their brain) is furious with himself for signing her temporary license and then giving her the keys to his truck. Bo breaks down, clutching his head and says: “My truck is the one that hit my son..and you were driving it What did I do, What did I do..My God…what did I do. Zack…I’m sorry, I’m so sorry…” Chelsea cries back that Zack was her brother and she’s so sorry. Bo isn’t buying it was too dark and missed a little boy in the road. She took her eyes off the road and now Zack is dead. Chelsea breaks down and tells her dad how sorry she is and asks him not to hate her. Bo takes her in his arms and assures her that he doesn’t hate her. He lets her go and can’t even look at her though. He says she’s reckless and irresponsible, but so is he. He breaks down and says it’s all his fault. Chelsea said it’s no ones fault, it was an accident. He wonders how he’s going to tell Hope that his daughter killed their son. Chelsea tells him that he can’t tell Hope. He says he’s not going to lie to his wife. She blocks the door worrying about going to prison and her whole life will be over if that happens.

Max remembers his earlier conversation with Chelsea where she felt she might have been the one who hit Zack. He’s called out of his memory by the two rookies asking to question him. They have to check with their watch commander first, then want to talk with him. Chelsea rushes up to him and tells him he can’t turn her in (please Max..turn her in!)

JENNIFER stands over Hope, who’s lying down on a hospital bed. Hope can’t believe that Bo would be the one who hit Zack. Bo’s such a careful driver and couldn’t have done it. Later we return as Hope wonders if she’s being cursed…was she too proud or complacent? Jennifer assures her she wasn’t and reminds her what Gran said. They’re Horton woman and need to be strong and not give in to our sadness. Later Jennifer checks on Hope, who finally fell asleep, calling for Zach in her sleep. Bo walks up and Jennifer questions him about his car. Bo covers Hope with a blanket and while she sleeps, apologizes to his fancy face. Lexie checks on Hope and assures them she’s okay, just exhausted and the nightmare will continue when she wakes up. (they all stroke Hope’s face and rub her arm…leave her alone and let her sleep…I know that would wake me up) Meanwhile Chelsea pleads with her father to not turn her in or tell Hope. She wants to be a part of their family (yada yada..we’ve heard it before) Bo is torn as he looks at Hope and thunder crackles behind his still face as the previews roll…

CARRIE TO LUCAS: “Someone had to steal my company right from beneath me. I can’t believe someone could do that.”

SAMI TO AUSTIN: “I think everyone should know that you are the one behind this take over.”

A flash of Zach on the screen and then
SHAWN TO BELLE: “You had the same dream.”
BELLE: “Maybe it wasn’t a dream.”
SHAWN: “You and I ..”
BELLE: “are meant to be together.”

BO: “I know who it was.”
Billie: “Who was it?”
BILLIE TO THE TWO ROOKIES: “I know the name of the person who killed Detective Brady’s son. It was me.”

As the credits roll…Linda

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