Monday, January 16, 2006


Tuesday, January 17th

Episode: 10231
Directed by: Albert Alarr
Tape date: 12/13/06

Jennifer sees Jack’s video, Bo’s talk to Hope is interrupted by the police; Kate meddles once again and High Style take over is complete….

Jennifer returns home as it’s snowing lightly outside. She looks up, in tears, telling Jack she needs him more than ever now. Inside Frankie replays the video from Jack on the tv. We see Jack telling him that he’s following up on him and hoping he’s taking care of Jennifer and there for her, making her see that there’s life after Jack. In his one sided discussion, he tells Frankie not to argue with him and make Jennifer love him once again. Frankie wells up a little and hears the door open as Jack finishes. Jennifer walks in asking what he’s watching. He asks about Zack, changing the subject. She tells him in tears about what happened to Zack and how it saved Claire’s life. She tells him she justed dropped Gran off at home and they checked on Claire and she was doing okay. Jennifer sobs, not knowing how to feel. She’s thrilled for Belle and Philip, but her heart is broken for Bo and Hope. How can they survive after something like this. She tells him how Bo’s holding up, but Hope needed to be sedated. She mentions Bo’s car being suspected, but it doesn’t make sense. Frankie asks if he can help (hmmm..he’s a lawyer, right?) and will be there for them anyway he can. He’s not gong anywhere. The two of them hug as they look out the window (gorgeous snow capped landscape outside). Jennifer asks about JJ and Frankie says he just went down for a nap. Although she wants to hold her son, she knows being he just went down and shouldn’t. He settles her on the couch and goes to make her tea. She sees the tv’s still on and turns on the cd player. Jack pops on the screen, telling Frankie there’s one last thing. He can show it to Jennifer when he feels she’s strong enough to see it. He loved Jennifer and tells her Frankie is the right one for her and their kids and she should not feel guilty for loving him. He’ll always love her, but doesn’t want her mourning him the rest of her life. He wants her to fall in love again and maybe another brother or sister for JJ. Nothing would bring him more peace and happiness than to know that she and Frankie are living happily ever after. Jack gets up and turns off the camera. Frankie stands with her tea at the door, knowing what she just saw, as Jennifer takes what she just saw in.

Nicole works at the computer telling Sami she needs more coffee. Austin walks out, putting on his shirt, LOL. Sami offers to fetch bagels/donuts, but he says no, as she tells them she’s helping out in more ways than they know. Nicole asks Austin if he wants the honor of hitting the last ENTER key to buy up the last of High Style’s shares. He feels a little guilty about buying up someone’s company that they put so much hard work into, but Nicole eagerly isn’t, saying they obviously didn’t work hard enough. High Style’s CEO is a light weight and deserves being taken over. They high five giddily as Sami watches. Nicole suggests champagne be poured to celebrate. It’s poured, but before Austin takes it, says he has to do something he’s been dreading the most. He sits down at the computer.

Across the hall Carrie panics as she watches her company stock being bought up. Lucas asks who could be doing this and she knows. She asks if Titan was doing it, Lucas strongly denies it. She wonders if Victor might have done it, but Lucas also stands behind Victor not doing it 100%. She questions how he knows that, but he suggests she call Becky. She does so and Becky’s freaking out with the takeover and how their employees are reacting. She tells Carrie she just received an email (not a phone call??) telling her to shut down the product line and to lay off most of the development, sales and marketing personnel (did the email have a sender’s NAME?) It’s really over, isn’t it? Carrie confirms it is and she’ll talk to their people when she returns to LA, but to tell the people to start looking for other jobs. Becky asks if that means her too and Carrie replies, “I’m afraid so.” Carrie breaks down and hangs up. Lucas takes her into his arms.

Sami watches silently as Nicole is exuberant and Austin’s feeling remorse over not contacting the CEO before the take over. He wants to talk to her now and explain. Sami rationalizes that being he just swallowed her company, the CEO won’t want to hear from him. Nicole says the company wouldn’t have lasted anyway. Sami feels bad all those people lost their jobs. Austin said he’ll probably hire them back, and sooner than later. Nicole says they’ll collect some unemployment until then, a paid vacation. Sami (having been there, done that), says that’s not the way it is. Nicole continues you have to break a few eggs to make an omelette..but being Sami doesn’t cook, wouldn’t know that, LOL. (side note… on Martha Stewart, Martha teaches Days of Our Lives star Alison Sweeney how to make adorable birthday favors for kids.) Nicole stops Austin, saying they have a lot of work to do. Sami tells Nicole that Austin can take five minutes to go tell Carrie his big news and knows how happy Carrie will be for him. Austin says Sami is freaking him out…but thanks her. He heads down the hall. Nicole looks oddly at Sami, who smiles in return.

