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Monday, January 30, 2006

Episode # 10240; Tape Date: 1/11/06; Air Date: 1/30/06; Director: Roger Inman

Summary: Bonnie puts 2 & 2 together and puts the squeeze on Kate…Marlena tries to convince John to let her go, but he continues to hold on tight…Mimi tells Belle some of her wedding plans…Shawn asks Philip to be his best man…Alex and Lois discuss their plans to ruin Marlena’s life.

In the Hospital Nursery…Shawn, Philip, Belle and Mimi are still with Claire. Philip is anxious to take her home and goes on and on about her. He realizes that maybe considering what Shawn lost for her to be well, they shouldn’t be so happy. But Belle says that Zack would be happy too, he saved her life. They gather around the crib as Philip tells Claire how fortunate she is and how no one will ever take her away. Belle and Mimi go to get coffee as Philip tells Shawn that he will never forget what they did for them. Shawn says he loves Claire and would do anything for her. Belle and Mimi talk and Belle thanks them for being there for them, especially Shawn, considering all he has been through. Mimi thinks that perhaps this was therapy for Shawn. He feels like Claire is almost like his own daughter. Belle smiles and says she is. Mimi asks what she meant by that and Belle clarifies and says that he just feels that way about children…he gets so attached to them. Belle says that if anything were to happen to her and Philip, they would want him and Mimi to raise Claire. Belle asks Mimi if she has thought any about her wedding plans. They talk about Kate’s offer and Mimi says she isn’t even so sure that there will be a wedding. In the other room Philip asks Shawn if he is having second thoughts about marrying Mimi. Shawn says that he does want to marry her, but just not sure the timing is right. Philip pushes him to accept Kate’s offer and describes what the honeymoon would be like. Shawn asks Philip if he would be his best man. Mimi also tells Belle that the timing isn’t right for a wedding and she really doesn’t want to elope, as Kate suggested. She wants to get married in Salem surrounded by family and friends. Belle tells her it should be the way she wants it and not to settle. She says she will help her plan everything and even design her dress for her. But Mimi says the dress she wants to wear already exists…she wants to get married in Caroline Brady’s dress…hitting a nerve with Belle. She finally says she doesn’t mind as Mimi says she will talk with Shawn and then they will set the date. Mimi says in the wedding of her dreams, she would want Belle to be the maid of honor. Belle says she would love to be and they hug. Philip tells Shawn of course he would be his best man and the do their handshake. Claire cries and Philip rushes over and picks her up as she is fussy. He hands her to Shawn and she immediately hushes up (cute as she sneezes several times). Shawn talks about how he loves her and Philip is impressed at how good he is with children. He tells him he will be a great dad someday.

In the Cafeteria…Bonnie tracks Kate down (saying she snuck away from her). Bonnie tells her she knows that Shawn is Claire’s father. Kate plays dumb, but Bonnie is sure. Kate sits back down and tries to reason with her, saying it isn’t true. Bonnie says Philip may be clueless but they both know the truth. She tells her that Mimi was suspicious after Kate’s offer…but she has put 2 & 2 together. Kate asks her if Mimi knows and Bonnie says no. Bonnie asks Kate if she just has her suspicions or is she sure. Kate says she knows for sure. They say that both of them want their children happy and decide maybe they should work together. Bonnie has done her detective work…counted backward and looked into the fire where Shawn and Belle were rescued. She said she checked the reports and learned that they were pulled from the barn, barely alive and ‘naked as 2 jaybirds’. Kate is impressed and they decide that both of them should keep their mouths shut. Kate says they have a deal and sticks out her hand to shake on it. Bonnie says she is skipping a step…Kate is rich…if she wants to seal the deal…there is a price. Kate says she should have known that Bonnie would try to blackmail her. Bonny says that she and Mimi will accept all of Kate’s offers…so far…but she wants more….such as a truck load of makeup, all of Basic Black’s business for Alice’s, new designer clothes, oh and this…as she slips Kate a piece of paper. Kate looks at it and tells her okay, but if the truth slips out…it could mean an early grave for Bonnie. Bonnie says that as long as Mimi is happy, her lips are sealed. Kate leaves and Bonnie spikes her coffee and takes a deep breath. She says she is going to grab that brass ring again.

