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Episode #10,242
Tape date-1/13
Director-Herb Stein

Claire comes home from the hospital, as seemingly, all the rest of Salem gathers at the courthouse, all trying to get someone to tell the truth to Hope.

BELLE PICKS UP CLAIRE, happy that she is going to be taking her home today. Shawn & Mimi come in, with Shawn holding Claire for a bit. Mimi notes how good he is with babies, and will make a great dad. Belle says Philip has gone to the arraignment, so she was hoping they would help her take Claire home. Bonnie looks in, telling herself that Shawn can never know he is Claire’s father. (Guess with Kate not there, someone else has to pick up the slack, talking to themselves about Shawn being the daddy)

Outside the door, John, Marlena & Alex arrive, with John commenting what a happy day for them as grandparents. He reminds Marlena that the two of them are grandparents, and Alex has nothing to do with this and should not be there. Marlena lets him know that she & Alex will be renewing their wedding vows, and once they do that, he will be Claire’s step-grandfather. Alex says he has some work to do, and will see her later and leaves. John & Marlena enter the room, but John soon leaves, saying he has to check on something. Shawn & Mimi go outside in the hall, while Marlena helps Belle pack up, as she tells Belle that she & Alex will be renewing their vows, that she hopes Belle will be there with them, and be happy for her mother. Belle is not a happy camper. Out in the hall, Shawn & Mimi talk about their wedding, and agree they should wait a while. His family has to have time to grieve and heal. Bonnie, naturally, listens to every word and she is not happy about this.

Meanwhile, Alex is with a disappointed Lois, who complains about being locked away in an institution AGAIN. Alex tries to reassure her, saying it will not be for long. In comes John, wondering what the heck Alex is doing there. Alex pulls out the old “She was my patient, and I am a psychiatrist, and am trying to help her” baloney. John isn’t buying it, and leaves. Lois comments that John is a very determined man, but Alex says John is smart, but he is smarter, and by the time John gets wise to him, it will be too late. Alex attempts to comfort a very suspicious Lois, who doesn’t like the way things are going. He tells her to follow his plan, and she will be getting everything she deserves. (THAT doesn’t sound good for Lois, lol)

BELLE COMES HOME with Claire, helped by her mom, with Shawn & Mimi bringing in some groceries. As they put them away in the kitchen, Belle says something to her mom, about being happy to have Claire home with her & Shawn. Marlena is surprised, & Belle covers, just saying he has been a huge support to her & Phil. Marlena reminds her of how she called out Shawn’s name, when she was in labor (hmmm, I thought Marlena lost all her memories) Belle tells her how Shawn was there thru all of Claire’s illness, and then about the dream. (Amazing that Shawn & Mimi do not hear this, as they are just a few feet away). She tells her mother what Zack said, and that both she & Shawn had the same dream. Ring, Ring, the doorbell. Mimi opens the door, to find Bonnie standing there with arms full of grocery bags. She talks about celebrating Claire’s return home (boy, just as pushy as Kate, I swear), but Mimi says Philip is not there, and it is rather inappropriate just now. Nothing deters Bonnie to mentions that then they could celebrate Mimi & Shawn’s engagement. Mimi tries to shut her mother up. John arrives, telling Marlena about finding Alex with Lois, but Marlena defends him. Bonnie hears Mimi & Shawn discussing having kids, with him asking Mimi if their lst son could be named after Zack. They are still talking of waiting for a while before getting married. Bonnie pulls Mimi out in the hall, and tells her she has to get married right away, or she won’t be getting married at all. Mimi doesn’t understand, so pushy Bonnie blurts out that Shawn is really the father of Claire. Mimi is shocked.

AT THE COURTHOUSE, Frankie argues with Billie about her determination to protect Chelsea. Billie insists Chelsea is just a kid, but Frankie reminds her that Chelsea is 18, and an adult. Billie wants no attorney, insists she is going to plead guilty and that is the end of it. She makes Frankie promise to keep her confidence.

In the hall, Patrick is confronting Chelsea, telling her he knows she is the one who was driving the car and hit Zack, and that he has proof. Chelsea whines (BTW, bandage is now gone) that Patrick doesn’t care about her.

In the courtroom, Caroline urges Bo to tell Hope the truth. She walks in, overhearing and demands to know what they are talking about. Caroline leaves. Bo stands mute. He wants her to leave, but she insists on staying there to see Billie get what she deserves. An officer of the court comes in putting something on the table. As Bo is about to begin to tell Hope, she spots the item on the table, and gets all upset. It is a plastic bag containing the clothes Zack was wearing. Hope picks it up, crying. Bo tells her that is why she should not be there. He goes to get her some water and runs into Caroline. She insists he return and tell Hope the truth. He goes back in, but before he can say anything, Hope faints. He gets her to a bench, and she comes to, insisting she is all right. Hope leaves, and Caroline scolds Bo, telling him Hope should hear it from him, before she hears it from someone else.

