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Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Episode: 10221
Directed by: Deveney Kelly
Tape Date: 11/30

Summary: Sami's party continues as Sami tries to keep Austin and Carrie apart; Bo rushes to Chelsea's aid as John and Alex rush to Marlena's; and Hope's maternal instinct has her go to get Zach and take him home.....

Austin and Carrie head to the roof as Sami watches and slips out her window to the fire escape. Lucas tells Eugenia what’s going on. As she polishes off the champagne, she reminds Lucas what will happen when Carrie finds out that Austin took over her company and not to worry. He agrees, turns up the music and starts dancing (?) to it as Eugenia claps. Nicole gets off the elevator, hears the music and figures it’s so like Sami to have a party and not invite her (’s after midnight and she probably just got the papers notarized and returning home, wide awake). She tells herself that if Sami thinks she’s going to get Austin, she’s got the shock of her life. Nicole walks in finding Lucas and Eugenia gabbing on the couch, grumbling she was stuck working while everyone else played. They tell Nicole that Austin’s on the roof with Carrie and silently Nicole vows neither of the Brady sisters will get Austin.

Sami stands on the fire escape listening to Austin and Carrie both telling each other this is where they want to be, with each other. Sami sticks her fist in her mouth and falls backward (uh oh). She hung on, but knows the world will come crashing in on Carrie the next day anyway after she learns they took over her company. Carrie and Austin remember another romantic time on the roof (as we see a flashback of her with short hair dancing with him and their kissing. Carrie said those were special times. He asks her to dance and they both say work has held them over, but 2006 should be much better. Sami watches, disagreeing to herself. Carrie comments on his living arrangement, but he explains how it happened and is going to put down roots in Salem now. She tells him her company is on the west coast, but she hopes to settle down and have kids one day. He would too, saying finding out that Will wasn’t his own son still hurts (cue look on Sami’s face). They start to kiss as Sami stops them and climbs up off the fire escape. She says she was on the fire escape taking a break from her “guests” and overheard them, so climbed up the fire escape. Rubbing her shoulders, Sami comments on how cold it is. Carrie agrees. Austin realizes that’s true and takes off his jacket and puts it over Carrie’s shoulders, much to Sami’s chagrin ;-) They tell her they were up there sharing old times and she asks if they’re coming back down with her or staying up there. Sami vows that Austin will be nothing but a memory to Carrie soon.

Nicole has had a few martinis by the time we return. A sober Lucas listens to her gloat about their success this time around and how grateful Austin will be for all her hard work. She knows the CEO is a woman, but doesn’t know who it is. Lucas smirks the CEO is in for a big surprise. In the morning the CEO will find out and her boss (Austin) will wake up a big “wiener” as she uses her German accent, LOL. Lucas toasts her with cider to Austin’s big surprise the next day. Austin and the Brady girls return and he apologizes about her not being invited..but he just found out about the party himself. They ask about the surprise and Lucas covers, saying it was Nicole’s and she quietly tells Austin that High Style is theirs. Lucas tells Eugenia he’s better for Carrie than Austin is and Carrie will realize that.

Alex pounds and screams until a guard comes and he repeats that Marlena Evan’s life is in danger and she’s alone with a psychopath in her apartment. They need to send someone over there NOW. Later Tek calls John with an update on Alex’s being genuinely worried about Marlena’s safety. After just talking with Marlena, John knows she’s okay and orders Tek to put Alex in maximum lockup (uh,’re NOT a Salem cop John) and Tek says he’ll do so. Tek walks up to Alex’s cell and sees him looking the opposite direction, talking out loud about how worried he is that Marlena’s life is in danger. Tek orders an officer to put Alex in maximum security and leaves to go do something. The officer pushes open the jail cell door and Alex takes the opportunity to punch him, take something off him and leave.

Guess there were too many pillows in Marlena’s bed. She takes some out and crawls under the covers, turning off the light. Lois sneaks up the stairs with the knife and opens Marlena’s door. Marlena wakes up and calls the hospital (Lois snuck back out). She had a bad dream about Claire and calls to check on her. She talks to then nurse, then John. She wants to come over to the hospital, but he tells her there’s nothing she could do and to stay home. She tells him about Alex’s call and he insists on calling the station and muzzling Alex. She asks him to tell Belle she loves her (even though she doesn’t remember her, LOL) and is thinking about her. (She doesn’t mention Lois being at the penthouse). She turns off the light again and Lois steps inside.