John takes Marlena to her office…to try and jog her memory. She starts her “Alex is my husband” mantra and tells him to accept it and move on. He talks about family, Izzy and Clarie in particular. She says she doesn’t remember raising Belle, but they must have done something right from the way she turned out. John says she can’t abandon them now. He thinks she should see another doctor…someone who actually WANTS to cure her. She becomes upset with him and they begin to argue. She says they have both made choices and asks just what he wants from her. He says that Belle needs her family, but Marlena says so does Sami…but they are both grown women…everyone has moved on…so should he. She thinks that John is just using the situation to his advantage, but he yells at her that he took vows and they meant something to him. She says she has no intentions of reconciling with him. She loves Alex now and is going to check on him. John grabs her by the arm and begs her to just look around her office again. She says she has no memories of life with him. She has made her choice…she has strong feelings for Alex…and he has risked his life to save her. She asks John if HE has ever done that. He says, yes…a time or two. Well, I don’t remember she says. (poor John) She says that Alex saved her from Lois up on that roof. But John says he just doesn’t believe that. She goes to leave and he says he will never let her go. He talks about his suspicions of Alex and she tells him that she just doesn’t have feelings for him. John thinks that Alex has done something to her to make her forget but she tells him to just let her go.

Kate arrives outside Marlena’s office and listens as Marlena tells John she doesn’t remember being happy and loved by him. He says he cannot stop loving her but Marlena says he will just have to. She tells him that he has feelings for Kate and she IS a lovely woman. John admits he has feelings for her, but he does not love her…and never will…like he loves Marlena. Hearing this, Kate leaves in tears. Marlena says she and Alex deserve to be happy and he must let her go. With that she leaves. Sitting alone, John says he can’t let go…he loves her…as it fades to their wedding photo.

In the Psych Ward…Alex and Lois are kissing as she says this is crazy. He says it’s wonderful crazy and he missed her as much as she missed him. She rubs all over him but he tells her to be careful…they may be watched. She talks about all she has done for him, playing the demented psycho. They laugh about him pretending to be in love with Marlena.

Lois talks about his hatred for Marlena, but he says he doesn’t hate her….he feels sorry for her. Lois talks about what he did to Marlena years ago and calls her a romantic fool. She says that Alex brought about her first bout of hysterical amnesia and he says he just wishes he had finished the job back then. She talks about how they have to be careful and proceed cautiously. He asks her what she has done and she says nothing. He warns her not to mess things up and she tells him to just be careful of John Black…he is smarter than he looks. Lois hugs him and asks when is he going to get her out of there. He tells her he has business to take care of first…but not to worry…he holds Marlena’s fate in his hands and there is nothing John Black can do to save her now. Lois asks about the plan and he tells her that Marlena will continue to rebuff John. He talks about the seed Lois planted about Kate and how Kate actually really loves John. He says that eventually John will want a woman and since he can’t have Marlena, he will turn to Kate. He says that everything is going according to plan. He says that John has always been right about him, but no one will ever believe him now. Lois ask swhat if Marlena regains her memory and remembers her life with John. Alex says it doesn’t matter, because by the time she remembers…it will be too late for anyone to save her…as the previews show…

Carrie (to Sami): What about you and Lucas? (Sami): What about us? (Carrie): Is it really over between the two of you?...

Lucas (to Austin): You can raid as many companies as you want to…but when the time is right, Titan will destroy you just like you did Carrie’s company…

Billie (to Frankie): I am begging you…no one can know that Chelsea killed Zack (she let it slip out)…Shocked look from Frankie…

Bo: I have to tell Hope the truth…(as Hope walks up behind him and asks): The truth about what? (as he turns around)…

And the credits roll…

I am so sick of the days story line--I do tape it but never watch it. When the tape is done and pops out of the machine I put it right back so it will tape over it the existing shows. Sounds funny I guess when I read the early edition and it might sound exciting then maybe I will watch. But for now not at all.

Ontario Canada
hey the only thing that keeps me watching days is the slight hope that sami and lucus will reunite
I really hate alex north and don't even want to watch when he is on the tv.
I am so sick of the whole thing about Days. The writer must think we don't remember anything that has happened before. Nothing is realistic.It's sick!! I usually fast forward through most of it.
I'm sick to death of the whole Alex/Marlena/John story. It needs to make some serious progress. In fact, most of the storylines do need to move ahead. I have gotten to the point that I watch once a week and it's sad that in one episode I have seen the whole week's worth of story.
anonymous said...

