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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Episode: 10226
Directed by: Phil Sogard
Tape Date: 12/6/06

Austin and Carrie tell their feelings for each other which the rest of the show takes place at the hospital….Bo and Hope make a difficult decision while others agonize with pity or anger; Lois finds killing Alex not so easy and Belle and Philip get encouraging news. More kudos to the cast for an awesome performance tomorrow..especially Kristian and Peter.


return to the roof. She admits that he, not Sami, was her biggest fear in returning to Salem. She can’t believe he’s still single and wonders what were those women in NYC thinking? He hugs her and kisses her softly, worried about moving too fast and losing her. She agrees, but says there’s a problem, Sami. She worries that they might just have stars in their eyes and are they really meant to be back together. He knows how she feels and they’ll work out their long distance relationship. His cell rings and they both laugh how late it is to get calls. He looks at the incoming call number and says it’s business and excuses himself (it’s Nicole worried about things). Carrie calls someone with ideas about her company and says how happy she is about being back with Austin. She’s hangs up and we hear Austin telling Nicole how he wished he could have warned the CEO of High Style about the take over. Carrie tells him she can’t believe it. Of course she didn’t overhear him, she found a piece of paper from their past and found it by their initials carved on the wall. She asks if he still feels the same way about her. He tells her that he loves her and never stopped. Does she feel the same way? She says she does and he suggests they take things a little further and kisses her as the camera pans to their initials.


room continues to have a revolving door on it as Lois walks in unnoticed, shuts the door and closes the blinds. She takes her trusty syringe out of her pocket and tells him her plans, causing his blood pressure to rise. She’s even more determined now that she realizes he can hear her despite being in a coma. She tells him she loved him even before she became his patient. His eyelids flutter as she tells him how upset she got when that ISA agent approached her (John?) and told her that Alex was still involved with Marlena. She told herself she wouldn’t let that happen. We see Alex clench his fist while listening to her rant. We return to her laughing maniacly while rubbing his hair, ranting about how upset she was to hear that he and Marlena were back together. She vows to kill both of them. Once he’s gone, there’s nothing to stop her from killing Marlena. He surprises her by grabbing her wrist, setting off alarms (this IS ICU, right? Where are the nurses?) and tells her that her days of threatening Marlena are over. She wrestles her arm away as he weakens, and tells him to say goodbye.

MIMI brings coffee to SHAWN, who still can’t believe his brother is gone. He remembers playing ball with Zach and will miss seeing if his brother could have played pro ball. He continues to be angry with the person who hit Zach.

CHELSEA continues her “poor me” speech to Max, still not realizing SHE was the one who killed Zach. They see the officers talking to Abe and Max says the guilty person will be put away for a long time. Chelsea’s glad (can’t believe she hasn’t even put 2+2 together that he might have been what she hit, not a pot hole!) They overhear Jennifer telling Victor about Zach’s accident and Chelsea still can’t believe someone would have left him there. Later she moans about her losses again and hopes they lock away the guilty party forever.

ABE tells the new officers about how he had adopted Zach and he was his son for a while as well. He wants the driver found and put away for life. The officers apologize to Abe that they can’t tell him anything they’ve found being he’s not with the PD anymore. Abe understands and approves, wanting this case to be solid to put the guilty person away for a long time. Abe walks away and the officers ponder how Salem will react when they realize who hit Zach (thinking it was Bo). They receive word that the tests prove Bo’s car was the one that Zach and know it’s a rock solid case, but worry how it’ll tear apart the family.