Patrick & Chelsea are arguing in the hall. Inside the room, Frankie is still arguing with Billie. She hears the voices and comes out in the hall, and rants at Patrick, ordering him to keep quiet. Caroline has run into Frankie and both admit they know the truth, and know it is going to eventually come out. Patrick argues with Billie, but she will not budge, and warns Patrick to keep quiet. Hope comes around the corner, asking Patrick what he is doing there. Patrick looks at Billie, telling her she has to stop lying. Hope asks, “Lying about what”. Silence, as Billie looks at Bo, then Patrick, while Chelsea looks at Billie. Bo steps alongside Hope as she demands to know what is going on here. The camera freezes on her face, as black & white pictures of Billie, Chelsea & Bo appear on the left side of the screen. And the previews show………

Chelsea to Max: You have to take me somewhere far away from here, where they are never gonna find me. Please say you’ll help me.

Mimi: I knew this was too good to be true Bonnie: What are you talking about? Mimi: There’s no way I can marry Shawn now

Sami: She said you were two completely different people now, and that it is over between you. Austin: I’m not giving up, no matter what she says

Lucas to Carrie: Austin Reed & Co. Our lst order of business will be to crush them. (this sounds like perhaps Carrie is now working for Titan??)


Actually, Marlena lost her memories before Belle gave birth. I remember the scene where she came into the back room in the church and babbled something about not remembering her doctor days but being there for Belle. Or something.

Can she please get her memory back already? It's been too long and we need to move on.
i agree too this is getting so old so fast lets move on days! and lets move on with zach's death. he is gonna have a funeral???
I'm fed up with the 4way story line, Sammi,Carrie, Austin and Lucas. This is old news, come up with a new story line...boring................
The storyline Marlena & Alex stinks! How could a woman so educated, be so stupid? We need to get on with it!!! I also think Chelsea could leave town now and no one would even miss her!
To make a little more drama and the story lines more interesting...I wish Mimi would be one of the Days females to get pregnant. I wish John being an ISA person would hurry up and figure out Alex and Lois and that storyline would be over. I wish Sami and Lucas would get over the Austin and Carrie deal and finally marry and live happily ever after.
Days, as usual, goes too slow with story lines and doesn't have a fresh thought. Get Stephano back, go to some of the crime solving story lines or a treasure hunt.
Get away from this endless, Bo, Hope Bill, Marlana, John, Alex, Carrie, Austin, Sammie and Lucas. Get these couples back together and involve them in some search for something in a foreign country. Bring Jack Back. These couples have been ripped apart too long. And buy the way. What happened to the fact that Marlana was married to John for about 25 years and he raised her two children, Sammie being one. Ungrateful whinning brat. And Bell being the other.
Does a memory of a man from 30 some years ago erase all those years of love with John.
Good grief our divorse courts are full enough with real reasons to divorce. If I left my husband for my high school sweetheart I would consider myself an idiot.
Day's need to get some new story's.... It is the same thing over and over. Enough with Alex, Marlena, John. When Carrie, Lucas, Austin, & Sami comes on I hit "FF". Enough Enough WE NEED SOME NEW STORY'S AND FAST..... I hope they don't let Shawn wait until Claire if half grown before they tell him he is a "DADDY".....
Marlena and John Forever!!!!!!
A great twist to the story would be to have Mimi get pregnant by Shawn before he finds out he's Claires daddy. The writters of this show need to move things faster. They didn't have any problem rushing Belles pregnacy with Claire. Whats the hold up NOW???
I'm so sick of the storylines on Days right now. I read the early edition now instead of watching the show, because I don't want to waste an hour of my time every day. The Austin/Carrie/Lucas/Sami thing smacks of early '90s and feels like an old rerun. The Marlena/Alex/John/Lois thing is so old and tired that it's beyond hope. Days has dragged this plot out until I no longer care if they permanently kill all four of them off and get some fresh faces (there's a novel idea!!!). Kate's scheming, Shawn/Belle/Mimi/Philip, oh, it's so old. Wrap it up and get a fresh idea for a change. And if they bring Jack back (after killing him, what, a dozen times now???), I'm going to scream! The only interesting plot right now is the Bo/Hope/Billie crisis with Chelsea. I can't wait to see Hope's reaction when she finds out the truth. I kind of hope she kills Chelsea (on camera, so the little whiny brat can't come back in the future). If Hope doesn't do it, I sure do hope that someone else does!!
Okay, I know this sounds harsh, but if NBC decides that a gay character is necessary on yet another show, I'll probably quit watching. This store attendant hitting on Patrick is so cliched! It's just plain silly. It's like NBC feels like every show has to have a "token gay" now, and it really cheapens a well-written gay role.
All the young gals on Days are dull and oh so boring(with the exception of that scheming Sami and that spoiled brat, Chelsea). Please bring that hottie, Sophie, the cocktail waitress. She was so bubbly, effervescent, full of vitality and oh so sexy. And Austin , he and Carrie make a good match, they are the two dullest characters on the show!
I agree with all, Days moves so slow. When are they going to get to the part where Abe receives Zach's eyes. The poor child has been dead for weeks and he has not had a funeral as yet. AND Stephano should come back. The suspense stories are more fund to watch. I love to hate Stephanoand Bart is so cute. Sami drives me nuts.
Chelsea aka "Georgia" was still born in the swamp when Bo was looking for Greta & Billie went into early labor.....
I agree, I haven't watched the show for 3 years, just read the "early edition" - flipped through the channels yesterday and lo and behold they all look the same - please stop rerunning the same storylines with the same characters
I think they should rename the show to "The Days of Marlena Evans"
Technically, in Salem, it's only been a couple days since NYE. I find it amazing how quickly Claire has recovered from a liver transplant and is being sent home (in Salem Time, what's it been... 1-2 days since the surgery?)