I am so sick of this Bonnie and Mimi for trying to breakup Belle and Phillip because they don't belong together never and that she should leave Shawn and Belle and Claire alone forever.
Chelsea is nothing but a user and it's about time she gets what she deserves. Also, the only good part of that show anymore is Alice. I have watched the show from the beginning and I get more disappointed each day.
uuggghh!!!! I only keep watching anymore out of habit..being a 3rd generation days of our lives watcher
I dont even watch the show anymore, its much faster to read it on the internet. the story lines are being dragged out way to far-and you need one stong couple in the story , and right now theres none- whey is all the happiness wiped off the show?? Bell and Shawn, and his child need to be a family, bring some good to the show!
I am with all of you, I am not a fan of any of the storylines going on here. However, I have heard several people complaining that the is not one happy couple on the show. However, would you watch the show if all it was, was happy people all the time? No conflict?
Did you know that Alex North is realy Stepheno with plastic surgery?
I am sick of the Alex and Lois story line. Hope Bo tells the truth and Chelsea learns a lesson
about tellin gthe truth. Hope needs to know the truth. Also,everyone should know the parents of Claire.
Wayne Northrop is a great choice to replace stephano! He plays a convincing role. He's so hatable! lol
please the story sucks. 1 hospital personel and thank god i do not have to deal with the so called detectives. Please move on with your story lines. I tape it and fast forward 90%of it same old same old.
I WANT CHELSEA TO DIE. i know thats not right but how can you let your own mother suffer for something you did.goodness sake she ran over he brother and the dummy thought it was a speed bump.
i think alex is stefano, i think roman is really chris kostachek, and i think patch will come riding in to save the day and tell the real story
i think hope need to know the truth, so she can act accordingly, bo is a pushover for his brat daughter, and chelsea needs to be punished for what she did, shawn and belle need to get back together and mi mi and phillip neeed to get together like the 2 losers they are. why is kate so worried about ruining phillips life with the truth, she never cared about doing lucas or austin in when they wanted to be happy with sami, i mean, so what if belle screwed around with shawn, heaven forbid that lil lord phillip shoild know that!!, marlena's story is far fetched too, days needs to get the storys str8 or they are gonna lose veiwers, the only goood acting ive seen on there lately is hope and bo dealing with zach's death, if alphonso doesnt get a grammy for that, something is seriously wrong!!!!
I hope they NEVER bring Jack back. He is so pathetic. I fast forwarded everytime Jack & Jen had air time.
The story line is really dragging. Lets speed this up. So tired of the same old stuff. When I watch days, Chelsea makes me throw up with all her whining. Yada Yada Yada.....
Honestly, do these writers even know what they're doing day to day? If Alex was in cahoots with Lois from Day 1 and they're working together, why all the talking in his sleep "I must get to Marlena, she's in danger" stuff? And why if they've been cahoots the whole time was Lois walking around with a needle trying to kill Alex forEVER. I'm sure the writers are making this stuff up by the minute. Poor Wayne Northrup--he must have needed the money. How a terrific actor like him could be roped into this pathetic storyline I can't fathom unless it was for his retirement!
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Insurance can be synonymous to a lot people expressing risks involving losses expected coming from a supposed car accident. Here, the price of your losses are going to be borne by the many insurers.
Discomfort heard this argument intended for spending far more now with quality just to save money in the future. But why not consider the impression your purchase has on the earth, shouldn't shopping ethically participate in the talk too?
Health fitness ideas also suggest that vices ought to be stopped. Smoking predisposes someone to vascular conditions for example arteriosclerosis as well as heart illnesses. Alcohol consumption do not need to be removed but ought to be limited in order to 30 jiggers each day only. Alcohol nevertheless has many benefits such because vasodilation. These are are just some of what Health fitness ideas recommend
Traveling, for individuals with disabilities, is extremely hectic, particularly when they get to the airport terminal. They face the process of obtaining proper info and instructions. This is actually further aggravated through the huge number of individuals traveling as well as long lists. In international airports, there tend to be attendants which are supposed for carrying on the needs of these travelling along with disabilities.
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You will find all forms and shapes of fashion blogs as the internet is full of them. It can talk about the main benefit of wearing lanky jeans over boyfriend jeans or how pink takes the place of black plus all the extras. As you go online, you will get your fill of the latest in fashion trends via fashion blogs.
Many of us have heard your argument pertaining to spending additional now in quality to avoid wasting money after. But why don't you consider the result your purchase is wearing the entire world, shouldn't shopping ethically join in on the conversation too?
You can find all kinds and forms of fashion blogs because internet is brimming with them. It can mention the luxury of wearing lanky jeans around boyfriend skinny jeans or precisely how pink takes the best place of dark-colored plus the many extras. Because you go on-line, you is certain to get your fill in the latest popular trends through fashion blogs.
Real estate buyers live and also die simply by their power to add benefit. With simply no added benefit, there are usually no income. This does work with virtually any business, but what makes real estate this kind of great business plus a great purchase, is how many ways you can value and make the most of big income.