BO, HOPE, LEXIE AND JENNIFER stare down at little Zach (we never see his face). Lexie assures them that specialists have seen Zach and reviewed his test results. The brain damage is irreversible. She starts to tell them how they could make something positive out of this, but Bo and Hope are still too distressed to hear. Hope especially refuses even thinking about letting her son die to help another. Bo tells Lexie, who tells them she wouldn’t ask if she thought there was any chance of saving Zach, that this is not a good time. Lexie calmly tells Hope that the respirator is the only thing keeping Zach alive, but he could save a life by donating some of his organs. She reminds them about Claire and there’s a possibility Zach could save Claire’s life. Hope realizes that they might be able to spare Philip and Belle the agony of losing their child as well and reluctantly, yet tearfully agrees and cries into Bo’s arms. As Hope sobs, he tells Lexie that they approve Zach’s being taken off life support as they know how much Zach loved Belle and would want to save her daughter. Lexie barely keeps her emotions in check as she tells them they’re doing the right thing. She leaves to get the papers as Bo and Hope cry over their little man. Bo tells Zach it was a privilege to be his parents and to share his life with him. Bo breaks down while telling his son goodbye and Hope tells Zach how much joy he gave them and kisses him as Bo sobs watching, then hugs her tightly (these two are amazing actors).

Lexie returns with the clipboard and Bo signs the papers agreeing for Zach to be taken off life support. Hope sobs and Lexie (fresh tears in her eyes) tells them that they just made one of life’s biggest decisions, but they did the right thing. Bo tells Hope that he just hopes something good comes from this as we see Chelsea across the hall at the desk, looking sorrowful. Max tries to get Chelsea down to the cafeteria to eat and keep her strength up, but she isn’t hungry and asks why everyone is taken away from her that she’s close to. Max reminds her that he was Zach’s uncle and is upset too, but Bo and Hope need them to be strong now.

Lexie waits impatiently for the lab results to see if Zach is a candidate for a donor to Claire. Abe comforts her as they remember how hard it was to lose Zach before. The lab results are back and Lexie looks at them.

VICTOR watches Shawn talking to Mimi and gets angry with himself for not telling him the truth about Claire.

PHILIP tells Belle they should take Claire off life support. He tells Claire how much they love her and don’t want to lose her. Belle steps away and he tells her that their daughter is dying and they have to accept that. She asks him to go somewhere with her and they go to the hospital chapel and light some candles. She prays to God for guidance as Philip watches, saying Claire’s life is in his hands and pleads with him to let her daughter live. If he must take her from them, help them understand why, otherwise to please spare her. Philip says they need to be with Claire. They get up to leave and she looks down on the floor and tells Philip it’s a sign, God sent them a sign. Later we find Belle picking up a sprig of babies breath (the delicate white flowers you find in flower arrangements) and tells Philip when she was visiting her grandmother in Colorado and saw them growing wild there. Her grandmother told her when an angel whispers a prayer to God and when the prayer is answered, the angel thanks God with an offering of babies breath. Philip said they could use an angel to whisper their request to God for them. Belle’s confident this is a sign and asks for him to be patient for a little longer. A nurse finds them and says Dr. Carver needs to see them right away, it’s an emergency. They rush out. Lexie tells them they found a liver, but warns them that it might be too late. They still have to see if Claire’s body will accept the new liver. Belle and Philip are so encouraged by this news.

BO AND HOPE rush up to the two officers after leaving Zach, demanding to know who hit and killed their son. They ask if it was a drunk driver. They ask to speak with Bo alone, but Hope is back and says absolutely not! Bo said they want to know two things… who was driving the car that hit their son and how they’re going to be punished (this is DETECTIVE Brady asking two rookies?) Bo warns the officers to keep the driver away from him as he’ll tear them apart. They exchange glances and Bo asks why. They say they know who did it (NO, you know the car that did it, not WHO!)…as the picture freezes on Bo and Hope staring at the officers….


Sami is in bed holding the sheets up to cover herself. She looks shocked as Lucas rants:
“What are you trying to do, seduce me? You trying to get another kid out of me because the one we have hates you?”

Belle tells Philip and Lexie: “I cannot do this. I can’t.”
Lexie: “Are you saying you don’t want the transplant?”

Hope rushes angrily at the officers, yelling at the top of her lungs.. “Who killed my son, you tell me now! Who killed him? Who killed my boy?” (just where is Commander Brady during all this is my question..he should be there!!)

We see a flash of Zach’s face and Max asking Chelsea what’s wrong….as her face registers the truth of what happened…..

As the credits roll

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