Figure it would take 3-4 days from the accident for Zack's funeral....

In other words, in Days Time....he might get buried by Mid-February.....

I just read all the comments and agree this show is just too slow, boring old story lines told over and over, I read early edition (thank you for being there) and keep up that way. Please Days move on.
I'm sick to death of Belle, what a whiny princess. I know Sami is evil but I like her the most, especially when she is being devious. I would like to see her and Lucas get together, although their love/hate dynamic is fun, too. I don't watch often becuase of the hours I work, but depend on the updates to stay up to date. Where's Will been lately? Thank you for the awesome page all of you maintain. I would be lost without it!
The thing that annoys me the most is when Alex was in a coma, Lois kept trying to kill hem, even when nobody else was around. So I know she wasn't just acting or something. Also when Alex was in the coma, when John and Abe were in the room with him, Alex couldn't communicate with anyone, but he kept saying to himself, as if he weree actually talking to John and Abe that he wasn't the threat to Marlena, that Lois was. This is utterly confusing to me. They keep going back and forth with him being a villian, to being sincere, to being a villian again. It's becoming totally emotionally exhausting for me to even watch anymore.
I agree with all of you. I haven't watched days in forever, I just read the early edition(THANKS BTW)
But this is the most boring show in the world right now! It really is the same thing over and over. Even passions moves faster then this! But I also agree that they are going to impregnate Mimi before Shawn realizes Claire is really his daughter. Well, come on NBC and give us something good to watch or we will all switch shows. Keep in mind that most of us on this board have been watching for 10 years or more. Personally I have been watching for 22 years!!
I agree that Days is moving tooooooo slow!!!! How long is Marlena going to be "lost"? It's getting old! Her and John just need to get back together, Shawn and Belle just need to go ahead and get back together b/c that's what's going to happen anyways. Rex needs to come back and sweep Mimi off her feet, and Lucas and Sami need to just get married and have more children. And where in the world is Chloe and Brady? Shouldn't a honeymoon be over by now? Days just needs to get rid of that whiny, brat Chelsea....I am so sick of her fake crying! And YIPPY!!!!! Claire is a "real" baby now!!!!! They are actually showing a kid now. :)
The Marlena-John-Alex story is way too old! Days should move it along. And what happened to Roman? He hasn't been on an episode in about 2 weeks. Also, Chelsea needs to get off the show! She is whiny and annoying.
Ever wonder how old Marlena should be on the show?? If she knew Alex in med school, then she was at least 22. Then married Don and had a stillborn or something like that. Then married Roman and had the twins. The twins were teenagers when she got pregnant with Belle and now Belle is around 20. To me, she should be around 55-60. She should be going into or finishing up with menapause, not having a miscarriage. Maybe here memory loss is from old age and not a trama. :-)
I agree with all the comments. I have been a Days fan for about 20 years and they keep changing history and having the same story over and over and over. If you want a fresh soap you should watch As the world turns and just read the early edition to keep up on Days. Remember that saying You Miss a Day you Miss Alot. I WISH
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