Were you thinking with regards to remodeling your current home? Understand that you may achieve your current goal and not using a giant price. Small changes introduced in nearly all room, including the outdoors on the town can make the many difference.
Insurance is actually synonymous to numerous people discussing risks associated with losses expected from the supposed incident. Here, the expense of the actual losses is going to be borne by all of the insurers.
You can see all creates and shapes and sizes of fashion blogs for the internet is jam packed with them. It can converse about the luxury of wearing slim jeans across boyfriend shorts or ways pink takes the position of schokohäutige plus lots of the extras. Simply because go via the internet, you becomes your fill for the latest popular trends with fashion blogs.
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Travel's importance is actually underestimated by lots of people. Travel isn't just fun, enjoyable and pleasant. With the current life styles and function conditions, travel is becoming more than a choice. It is a lot more than just having a good time.
Health fitness suggestions also advise that vices needs to be stopped. Smoking predisposes anyone to vascular conditions for instance arteriosclerosis and also heart conditions. Alcohol consumption will not need to be eradicated but needs to be limited to be able to 30 jiggers per day only. Alcohol nonetheless has health improvements such since vasodilation. These are just some of what Health fitness suggestions recommend
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You'll find all varieties and styles of fashion blogs because the internet is packed with them. It can speak about the main advantage of wearing slim jeans above boyfriend denims or just how pink takes the spot of african american plus every one of the extras. When you go on the web, you are certain to get your fill with the latest in fashion trends by means of fashion blogs.
Real estate traders live as well as die through their capability to add worth. With absolutely no added worth, there tend to be no earnings. This holds true with any kind of business, but why is real estate this type of great business along with a great expense, is the amount of ways you can include value and profit from big earnings.
Are you thinking concerning remodeling the home? Take into account that you can frequently achieve the goal with out a giant expenditure. Small advancements introduced in virtually every room, including the surface of your home can make every one of the difference.
The truth is that We can sit these today and even write what you deserve to be hunting for in business trends and be able to a 365 days from at present, write the exact same sort in article through different ideas to keep abreast of as business and even society evolve.
Are you currently thinking regarding remodeling your own home? Remember that you could achieve your own goal with no giant cost. Small enhancements introduced in nearly every room, including the outside of the home can make all of the difference.
Health fitness points also propose that vices need to be stopped. Smoking predisposes that you vascular conditions like arteriosclerosis in addition to heart disorders. Alcohol consumption does not need to be taken out but need to be limited to help 30 jiggers daily only. Alcohol however has health advantages such seeing that vasodilation. These are just some of what Health fitness points recommend
Just about everyone has heard the particular argument regarding spending a lot more now about quality to save lots of money afterwards. But think about the influence your purchase has on the planet, shouldn't shopping ethically engage in the debate too?
There are actually all documents and forms and sizes of fashion blogs being the internet is heaped with them. It can go over the main advantage of wearing thin jeans finished boyfriend a pair of jeans or the simplest way pink takes site of charcoal plus the whole set of extras. Whenever you go over the internet, you could get your fill of this latest in fashion trends with the aid of fashion blogs.
Health fitness recommendations also suggest vices really should be stopped. Smoking predisposes want you to vascular conditions just like arteriosclerosis plus heart health conditions. Alcohol consumption needn't be wiped out but really should be limited so that you can 30 jiggers on a daily basis only. Alcohol continue to has rewards such when vasodilation. These are are just some of what Health fitness recommendations recommend
You can get all versions and sizes and shapes of fashion blogs given that the internet is rife with them. It can consider the benefit of wearing skinny jeans throughout boyfriend tight pants or skirts or the correct way pink takes spot of black colored plus the extras. Whilst you go web based, you get your fill belonging to the latest popular trends using fashion blogs.
You will discover all types and designs of fashion blogs since the internet is filled with them. It can discuss the benefit of wearing thin jeans more than boyfriend denim jeans or exactly how pink takes the area of dark plus all of the extras. While you go on the internet, you can get your fill from the latest popular trends by way of fashion blogs.
One can find all methods and figures of fashion blogs when the internet is complete with them. It can focus on the advantage of wearing slender jeans about boyfriend pants or the way in which pink takes the location of ebony plus most of the extras. As you may go on line, you will receive your fill within the latest in fashion trends by fashion blogs.
I know that you read the trend these... Commercial Loan Financing should be considered in just about any trade for some kind of commercial premises. Speak with each of your Business Finance Broker if you end up ready to get a Commercial The property market opportunity.
The laws associated with nature are simply as these people treat each and every specie (and not just man) along with equality. Inside a jungle, each and every specie will get its because of share associated with food, air as well as water that enable these phones live the dignified life without having to be dependent on every other creation. Character makes absolutely no distinction in between one specie, and also the other because all species would be the children from the same Lord.
