Monday, January 23, 2006


Tuesday, January 24th

Episode: 10,236
Directed by: Phil Sogard
Tape Date: 1/5/06

IT'S A SAD DAY IN SALEM...Carrie's over what Austin did to her, and for Austin what he did to Carrie; Hope over losing Zack and Bo about his own guilt for his part in it; Billie is booked and tells Kate her "secret"; and Chelsea still refuses to take the blame.

Nicole and try to convince Austin that he can’t undo the take over, but he’s determined to try as it meant so much to Carrie. Sami and Nicole bicker over who’s to blame for not finding out who was the CEO. Sami goes so far as to accuse Nicole of knowing Carrie was the CEO. Nicole says that sounds like something you’d do and Austin gets a light bulb moment as his eyes pop and agrees with Nicole. Sami denies knowing it was Carrie and Austin takes the blame on himself. Nicole and Sami continue their blame shoot until Austin tells them to SHUT UP (thank you Austin). He vows to give back to Carrie what belongs to her if it’s the last thing he does (she doesn’t OWN the company, is just the CEO and my guess is she probably would be fired for letting the takeover happen to begin with?) Austin called someone and found out that there’s no going back. Nicole and Sami continue their bickering about who should be fired. Austin says no one is getting fired, he’s the boss and signed off on it. Nicole suggests they move on and with him in charge, High Style will be a big success. Ding Dong…Carrie’s there. He tells her about his attempt to reverse the takeover, but can’t. He asks if she can forgive him.

Across the hall Lucas comforts Carrie and tries to reassure her she’ll find another company, but saying it has to hurt that Austin was the one who took it away from her. She agrees and will never forgive him for it. Losing him hurt more than losing her company. She tells Lucas she couldn’t get Austin off her mind after breaking up with Mike. She loved Mike, but could never forget Austin. It was too good to be true that Austin was still available and wanted to be with her too. Crying, she says she doesn’t even recognize Austin anymore. Lucas stokes her Anti-Austin fire and asks if she can give Austin up. She talks about forgiving Austin and leaves to go see him, much to Lucas’ chagrin.

Bo heated up some soup and insists Hope should eat it. He says she hasn’t eaten since… She hugs Zack’s t-shirt and hopes Billie rots in prison. Bo says there’s something I have to tell you. A flashback of him telling Chelsea he won’t lie to his wife as Chelsea whines about her life being over (uh, like Zack’s?) and then flashback of him telling Billie that he’s the reason his son is dead and knowing that Hope will always blame him. He backpedals and tells Hope that he loves her and nothing will ever change that. She hugs him tight and he tells her that they’ll get through this together. She finds a wrinkled up drawing that Zack drew in his backpack. It says Mommy and Zack and stick drawings of them holding hands. Bo hugs her with the drawing between them. She tells him this was the surprise Zack had for her and clutches it to her bosom, promising Zack she’ll keep it forever. Hope tells him all she has left is her memories and the doorbell rings. She doesn’t want any visitors, but he comes back and says it’s Mrs. H., Maggie and Julie. Hope goes out and cries in Gran’s arms. Later the 4 women are in the kitchen telling Hope what they brought to eat. Hope can’t eat, not even Gran’s homemade chicken soup, as they tell her she needs to keep her strength up for Bo and Shawn if not for herself. Bo walks in wearing his jacket and Maggie asks where he’s going. He tells them now that Hope is in their capable hands, he’s going down to the station. Hope says to check on Billie, the woman who killed their son. Gran tells Bo to go do what he has to do and they’ll take care of Hope. Bo gives Hope a kiss goodbye, saying he won’t be long. Hope starts to go after him, but Gran takes her hand instead.

Later Hope’s hugging Zack’s stuffed animals as Maggie and Julie walk in saying she hadn’t eaten much. Hope thanks them, and they say they love her, concerned. Hope hugs them and says she loves them too, but needs to be alone and hopes they understand. She looks at the framed family picture they had taken on Christmas.

The door slams on her cell as we see Max and Abby taking Chelsea to turn herself in. She still doesn’t want to, but her friends remind her that Bo will be telling Hope soon anyway. Chelsea doesn’t think that Bo will tell Hope. When Abby asks how can she let her mother go to prison for her, Chelsea said her mother is dead and was killed by a drunk driver. At least she wasn’t drunk. Abby reminds her that it was an accident. Chelsea figures her mother’s driving record and ISA background will get her off. She refuses to confess. She tells them she was looking for her cell phone when the accident happened and knows it’s against the state law to drive and talk on cell phone. (just checked on the net and Illinois and Minnesota don’t allow beginning drivers to use cells while driving.) Later Patrick asks to speak with Chelsea alone. He asks her to be honest.

Billie’s being booked as Kate arrives at the cop shop and Patrick fills her in on Billie’s confession to hitting Zack. They both know Billie wouldn’t have left the scene and he fesses up to caring for Billie and wanting to help. Without going through procedures or a search, Kate walks into the cell area and the guard gives her 10 minutes to chat with her daughter. Kate doesn’t understand Billie’s behavior and demands the truth. Billie agrees and asks her to promise not to tell anyone else. She’ll understand once she knows what really happened. Kate says this insane after hearing the truth and tries to convince Billie so. Kate says she’ll tell the truth if Billie won’t. They’ll find her a good lawyer. Billie tells Kate to be quiet and to mind her own damn business! Billie says she’s doing it because Chelsea is her daughter, that’s what mothers do….unlike Kate who didn’t protect her children and let their abusive father have his way. Ouch. Kate says there was nothing she could do then. Billie breaks down saying she’s going to do what Kate didn’t do for them, protect her. Now that she’s found her daughter again, she’s not letting them take her away again. Billie says she’s older and knows the system, unlike Chelsea. She wasn’t there for her daughter when she was growing up, but she’s there for her now. Kate runs into Bo as she starts to leave and asks him to talk Billie out of what she’s doing. Bo tells Billie she’s not going to jail for Chelsea and putting a stop to the lies right now.

As the Previews roll…

Chelsea sets fires to some papers as Abby says: “Chelsea, what are you doing?”

JENNIFER TO HOPE: "You know that Bo is destroyed by losing Zack."
HOPE (crying) responds: "I just don’t understand how he could even talk to her. "

BILLIE TO BO: "It could be the end of your marriage. Is that what you want?"

MARLENA TO ALEX (who’s back in his hospital bed): "I would like very much if we could renew our marriage vows."

As the credits roll…Linda

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