Tuesday, January 10, 2006



Episode #10,227
Tape date-12/9
Director – Herb Stein

While both Sami & Lucas have some realistic dreams, we have another very emotional episode, (have your tissues close at hand) as Bo & Hope say good-bye to their son, Lexie reveals to Belle & Philip the identity of the liver donor, & the owner of the car that struck Zack is revealed.

SAMI IS DREAMING about seducing Austin, tossing and turning in her bed, murmuring his name. Across the hall, Lucas is having the same sort of dream about Carrie, and murmurs her name. Sami, evidently still asleep, gets up, saying aloud, “Austin I want you”, and somehow ends up climbing into bed with Lucas. They begin to make love, each calling out the name of someone else. Sami suddenly wakes up, realizing it is Lucas, as he does the same. He jumps up, turns on the light, wants to know why she is there. She says she is in her own bed……then realizes she is not. He accuses her of trying to have him get her pregnant again, because her son doesn’t love her anymore. She accuses him of drugging her, he says that is her speed, she retorts about Kate drugging her & Brandon. The usual Lucas/Sami stuff flies back & forth. She is nearly out the door, but tells Lucas she thinks he is sorry he threw her away, and he says he thinks she still loves him, they get close to each other, and in the next second, are kissing, fall back onto the bed, making passionate love.

AT THE HOSPITAL Victor tells Kate that a liver has been found for Claire. She is thrilled, until he tells her about Zack dying and being the donor. She expresses condolences, then warns him not to tell Shawn about the paternity. Victor tells her that Shawn has lost a 2nd brother, and this one permanently. He says that if Bo & Hope knew their child’s liver was saving their grandchild, it might ease their pain. Kate refuses to listen to this, saying Philip’s happiness should come first.

Jennifer comes over to Shawn, who is very upset. Mimi is holding him. Jen tell him about Zack being a match for Claire, and able to be a liver donor. Shawn is overjoyed, saying “Zack is going to save our baby”. Mimi looks stunned. He goes on to say he could not love Claire more than if she was his own child, that he feels such a connection with her. Jennifer tries to comfort him, talking a bit about dealing with the loss of a loved one. Shawn goes on, saying some folks are forgiving, but not him, and he wants to see the driver of that car pay for what they did.

Chelsea is crying, telling Max how Zack wanted her to play Go Fish with him, & she told him “later”, and now there will be no “later”. As she cries, she again remembers driving the car, hitting the bump (flashback), and finally gets a clue. She tells herself it cannot be, it is too weird, Max asks what, she says nothing. She comments to Max that the accident happened in front of Bo & Hope’s house, but he tells her no, that Max was on a sleepover at his friend’s house. Chelsea asks where that was, and he tells her on 3rd & Elm. She tells herself that is where she hit the bump, the lightbulb goes on, and no, it could not be.

Lexie tells Philip & Belle about the liver that has become available, and they are thrilled, they have their miracle. She then informs them that it is Zack, and Belle is overwhelmed. She just cannot accept the liver, she loved Zack, she cannot let them cut him open. Philip tells her he already had surgery, while Lexie talks of how she loved him, brought him home from the hospital, raised him. She explains that a part of Zack will be living on in Claire. Shawn comes in, with Mimi, and agrees with Lexie. He tells Belle & Philip that Zack loved Claire, was worried about her, and that it is o.k. Belle finally agrees and signs the papers.

Bo & Hope are questioning the cops, wanting to know who killed their child. Just as they are about to give their information, a nurse comes in, saying the transplant team is ready, and they have to take Zack. Bo tells Hope they have to say good-bye to their son. The cops leave, as they go into the cubicle. Hope is distraught and cannot bring herself to say goodbye to her baby. Bo does a very emotional good-bye to his little man, as Hope gets hysterical. She cannot do it, she cannot say good-bye to her son. Through her tears, she tells him she cannot bear to think of not holding him again, of not having him come to her bedroom door asking who is going to tuck him in. Bo has to physically pull her away. She runs out to the waiting area, screaming at the cops that she wants to know who killed her boy. They stand there, mute, just looking at each other. Jennifer takes Hope away for a moment to try and calm her down. The cops finally mention that it was an SUV, they have witnesses seeing it towed, and they traced it to Max Brady’s garage. You can see Bo having his own light bulb moment now. Hope returns. In the background, Chelsea looks nervous. Hope is insistant they tell her their information. Reluctantly, the cop says, Detective Brady, I think you already know this. It was your car that killed your son. Hope is shocked, and whirls around to face Bo, with a look of utter disbelief. And the previews roll…..

Sami to Lucas: Having me in your bed, kissing me. You regret breaking up with me, don’t you?

Max to Chelsea: You are the driver that killed Zack

Bonnie to Mimi: Leaving the two of them alone like that…are you trying to lose Shawn? (we see Shawn & Belle hugging in the background)

Hope to Bo: You tell me the truth. You tell me you had nothing to do with it. You tell me you weren’t responsible. I want to hear it from you.


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