Health fitness hints also counsel that vices has to be stopped. Smoking predisposes to vascular conditions which include arteriosclerosis together with heart medical conditions. Alcohol consumption should not be taken off but has to be limited that will 30 jiggers each and every day only. Alcohol also has health and fitness benefits such mainly because vasodilation. These are just some of what Health fitness hints recommend
Almost certainly you be aware of the trend listed here... Commercial Property finance loan Financing work extremely well in essentially any field for any specific commercial asset. Speak with the Business Finance Broker if you find yourself ready to purchase a Commercial Housing opportunity.
The truth is that I will sit right here today as well as write what you need to be searching for in business trends after which a 12 months from right now, write exactly the same sort associated with article along with different tips to keep close track of as business as well as society develop.
You'll discover all sorts and patterns of fashion blogs for the reason that internet is rich in them. It can look at the main benefit of wearing skeletal jeans in excess of boyfriend trousers or the way pink takes the site of black color plus each of the extras. Since you go on the net, you could possibly get your fill on the latest in fashion trends by using fashion blogs.
The reality is that I am able to sit in this article today in addition to write what you long for to be in search of in business trends then a season from at this point, write identical sort connected with article having different suggestions for be mindful of as business in addition to society advance.
Most of us have heard the actual argument with regard to spending much more now upon quality in order to save money later on. But how about the effect your purchase is wearing the globe, shouldn't shopping ethically participate the dialogue too?
Travel will give you something to count on... to organize... to review for... and later to share. You will bring home experiences. Life might get somewhat monotonous when you let the item, particularly when you finally retire whilst your work lifetime ends. Anticipation might be priced at at least approximately the excursion itself along with the memories of which follow this trip.
Health fitness strategies also recommend that vices should really be stopped. Smoking predisposes you to vascular conditions which includes arteriosclerosis and even heart problems. Alcohol consumption don't have to be done away with but should really be limited to help you 30 jiggers 24 hours only. Alcohol always has what are the benefits such simply because vasodilation. These are are just some of what Health fitness strategies recommend
Will you be thinking in relation to remodeling ones home? Remember you might achieve ones goal with not a giant purchase. Small upgrades introduced in every room, including the outer entrance can make each of the difference.
Travel provides you with something to anticipate... to get ready for... to research for... and later to talk about. You brings home tales. Life could possibly get somewhat monotonous should you let this, particularly once you retire as well as your work existence ends. Anticipation may be worth at least around the journey itself and also the memories which follow the actual trip.
Health fitness tips and hints also suggest that vices could be stopped. Smoking predisposes people to vascular conditions along the lines of arteriosclerosis not to mention heart sicknesses. Alcohol consumption does not have to be got rid of but could be limited towards 30 jiggers a full day only. Alcohol even so has health rewards such for the reason that vasodilation. These are just some of what Health fitness tips and hints recommend
Seen you are aware of the trend in this case... Commercial Home owner loan Financing are available in very nearly any market place for any variety of commercial building. Speak utilizing your Business Finance Broker remember when you are ready to invest in a Commercial Realty opportunity.
More than likely you understand the trend below... Commercial Home finance loan Financing works extremely well in nearly any sector for just about any commercial residence. Speak using your Business Finance Broker when you find yourself ready to get a Commercial Real estate property opportunity.
You will find all forms and shapes of fashion blogs as the internet is full of them. It can talk about the advantage of wearing skinny jeans over boyfriend jeans or how pink takes the place of black plus all the extras. As you go online, you will get your fill of the latest in fashion trends via fashion blogs.
Real estate individuals live plus die by way of their capability add cost. With virtually no added cost, there will be no sales. This very well with every business, but why is real estate this sort of great business including a great choice, is the sheer numbers of ways it's fine to use value and cash in on big sales.
Have you been thinking about remodeling your home? Keep in mind that you can often achieve your goal without a giant expense. Small improvements introduced in almost every room, including the exterior of the house can make all the difference.
Real estate option traders live together with die by just their capacity add valuation. With hardly any added valuation, there happen to be no proceeds. This well said with all business, but what makes real estate an extremely great business in addition to a great financial commitment, is numerous ways it is possible to value and profit from big proceeds.
We have all heard the argument for spending more now on quality to save money later. But what about the impact your purchase has on the world, shouldn't shopping ethically be part of the discussion too?
Real estate businesses live not to mention die from their capability to add benefits. With certainly no added benefits, there are actually no business earnings. This for sure with any sort of business, but what makes real estate this great business and then a great funding, is the sheer number of ways you'll be able to value and take advantage of big business earnings.
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