The monitor beeped as Claire had another arthymia (sp). Philip asks Lexie to tell them if there’s any chance for their daughter. Lexie feels it’s time they took Claire off life support, but Belle still refuses, confident a donor will save her. We return to Belle singing to Claire and telling Philip their daughter isn’t suffering and they can’t give up. Shawn and Mimi walk in and he agrees with Belle.

Kate thanks Victor for not telling anyone about Claire’s paternity. Looking at Bo and Hope, he doesn’t feel right that Claire’s grandparents don’t know the truth (much less her father). He tells her she has to stop playing God.

A replay of Shawn proposing to Mimi as she gasps. He doesn’t think she’s ready, but she tells him she’d love to marry him. He suggests they keep it a secret for now, much to her surprise. He explains this is not the time to share their happiness and she agrees.

Hope repeats her thankfulness about their kids being healthy to Bo. He stops her from calling to check on Zach again. The nurse tells Bo he has a call. It’s Chelsea on her cell in the car. She tells him something bad happened and she needs him right away. He asks if she had another accident and she says no. The cars just not running right and it’s not her fault, she swears. She’s at the corner of Park and Elm and he says that’s not far and he’ll be right there (he and Hope drive separate cars?) He tells Hope that Chelsea needs a lift and she’s grateful Chelsea’s not driving and understands this little inconvenience is okay. He remembers his conversation with Chelsea, not telling Hope he not only signed her temp. license, but loaned her their car.

Hope tells John how sorry she is for all they’re going through. He asks what else is bothering her and she asks him to tell Bo that she went to get Zach and is taking him home. Victor overhears and is upset, telling Kate that Bo and Hope should be there for their granddaughter.

Tek calls John (on the hospital phone…the nurses must be getting tired of playing switchboard, haha) and tells him that Alex has escaped.

Philip agrees with Shawn and Belle and the four of them will pray together over Claire. Lexie says it’s their decision.

Lois is raising the scissors over Marlena when Alex arrives (how did he get in?) and calls out to Marlena (Lois has locked the bedroom door). He runs to use his handy window entry and John arrives and looks up (now..what floor is that penthouse again?) saying “oh God no”. He orders Alex to stop, but Alex is determined to save Marlena before it’s too late and continues. John shoots Alex in the left shoulder and he falls (hmm…to the terrace below them, we don't see???) Marlena wakes up inside as Lois has the scissors raised behind her.

At the beginning of the show we see a replay of Chelsea driving with blasting music and flipping open her cellphone as Zach steps off the curb and she feels a ka-thump. All we see is what Zach was carrying on the ground.

Bo arrives after getting Chelsea’s call (see above) and finds Chelsea near the car. The front fender is damaged. She tells him she hit something and then the car wouldn’t steer right after she went over a curb. She swears she wasn’t speeding and it wasn’t her fault..but needs his help. He tries to calm her down, saying she did right by calling him. She’s mostly worried about losing her license again. Later he checks the car, said it probably just needs realignment and it’s okay and nothing to lose her license over. She’s relieved and thankful he’s her dad…hug hug.

Hope arrives on foot to get Zach at his friends and sees something in the street. She goes to get it saying “What is that?” looking to the right and says "Zach, Zach, oh my God, Zach…” as the previews roll…

John to Marlena: “You’ve got nothing more to fear, Alex North is dead.”
Marlena’s sitting in bed and looking startled.

Chelsea to Bo: “It’s the cops. Dad, what am I going to do?”

Kate to Philip: “I’ve got to talk to you.”
Philip: “Now is not the best time mom.”
Kate: You’ve got to prepare yourself. I have some pretty devastating news.”

We see the paramedics rushing Zach into the ER as Hope tries to follow. Shawn stops her saying “you can’t go”.
Hope: I can’t lose him. Oh my God, I can’t lose my baby.”

As the credits roll…

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