Austin decides to go tell Carrie his big news. We see her telling Lucas how whoever it was that took over didn’t even try to contact her. She calls them brutal, bloodthirsty predators and she’ll never forgive them for as long as she lives. Austin knocks on the door saying he has news and Carrie wipes tears from inside, saying so does she. She opens the door and he picks her up and swirls her, saying he needs her to help him celebrate.

Belle and Shawn are joined with Philip, Mimi and of course, Kate. Philip announces he and Victor got access to the drug for transplant rejection, but Belle happily announces Claire’s fever broke and knows she’ll be just fine. Shawn mentions Zack said she would, which of course raises some eyebrows. They tell Philip about what Zack said and while he goes to see Claire, Belle and Shawn quietly say they wouldn’t tell him about Zack saying they belonged together..but Kate overhears that). Shawn tells them he is happy for Claire and doesn’t want them ever to feel guilty about Zack’s part in saving her life. Before they leave Belle and Philip alone with Claire, Mimi offers to get them coffee and Kate offers to help. She takes the opportunity to put a little concern to Mimi about Belle and Shawn getting closer again after this. Mimi assures her that Shawn will never go back to Belle. Kate asks how she knows and Mimi tells her about Shawn’s secret proposal. Kate says it’s the second best news she’s heard today.

Kate returns and questions Belle (alone) about what she overheard what Zack said. Belle doesn’t deny it, nor does she know why he said it. Kate explains it as her being exhausted and she just needs to deal with what’s real. What Zack said was in her imagination and Philip and Claire are what’s real. She advises Belle to forget all that other nonsense and to focus on her daughter and husband.

Shawn joins Mimi in the waiting room. Shawn tells Mimi that Zack told them that he and Belle belonged together. Mimi stands up saying maybe that’s the way it should be then, but Shawn stands up too. He says he didn’t want ANY secrets between them and he’s crazy about her and madly in love with her..otherwise he wouldn’t want to marry her. She kisses him back and says she loves him too. They hug and decide to go see their goddaughter as Kate watches. Kate tells Belle and Philip that despite the tragedy today, so many other good things happened…Claire’s going to get better and Shawn and Mimi got engaged. Cue surprised look on Belle and Philip’s faces as Kate apologizes (yeah, right), figuring THEY would know even though it’s a secret.

Bo watches over Hope, softly saying his daughter was the one who hit their son and he was the one who gave her the car. Hope opens her eyes saying that’s not true, still groggy. She asks if she had a bad dream and is Zack home sleeping in his bed, safe and sound. Bo tells her he’s sorry. Hope remembers them saying it was Bo’s car that hit Zack. Bo changes his tune and says whoever it was, it was late at night and they probably didn’t know they hit someone. Hope can’t believe he’s defending this monster and demands to know if he knows who did this! Hope breaks down sobbing, borderline hysterical, wanting answers as to who did this. Bo tries to get her to relax, but she refuses. One of the rookies walks in saying they have the person who killed their son. Bo looks shocked.

Earlier, Billie confirms to the rookies that she was the one who hit Zach Brady. (Didn’t we hear Billie just got back to town? How long will it take these ace rookies to find she was on a plane at the time the accident happened?) She tells them she was scared and didn’t stop (and you’re a former cop and super duper ISA agent, yeah, right) Chelsea cries as she silently watches. They ask for her name and address (228 Whitley Street for all you address keepers) and her proof of insurance and drivers license (guess they’ll get the paperwork done before arresting her for fatal hit and run driver.) They turn their backs on her to look at her documents as Chelsea asks what she’s doing. Billie said to protect her, she’s her daughter and she loves her. Chelsea asks what Bo will do when he hears what she did? Billie quiets her and Chelsea asks how she can thank her, “mom”. Hug hug as the rookies ask if she wants a lawyer. Billie says no, she’s ready to give them her confession right now.

At the end of the show, Hope demands to see the woman who hit her son and storms into the waiting room. The rookie points at Billie, who looks sadly at Hope as Hope says “Billie?” as she breaks down sobbing…and Bo stares in shock from behind her (Chelsea’s still weeping nearby too)….as the previews roll..

MAX TO CHELSEA: I just think that for the rest of your life, it would better if she did the right thing now.

HOPE TO BILLIE: You killed Zack?
CARRIE TO SAMI: “I don’t know what to do now.”
SAMI: You should find out who the son of a bitch is that did this to you and make them pay for ruining your life. (Austin is talking to Nicole in the background)

LOIS TO MARLENA (as they struggle): You kept the love of my life away from me and now you have to pay (this was what..25-30 years ago at least that she took him away, LOL?)
MARLENA: “No, No, don’t kill me.”

FRANKIE TO JENNIFER: “…and I never stopped…”

As the credits roll…

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