Tuesday, January 24, 2006



Episode #10,237
Tape date-1/6
Director Herb Stein

The coverup of Chelsea continues, as Patrick acts on his suspicions, Bo tries to get Billie to retract her confession, Jennifer visits Hope, and Marlena makes a decision regarding Alex.

AT THE HOSPITAL Kate has told John about Zack, and Billie confessing to the hit and run. John doesn’t buy it, claiming Billie would never have left the scene, especially being and ex-cop and ISA. He then tells Kate all about Marlena, Alex and Lois, but still does not trust Alex and wants to check on her. In Alex’s room, a nurse tells Marlena that as soon as his test results come back, he will be released. She is very happy, and tells him she wants to return to the penthouse, she is sorry for what John has put him through, and wants him to know that her marriage and love for John is dead & she is sorry for doubting his love for her. John overhears this, as he and Kate arrive. He accuses Alex of not protecting Marlena from a stalking Lois, but Marlena defends him, saying doctor/patient confidentiality came into play here (Oh, brother!). Alex & John argue over WHEN does the danger to another void that decision to remain silent, as they rehash all the various times John caught Alex in a situation where he appeared to be about to do harm to Marlena. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Marlena asks both John & Kate to leave, and they depart.

Outside the room, John is not satisfied, smells a rat, and is going to do some further investigating on Lois Banks. (About time!) He goes to visit Lois, who is confined in a strait jacket, and laughs maniacally as she tells him that Marlena is lost to him forever, but that she is still not safe from Alex. He leaves, telling Kate that it still does not explain Marlena being beat up and the picture proves it. Alone in a corner, Lois calls for Alex to come and that they will be together forever. John goes back to check on Marlena.

The nurse has brought the papers for Alex to be released. Marlena is very happy, and makes a long loving speech to Alex, asking him to renew their wedding vows. She talks of making plans for their long future together, and he asks her to promise that he will never have to worry about her leaving him again. (Hey, Alex, she did not leave you the lst time, did she? It was YOUR decision, supposedly). John is outside the room, looking in as they embrace and kiss. Two nurses gossip about how romantic it is for Dr. North & Dr. Evans, and how they are going to renew their vows.

AT HOME, HOPE is cuddling one of Zack’s teddy bears, the doorbell rings, and Jennifer has arrived. Hope tells her that Gran, Julie & Maggie were there, but she send them home, she just wanted to be alone. Jen comforts Hope, telling her she can leave Zack’s toys around for a year if she wants to, as Hope talks of how much she misses her baby. She tells a shocked Jen that it was Billie who hit Zack, then asks Jen to just talk to her, talk about anything, just talk. Jennifer tells her about the DVD that Jack left behind, and how happy she was to see and hear Jack on it, though his message was not received well. They talk a little about Frankie, long friendships, and Hope says how glad she is to have Bo to lean on through all of this. She decides to go to the station, and abruptly grabs her coat and leaves, with Jen saying she will lock up for her.

AT THE COP SHOP Abby & Max cannot believe that Chelsea is letting her take the fall for what she did. In Roman’s office Patrick questions Chelsea, asking her for the truth to what she knows. She dances around it, supposedly angry that he might think it was her. Patrick leaves the office, confronts Max asking him what happened to Bo’s SUV. He tells Max he wants to check out the garage and they leave. Abby tries again to convince Chelsea to own up, but Chelsea is only worried about her own hide. Abby attempts to reason with her, saying she is again only thinking of herself, but Chelsea retorts that Abby is not being a good friend to her. (rolling eyes here). She takes out her temp license, sets fire to it, so there will no “evidence” that she was able to drive.At the garage, Patrick is looking around, but the cops have impounded Bo’s vehicle. He knows Billie could not have been driving, must be covering for someone, and is convinced the cops have probably missed something. (With the Salem P.D. that is a given, lolol)

Meanwhile Bo is arguing with Billie big time. He just cannot withhold the truth from Hope any longer. Billie pleads with him, telling him that when he tells Hope that he signed for Chelsea’s temporary license, and gave her his car, that will be the end. She will never forgive him. (Can Days hit us over the head any harder to show us what is coming down the road?). Bo leaves, but returns in a while, having thought about the situation, but now is inside the cell with her. Billie tells him his marriage would be over once Hope learns the truth (Yep, cannot have a single married couple in Salem, can we?). Bo beats himself up, and kudos to Peter Reckell, who pulls out all the stops as he portrays the grieving father who will no longer get bear hugs from his boy, or be invited to play trucks with him, or watch over him during the night when he runs a fever and needs his daddy. Bo cries, as he talks, while Billie begins to talk of how she felt losing her baby, Chelsea, and he was not there for her, she had no one. She says she would not wish that sort of grief on anyone, and that Hope needs Bo to be there for her. He apologizes to Billie for not being there for her when she lost her baby (yes, Days, that baby WAS stillborn, wasn’t it?), and puts his arms around her to comfort her. Cue Hope to walk in on this scene. And the previews show…….

Patrick: I found something in your records, Max, maybe the key to setting Billie free and finding out who really did run down Zack and kill him. (Chelsea is there in background with Max)

Bo to Hope: You don’t know what’s going on here

Sami: He’s a different man than he left Salem after he…. Carrie: Dumped you at the altar?

Austin: I WILL get her back and don’t stand in my way Lucas: I guarantee you, there’s no way you’ll get Carrie back


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