Tuesday, January 17, 2006



Episode# 10,232
Tape date-12/13
Director-Phil Sogard

Austin celebrates his success with his friends, Jen learns of Jack’s plans for her, while Marlena is once more in jeopardy, and Billie insists on taking blame for Zack’s death.

JENNIFER rants to Frankie about the DVD that Jack left behind, demanding Frankie tell her what was going on. He tells her about Jack’s plans. They argue, as she is appalled. He tries to explain that he agreed to help out as they were friends. Jennifer realizes Jack did crazy things, but in a good way, but cannot understand why Frankie went along with the plans. He tells how he said no at first, he would not go along with the idea, but eventually Jack wore him down. He mentions how Jack knew they were close once, but Jen interjects that they were teens then, for heaven’s sakes. Frankie reminds her how Jack was always making them relive memories, the tape of them dancing, pictures, etc. Jennifer protests that Frankie had his own life in D.C. and why agree to stay in Salem. He replies that he first came to Salem on business, & to see his family, make sure Max was o.k., etc. but then Jack & Jen were so nice to them, opened their home, they began to sort of hang out. Jack evidently liked him, thought there might still be a spark or too. Jennifer cannot believe all this. Frankie then confesses that when he agreed to stay, it wasn’t just for Jack, but for himself as well, and admits he still loves her.

AUSTIN is toasting champagne with Carrie as Sami & Nicole come in. He is bubbling over with happiness because of his acquisition, but soon realizes something is wrong with Carrie. He asks what is wrong, and she says she needs his help. She wants to know how to stop a corporate giant from taking over her company. Sami, on sidelines, looks on in satisfaction. Nicole wants to know what Sami is holding back. Nicole taunts Sami about what happened with her wedding to Austin in Vegas (he dumped her, after learning she lied about Lucas hitting Will), and reminds Sami that before Austin left Vegas, it was Nicole that he came back to kiss in the lobby (cue flashback scene here of the very juicy kiss, lol). Austin tells Carrie she needs an attitude change, that it is all nice and good to give perks and frills to the employees, but the bottom line is that she was not doing what she needed to do for them, and that was to insure their jobs. Sami comes up, oh, so sorry for Carrie losing her company, hug, hug. Sami is loving this as she has that cat that swallowed the canary look on her face, while appearing to be oh, so concerned. Love that Sami. LOL. Nicole interrupts, needing to talk to Austin privately about business. Sami takes the opportunity to really pile it on to Carrie, sympathizing that sbe was not even called, bemoaning how unethical this all was, etc., really attempting to score all the Brownie points she possibly could.

AT THE HOSPITAL, Alex tries to get out of his restraints, as he needs to help Marlena. Meanwhile, Lois has Marlena up on the edge of the roof, ready to push her off. She babbles, as usual, about Marlena taking Alex away from her, yada, yada. Marlena tries to fight back, and they struggle, rolling around on the roof itself. Meanwhile, Alex gets loose and out of bed. Up on the roof, Marlena momentarily gets away from Lois, and runs to the door, but has difficulty trying to get it open. (Naturally!). This gives Lois the opportunity to pick up a handy, dandy pipe and smack Marlena on the head. Out she goes. (Anybody counting how many times now Marlena has been hit on the head, in the last day or so?). Lois lays her on the roof ledge, ready to push her over, but first has to rant on and on AGAIN about taking Alex away from her. Enter Superman, ooops, I mean Alex, who stops Lois, telling her that yes, he has loved Marlena, and still does. Ah, but that does not deter Lois, who complains she did not kill them both back then, and had to wait 30 years. When she knew Alex was coming to Salem to help Marlena regain her memory, she knew she had her chance. Alex argues with her, but too late. Lois pushes Marlena over the ledge, as Alex yells Nooooooo.

Chelsea goes outside the hospital, telling herself she should be blamed for Zack’s death, not Billie, as she did it. Max comes outside, and she tells him about Billie taking the fall. He cannot believe she is letting Billie do this, and reminds Chelsea that when the cops examine the evidence they will know Billie was not the driver. Chelsea asks what evidence, Max says fingerprints, explaining he was at the garage and the cops were taking fingerprints and it will show Billie was no where around the car. Chelsea immediately says, well, she could have been wearing gloves. (And if so, Chelsea, they would have wiped away ALL the other fingerprints on the steering wheel) She whines about having just gotten her mom and dad and 2 brothers back. Max reminds her that one brother is now dead because of her. She says if her mom wants to take the blame, it was o.k. Max asks her why she is now calling Billie “mom” and what happened to Billie the witch. Chelsea replies that things change, that Billie & Bo are her real parents. Max urges her to confess, but Chelsea has her usual pity party, & as selfish as always, insists that if Billie wants to take the blame, it is o.k. Max tells her if she doesn’t tell, he will. Chelsea refuses, saying she is going to let Billie take the blame if she wants. She goes back inside. Max takes out his cell, calls someone, (Abby?) saying Chelsea needs you.

Meanwhile, Hope is crying, wanting to know how Billie could possibly be involved. Bo & Lexie try to calm Hope down, but she is hysterical. Lexie leads her away, to get her back into bed. Bo confronts Billie, who insists she is taking the blame to protect their daughter. She talks of how young she is, and tells Bo he has to keep quiet. As they argue, Billie tells Bo she has it all thought out, she will say she took his car without his knowledge to run some errands. He mentions fingerprints, she retorts “gloves”. She insists she will just say she did not know what she hit, etc. etc. Bo replies he is an officer of the law, and cannot do this, that he should never have signed that temp license (Am still wondering why he had to sign a temp license for an 18 yr. old???) and talks about Chelsea needing to take responsibility. Billie protests that with her excellent driving records, she would get off easier than Chelsea, who would probably be facing 20 years, and would lose her youth. Meanwhile, Hope has gotten out of bed, needing to know who killed her son, and comes out, just as Billie is saying to Bo, you’re going to tell Hope that I was driving the car that killed Zack. Hope goes ballistic, Bo holds her back. Billie apologizes, just as Chelsea comes back in to hear it all. And the previews show………

Philip, arm around Belle, to Shawn & Mimi: The only thing I wish for you guys is to be as happy as Belle & I are

Frankie to Jennifer: There’s a part of me that thought we would end up living happily ever after Jen: It can’t.

Bo to Hope (in the waiting room) I’m not protecting Billie, but yeah, there is someone else I’m protecting”…Hope replies “Oh, my God", as she looks beyond Bo to Chelsea, who has come in with Abby & Max.


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